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Now that the HTC One Google Play Edition is dancing in the club that exclusively admits devices running the latest bleeding-edge version of Android, it's time for Samsung's Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition to do the same. For some reason Samsung seems a lot less coy about the update - while only a few users on the XDA forums are reporting that they've received the latest software (labeled MH5), both the kernel source code and the official over-the-air update have been posted to the usual spots.

The JWR66Y update to Android 4.3 is comparatively tiny, consisting of a few security enhancements and precisely zero impact to the end user. It's already hit all the currently-updated Nexus devices and the aforesaid HTC One, so if you bought your Galaxy S4 GPE for the pure Googley goodness of AOSP, go check your Settings menu for the OTA download now. These things usually roll out in stages, but once you actually get the update it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to deliver and install. If you bought the Galaxy S4 GPE to unlock the bootloader and flash custom ROMs, then disregard this message and shine on you crazy diamond.

Galaxy S4 GPE MH5 OTA Download - Kernel Source

Via XDA 1, 2

Jeremiah Rice
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  • RajivSK

    Received this one yesterday but alas it failed to install on my googlified regular s4

    • Ryan

      U will have to wait till the dev of the gpe ROM integrates the update in the ROM as trying to do the OTA might make you lose root

      • RajivSK

        Yeah I figured that but I'd take working OTA's over root any day ( at least until I get bored again ;)

    • Craig Trunzo

      Kangabean is using it now

  • Thomas Walker

    " Shine on you crazy diamond" haha dies