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Last Updated: September 16th, 2013

There's an almost obsessive quality to equipping and upgrading your character that makes the RPG genre so addictive for some players. OrangePixel's long-awaited Heroes Of Loot understands that and strips out all the unnecessary fluff like story, character development, and whiz-bang 3D graphics... to make room for more loot. The game is available now on the Play Store in a $2 paid version or a free ad-supported version.

Heroes Of Loot technically fits into the "roguelike" sub-genre thanks to semi-permanent player death and procedurally-generated dungeons. After your character dies you spawn (or for you pen and paper types, roll) a new one, keeping a few of the attributes from your former character/corpse. The actual gameplay is frantic top-down dungeon crawling, sort of like Diablo or Torchlight adapted for touch control instead of a keyboard and mouse. Those of you with a MOGA controller, NVIDIA SHIELD, or Xperia Play can join in the fun with your fancy physical buttons.

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Visually the game matches OrangePixel's typical retro style, but don't let that fool you: it's much smoother and more frantic than anything you played on your dusty old NES. You can choose from the standard knight, ranger, wizard, and girl rogue valkyrie classes, each with their own abilities. And if you've played previous games from this developer, you know that there's a subversive sort of humor to be found in what little story that's there. Tons of adapting dungeons, shops, bosses, and of course more loot than you can shake a wizard's staff at can be found inside. Get after it already!

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Gaston

    Hroes :P

  • Evan Plant Bradley

    Orange Pixel hasn't let me down in the past! Here's to hoping this matches expectations they've set, because I LOVE roguelikes.

    • Jeff718

      Tried pixel dungeon?
      The best one with updates

      • Brian Witkowski

        Pixel Dungeon is too hard. I've played a ton of it, and getting a successful run is extremely rare. Maybe that's the goal of the dev, but to me that's not too fun to be left ultimately up to shitty luck most of the time.

  • instanick

    "..sort of like Diablo or Torchlight.."
    hmm I highly doubt it, the closest to those on Android is Iesabel , so far...

  • Paul

    If this is your kinda thing, check out the oldest and the best... nethack:


  • Rich H

    Looks a lot like Hammerwatch on the PC.

  • CrazyPaladin

    Well that's not quite the slahs & loot rpg I was expected. Looks like a fantasy-themed top-down version of Gunslugs to me. It's sure fun to play, but I think it may need more depth

  • Cherokee4Life

    you should label the Playstore links as to which one is free and which one is $1.99

  • afazel

    I don't see it in the Play store description. What's the difference between the free and paid versions?

    • spacekobra

      Usually its just ads.