So here's the thing, if you need to learn a new language and wouldn't mind getting your hands on a nice tablet, Amazon's willing to help scratch both itches at once. For a limited time, you can save 40% off the price of a Rosetta Stone 5-Level set and get a free refurbished Kindle Fire HD with your purchase. If you combine the cost of the Kindle with the Rosetta Stone discount, you're looking at a total savings of $369.99. That's nothing to shake a stick at.


The available languages include English (American, British), French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish (Latin America, Spain). Oddly enough, English (British) and Spanish (Spain) aren't as discounted as the others, coming down to $384.99 instead. The offer is valid until 11:59 pm (Pacific Time) on September 16th and requires that you use the claim code HDUEZLH6 for the discount to take place.


Thanks, Jason Kehrl

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • John Smith

    that's no deal.

  • solbin

    This is actually a pretty good deal if you want Rosetta Stone. Level 1-5 is usually around $400. This is about the cheapest I have ever seen it, legally, at least.

  • Marc

    I use rss for news.
    Not for you guys to ram ads down my throat even more.
    You just lost a subscriber

    • NexusKoolaid

      I'm sure they'll be crying in their Cheerios over your departure.

    • Guest

      I don't feel like that's an ad. AP lets us know when Android devices are on sale. And that's how I found out about the Nexus dropping a $100, so I could get one for my son before they sell out. But that's just me.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      If we were a strictly news site, I'd be right there with you. But we're not. We post reviews, opinions, and you got it - deals. This is a deal for anyone already considering Rosetta Stone.

  • Ravynmagi

    Seems odd to give away a free Android tablet though, when your software doesn't even have an Android app (at least the last time I looked). I actually thought about buying Rosetta Stone, but was disappointed this isn't something I could use on my Androids or iOS devices.

    • Sokudoningyou

      Yeah, I find that to be an irritating lack, too. I don't need CDs to play in the car (does anyone make use of them anymore? At best, I'd rip them and put them on my X7), I'd rather have a freaking app like Duolingo that combines with the programs.

      • Julia Bryan

        I am learning Russian with CD's and a book. Has anyone used the new Rosetta Tablet yet for Russian?? if so how did it go. I am pretty far but the CD's are very fast since the language is fast speaking. I don't want to waste money on something that is not worth it since I do have my CD's and my book.

    • NexusKoolaid

      They must have something Android based as there is software that runs on the Kindle HD. (Amazon Product Description: "Enhance your learning on-the-go with Rosetta Stone mobile apps for the Kindle Fire HD, iPad and iPhone. Three month access included with purchase." ). Not sure about that 'Three Month Access' thing though.

    • Michał Kumor

      Rosetta Stone has some kind of android app, afaik. Never used it though, i don't have the newest software (v4). Cheers

  • naduh

    what?? no japanese??