Get this - Best Buy is offering up to $262.50 for Nexus 4 trade-ins. This offer is valid regardless of whether you're handing over the 8GB or the 16GB model. As long as your device is in relatively good condition and you have the necessary peripherals, you're good to go. Just move quickly. Considering the Nexus 4's $100 price drop last month, this probably won't go on for long.


Unsurprisingly, how much you get depends on the condition of your device. Best Buy will only hand over $262 worth of gift card if the device is in perfect condition, but as long as it's at least in good shape, you could still net $250. This means that the device has only a few scratches on the case and none on the screen itself.

If your Nexus 4 is any worse than this, it's only going to get you $112.50, assuming that it's still working. Note that turning on the device isn't enough to consider it usable. If it needs to be plugged in to work and the screen is considerably scratched, it's broken. Case closed.

You can jump on this offer by heading over to the nearest Best Buy store or visiting the trade-in section of their website.

Via: Reddit

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • skitchbeatz

    This would be excellent IF someone could guarantee they'll sell the next nexus.

    • solbin

      Well, you can always buy amazon gift cards (kindle) from best buy in store. Sure, its not a guaranteed nexus 5,but Amazon gift cards are far more valuable than Best Buy gift cards.

      Either way, this trade in won't last long at all.

      • andy_o

        So you can buy gift cards with a gift card? How about Play Store gift cards?

        • solbin

          Best Buy unfortunately doesn't offer Play Store gift cards. They do offer Amazon and iTunes. I think they might have a few other options, but nothing too attractive, other than the 3 major consoles (xBox,PSN, and Nintendo eshop cards)

      • QwietStorm

        Can you buy devices from the Play Store with Google Play credit?

        • Brandon Fletcher

          No. I just made this mistake the hard way. Please don't make this mistake, I'm probably going to have to eBay alot of $50 play store cards at a loss.

  • Gigum

    Hard to trade when there isn't another nexus out yet....

    • DX89B

      You can buy eight nexus 4 8 GB from the play store sell them earning around 180$ from each phones then buy a 16 GB Nexus 4 and you still have money to buy an iphone 5s to throw outside the window and you keep the rest to buy the nexus 5.

      All, for Free :)

      • tkeunebr

        The 8GB is not sold anymore in the US. But yeah, this would be an awesome deal if we were told the new model is about to be unveiled.

        • DX89B

          It's only a joke i know the the 8GB is not sold anymore :S

      • Anonimization

        Even assuming if someone could do this, after $10 shipping and taxes in most places, you would only be making around $20-40 profit. (assume 9% Los Angeles sales tax as an example), that is $17.91 in taxes for the 8gb and $10 shipping = $35 net profit. That's about the same price of sales tax for your next $200+ purchase at best buy.

        • kimberly537

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    • http://rootzwiki.com/news Max M.

      I hoping Google has a surprise event later today to announce the new Nexus and it goes on sale tomorrow, just so I can go and sell my N4 and get the new one.

      One can hope, right?

  • Aaron Miller

    I would trade in my Nexus in a heartbeat as a trade in towards the nexus 5. I guess it's more waiting. We must be getting close if this is happening.

  • Chris

    It shows t mobile nexus 4 and there is only 16 gb version for it. Where do you see 8gb version will also do?

  • Gordon Lutz

    Only thing I'd be trading mine in for, would be a Nexus 5 if there was one.

    • Pyrotek85

      Same here, I'd go for it if they did this when they had the new Nexus in stock. As it is I've only had mine for like 9 months, so I'll probably wait for the model after before I upgrade.

  • jaredgreenwald

    too bad they're out of stock in the play store or this would be an easy $50

  • linkgx1

    Best Buy is very good when it comes to trade ins. I think they may have the Gazelle beat if you decide to get in a phone in store. I plan on doing this. I will get $225 for my iPhone 4S (hopefully) and just pay a few more to upgrade to a Note 3.

  • angel_spain

    Is this some kind of movement because they expect a rise in its price now that it isno longer on sale on Google Play?

  • btod

    Blue HTC One here I come!

  • Dooger

    So, I went to the BB Link and followed the whole process but I wasn't asked to buy another device or anything and the site gave me directions to send the phone in with a prepaid UPS label. Should I just send it in and hope I get a gift card? I am a bit confused here guys.

    • Bob Allen

      That's what I just did. Got more for my N4 than I would have bidding it off and waiting on my gift card to get a new N7. (My wife got my old one - she doesn't use a tablet for much)

      And now, when the N5 comes out, I won't have to settle for a fire sale price on my N4 if I want one. Win-win for me!

      • Dooger

        So, should I just send it in and hope for a nice gift card?

    • wmarcel

      BB just tricked you by sending in your 1 year old phone. :D

  • Alex Deel

    Pretty tempting deal if its the same price for either model, especially considering I only have the 8GB model myself. But like others have said...no Nexus 5 has been confirmed, so theres no telling how long I'd have to go without. Just checked Gazelle and for a "Flawless" 16GB model their offer is $96

  • mgamerz

    I assume this is for trading as credit, not for cash back.

  • John Smith

    $50 for my Sprint G-Nex and $5 for my OG EVO. WTF!

  • sickgrinder

    This is a bit misleading, They only accept trade in's on T-Mobile branded Nexus 4's that have been purchased at BestBuy.

    • kosi

      I thought best buy doesn't sell tmobile


    seems like fake bestbuy site...be careful guys

    • gierso

      not fake
      you can access directly from their home page :)

  • gierso

    has it to be a tmobile nexus bought from BB or it can be a nexus 4 from playstore?

    • QwietStorm

      There isn't a difference anyway.

  • paperoq

    So I could buy 12 $199 Nexus 4 devices, immediately sell them to Best Buy for $262, with the taxes on the Nexus I would have a cool $50 profit. With 12 phones I'd make $600.


  • cory burke

    Looks like this deal is over. $150-ish now is what the website shows.

  • NoGoodNow

    Just came from there. They won't accept Nexus 4 handsets purchased from Google. They are only taking T-Mobile-branded phones. Also, the top price they pay for those is $157.50.

    • Guest


    • Noel

      Screw them then...I thought abt doing this, but I will figure another way to get rid of my well protected, no drops scratch free N4. As a matter of fact I still have the original plastic on both sides of my N4...good device but not so much the battery. Can't wait for the new Nexus to be unleashed...ready for a new Nexus hopefully one with more stamina battery wise.

  • Down8

    Got in on it for my old black N4. Upgraded to the white one and just hadn't sold my other one yet. This saves me the trouble and gets me closer to the N5 when it drops.