With leaks and speculation about the next Nexus phone reaching fever pitch, the Play Store's inventory of Nexus devices is under closer scrutiny than ever.

As of this evening, the Nexus 4's 16GB flavor has joined its 8GB counterpart in "out of inventory" limbo.

When the 8GB variant hit "out of inventory" status, Google told the Verge there were no plans to restock it, despite the promising "please check back soon" following the ominous inventory status. This of course lead to speculation that the Nexus 4 price drop was really more like a clearance sale.

The Verge has confirmed with "a trusted source with knowledge of the company's plans" that Google has no plans to restock the 16GB Nexus 4.

Also worth noting is the fact that the LTE variant of the new Nexus 7 (which just got its first factory image today) has been listed as "not for sale at this time" since this morning.

Update: It looks like the Nexus 7 LTE variant is now back in stock.



Does this mean an impending reveal for the new Nexus phone? No one can say for sure, but one thing is beyond doubt – Google is pressing exactly the right buttons to make this Nexus season particularly excruciating.

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://www.ScienceProUSA.com SciencePro

    C'mon...it's gotta be soon...

  • lusky3

    Lets hope October. My USB port on my S3 is messed up, charging no data. Time to go back Nexus!

    • David Anderton

      had a similar issue with my Incredible S, you should be able to buy a new port on ebay for under 5 bucks and its a relatively easy fix.

      • johnnavas

        With the Galaxy Nexus, it's all to easy to damage the phone beyond practical repair, as a service depot did to mine when trying to replace the uUSB connector.

    • johnnavas

      The problem is that Samsung uses crappy uUSB connectors. I won't buy another Samsung phone until they switch to better parts. Great on features, but cheaply built.

  • mechapathy

    Can't wait! Nothing wrong with my Nexus 4, but I can't resist the pricing of Nexus devices.

    • David Anderton

      I love my N4 but there are deinitely things not great about it. No USB OTG, little storage with no uSD, crappy battery life and non removable battery. The camera and lack of LTE are also issues for some people but for the price they didn't really bother me. Can't wait for the N5 if it improves some of these issues!

      • callTheAmberlamps

        sounds like you should have bought the S4...

        • David Anderton

          Better hardare yes but thats only one part of the pie

      • mechapathy

        Yeah, I guess taste in devices is a pretty subjective thing. I have never used USB OTG for anything real on the devices I own that support it, so that's a non-issue for me, personally. I have an unlimited data plan, so Googles cloud services work really well for me. I never even got close to the 32GB on my VZW GN. I have LTE working on T-mobile, and my battery life actually got better (huh?) since . The camera is okay. Definitely not stellar. Good sensor, crap lens. But it's good enough me.

        If all we think we know is true, and I think these are some pretty safe bets to make at this point, we'll see multi-band LTE support, and that beautiful Snapdragon 800 SoC. That chip managed to get me excited in the midst of Qualcomms horrible CES keynote. Tack on a 1080p screen, and you've pretty much sold me.

    • Suhas

      I have a Galaxy Nexus. Love the pure Android experience and everything that a Nexus stands for. But I cannot stand the battery life. I use 3G all the time, and in 2/3 hrs of heavy use, bam, the battery is dead. I hope this is not the case in the next Nexus. Though I would hate to change to a non Nexus non pure device, I would take the plunge for a battery that could last a full day...

      • Nick

        Yup, if I get 3 hours of screen on time, I've had a good day. The battery is absolutely pathetic.

      • mechapathy

        Yeah, I hear ya. My last phone was a Galaxy Nexus on VZW. Battery life was beyond horrible. The Nexus 4 is WORLDS better in my experience. Let's see how the Nextus performs. Maybe that slightly larger battery will be complemented by some battery-saving tweaks in 4.4.

        • Cory_S

          Funny...My N4 seems to last about exactly as long as my Gnex. Both get roughly 2-2.5 hours of screen time.

          • mechapathy

            My phone has been unplugged since 8:30am EST (so 13h10m), I have 2h37m of screen on time, four hours of streaming google music over wifi. Nexus 4, T-mobile, LTE enabled. Current battery level is 42%

          • Cory_S

            mine does seem to get an extra hour on WiFi, but thats about it.

  • Darrien Glasser

    *sniffle* It was a good run.

  • David Hart

    -Please have otg, please have otg, please have otg...-

    • eilegz

      please have mhl

      • Frederico Silva


      • ralphwiggum1

        what's wrong with SlimPort / MyDP? It seems to have advantages over MHL 1.0, including not requiring external power. And it's royalty-free, so more than likely will be SlimPort again to keep costs down, just like with the new Nexus 7.

      • Jose Torres

        please have netscape

        • Christian Svejstrup

          Please have IE 6

        • mechapathy

          Hahahaha! I actually LOL'd. Nice.

    • efan

      i would do literally anything for this to happen

    • Morten Ulveseth

      What would you use OTG for that makes it so important?

      • David Hart

        I have a lot of flash drives around, and I'm always at a friends house or something. Not only that, but you can connect usb devices to it, like a keyboard and mouse, or even a wired xBox controller. that's something I probably wouldn't do often, but I would love to have the option.

        It was a feature that i really missed when I came from Nexus 7

  • Frederico Silva


    I'm feeling quite excited about this phone!

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    The Nexus 7 LTE is back https://play.google.com/store/devices/details/Nexus_7_32GB_WiFi_Mobile_data_Unlocked_T_Mobile_SI?id=nexus_7_32gb_2013_lte_tmo. No idea what Google is doing but this happens all the time. Very annoying.

  • http://www.google.com/ Roshan

    Nexus 4 16 GB is also back. I can see it in play store.

    • AkhilSood

      Strangely i see it too, though play store doesnt sell in my country, they still show the phone being available and ready to be ordered.

  • Retiree in Bangkok

    Looks like I'm in the last batch. My Nexus 4 16gb just arrived today. I would love the latest, sexiest phone but I am retired and want a fairly powerful phone that will work with T-Mobile in the US (1700 band is hard to find in an unlocked phone) and my carriers in Thailand. I will be coveting everything that follows but I think I made the most practical choice.

    • AkhilSood

      Seems like you are trying to convince yourself there. LOL

    • selonmoi

      You made a great choice. It's nice that the Android ecosystems offers excellent options at every price point.

      Just make sure you get a case, and your Nexus 4 should make you happy for a long time.

    • Ian Santopietro

      My Nexus 4 just *shipped* today.

  • bL4Ck

    Not good Google

  • http://www.minecraftjuegos.com/ Minecraft Juegos

    Though so, but that should be limited to certain points of it.

  • Sarang Pitale

    Why does google keep telling everything to just The Verge and why not to AP :(

  • Ian Santopietro

    Damn, I must have bought the last one!

  • Tyler DeLisle

    Ouch, this is bad news, I was all set to jump on the N4 at that killer price. I was staring at it for a week straight, just waiting till after my move this weekend to purchase. I had been waiting for a restock, but I guess I need to figure something else out now.

    Why would they go out of stock with their phone before having an alternative for sale? And, I don't really want to pay up an extra $300+ for the HTC one or S4, no matter how sweet they may look.