The developer behind some of the best extensions to the popular Tasker automation app has released another plugin into the Play Store, one that expands on how users can launch and access apps. AutoLaunch offers two primary functions: the ability to dynamically launch apps and the option to pull up app queries. You can head over to the plugin's website for instructions on how to get set up, but first, see the new functionality in action in the video below.

The video above shows AutoLaunch working in conjunction with AutoVoice, a separate Tasker plugin, to launch specific apps using voice commands. There are mechanisms in place to help pinpoint the correct app, with the plugin able to recognize the exact app name, a regex pattern, or phrases containing the name.

AutoLaunch1 AutoLaunch2 AutoLaunch3

Queries take the form of small menus listing a selection of apps. For example, users can create queries that pull up all apps that are useful for shopping, related to music, or contain the word "Google." The lite version can interact with up to 20 apps, but the unlock key removes this restriction for just $1.33. This can be purchased via an in-app purchase or by visiting the Play Store below.

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • mgamerz

    Can't you launch apps in tasker already? [I'm at work so the video is blocked]

    • br_hermon

      Yes but not dynamically. I tried this morning actually. In tasker you have to select what app you want to Open in that particular event. With AutoLaunch you can tell tasker to open a variable. That variable is the app as defined by autovoice in autolaunch

      • sssgadget

        How is this different than creating a Menu of apps to be launched when you e.g insert headphones - You get a menu of music apps.

        • br_hermon

          The feature you're talking about is different from the one I described but I have to agree with you there on that one.

          • sssgadget

            Please explain what you were saying. What does launching apps dynamically even mean in this case? I got what the app does by launch apps using Voice.

          • br_hermon

            Well keep in mind I haven't actually used this app but I do at least understand the dynamic part. In Tasker you can choose the event "Load App" On that screen you're required to choose which app you want. In it's current state that's considered hard coding. You must dictate the specific app(s). In other words you can't choose a variable. Variables however are dynamic, meaning that they could represent any number of values (in this case the app). The variable may represent Google Music, Google Maps or Messaging, etc.

            Autolaunch allows for you to dictate a variable whose definition is an app. So instead of being required by Tasker to say I want to load this specific app, you can tell it, I want to load any app depending on what I dictate the variable to be.

          • br_hermon

            As far as the menu of options goes, I haven't seen it in action so I haven't fully understood that one yet. It looks, at least initially, as if you're correct. You can get the same functionality as if you built a scene with app choices.

  • Johnny5

    Looks similar to utter! Voice Commands.

    • Josh Flowers

      (i love utter. just now starting to really dive in and use it with customization--Tasker is amazing but i wish it had a simpler interface for some of the commands)

      • Lucas Laws

        Man, I wonder how many people will even get that reference.

        • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

          No disassemble.

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    Google Now already does this... although you have to wait a 2 seconds for the timeout (or touch the button)

  • Carol Johnson

    are we too lazy now to click the app icon? OMG Americans puh-leeeeeze!!!!