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Most Android keyboards have gotten pretty good at figuring out what word you're trying to type. Anyone that lives with SwiftKey day-to-day can certainly attest to that. But is the suggestion bar really putting that data to use? The folks behind Dynamic Keyboard have a different approach. This keyboard, set to launch on September 14th, alters the size of keys it believes you are more likely to tap.

The idea is that when the keys you're going for are blown up, you're more likely to hit them and avoid both misspellings and autocorrect fails. Dynamic Keyboard looks very smooth in the video. Those bouncing animations are neat, but perhaps a little distracting in use.

Dynamic Keyboard will come with a huge number of settings, languages, and themes at launch. It should work on both phones and tablets. The developer also goes out of his way to show the keyboard has no extraneous permissions.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • James_C_L

    I got a headache just from watching those keys bounce

  • Roberto Giunta

    ONE of the most important reasons I continue to use SwiftKey is the support for more than one activated language at the same time. I chat/write stuff in German and English and I would waste so much time and nerves to switch the keyboard language all the time - yes, even if it's just a swipe to the left/right on the space key. That's the reason I can't use Minuum, it killing me.

    Besides that, god I hate the key bouncing. I hope this is just an "EXTREME SHOWCASE MODE DELUXE" and you can turn it off, so it makes the keys bigger without showing the actual keys changing size

    • http://twitter.com/fariflux fari

      I have the same issue with all other keyboards since I constantly type in either Spanish or English, having to change the language all the time is totally annoying, that's why I can't leave SwiftKey.

    • mesmorino

      How exactly is it going to make the keys bigger without the keys changing size? That's a contradictory statement by definition. In any case, I like SwiftKey for a number of reasons too, and simultaneous multilingual input is near the top of that list. It does make SwiftKey Flow annoying to use because the error rate increases- Are to Até, Okay to Pai or Pao. (I'm using English/Portuguese). It also tends to slow the whole keyboard down while it figures out what language I'm typing in and then do it's prediction, but I'd rather not give it up

      • Frank Urbanski

        It's an invisible thing. So when you hit a key, the appropriate keys will expand their "hit box" but the user never sees this. So behind the scenes those keys are bigger but in the foreground the user only sees normal sized keys. Does that make sense?

        • mesmorino

          Yeah I get it, you want the increased size, without it *showing* the increased size, is that right? Thanks for explaining

          • Frank Urbanski

            Exactly! No problem :-)

      • Roberto Giunta

        Easy: Don't show the keys getting bigger, just do it in the background, everything else is just (annoying) eye candy. You're typing the word you want nevertheless and you should know where the keys are after a while and not think "Oh, I can type more messy now because I see the key is bigger!"

        • KoukiFC3S

          Doesn't the iPhone do that already? I remember watching a demo about it with the first ever iPhone.

    • Cagdas Kurban

      Pretty sure Apple has a patent for that.

    • MyLeftNut

      Swiftkey has disappointed me by their complete disregard for Japanese users. I've been dying for JPN support from Swiftkey. That's one of the few things I miss about being an iphone user. All the Japanese keyboards on android kind of suck but on iphone I could type a short paper using their keyboard with no problem. Haven't been able to find an adequate android replacement yet. Can anyone recommend a good JPN keyboard? It doesn't have to be from the playstore.

  • Matt

    Looks damn cool, if it could somehow integrate continuous input (read swype) I'd say this would become my new default keyboard!

  • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera

    I think there might be a Apple patent for this. Though Apple's keyboard doesn't physically change the size of the buttons, essentially this is how it works on the back end. (To my knowledge, needs citation.)

  • Spruce Cycle

    This will cause even more mental illness among android users.

    • mesmorino

      "Even more"? Yeah, the troll support group is next door buddy

    • Roberto Giunta

      Yo Kermit, the French Restaurant is this way ---> http://goo.gl/BuZDZk

    • Rich H

      I fail to see anything blatantly wrong with the N7's build quality. Troll harder bro.

      • Spruce Cycle

        Cuz ur not used to nice things.

  • 8Charlie

    Looks damn irritating and totally unhelpful. If anything it'd be distracting me more than helping me. Apple's approach is much better, make the keys bigger and easier to hit without bothering me with the change in size of the keys the whole time.

  • Dimeim

    Really distracting. Also, there's no "Swiss" language.....

  • ari_free

    hmm I think a keyboard that used S4's hover sensor would be a better idea

  • suprime
    • mechapathy

      Hmm...I DO need money. Who doesn't need money?

      AHHH You almost got me. Oh, you.

  • Taroven

    I'm pretty sure Thumb Keyboard does this already. It's extremely difficult to tap out words that are similar to, but not in, the dictionary already. You have to hit the letter in exactly the right spot or it gets what it thinks you're aiming for.

  • Map

    This improvement will create exciting new landmark. I always look forward to it, if only I was one of the first people to witness.

  • Rob

    Shouldn't "Notice how each letter I needed got bigger." be a QUESTION? If it were intended as a statement, then "got" would have been "gets", right? Too bad the bouncing keyboard isn't smart enough to autocorrect that type of error.

  • mechapathy

    I'm using this right now and I -- Oooh, shiny! Dammit, I forgot what I was going to -- CHEESECAKE!

  • Sunnie

    Lookout for the next "bright idea in keyboards"
    We flip the keys from left to the right and the right ones to the left to coincide with the way the right brain controls the left side and the left brain controls the right side.
    It will be totally natural... just like in this video. o.O

  • spydie

    The only reason I can't switch from Swiftkey is the prediction. They have the best prediction of ANY keyboard. UltraKeyboard is my favorite for customizing. I wish I could change keyboard colors to my liking on Swiftkey, but I wish Ultra had Swiftkey's prediction. So I stick with swiftkey... it's faster to type on. If this new keyboard doesn't have swiftkey prediction, I won't like it for more than a few minutes.

  • eliseo


  • Brad

    Doesn't swiftkey do this? I know there's a heat map... doesn't it adjust accordingly?

  • Matthew Fry

    Why not just increase the button activation area but leave the image static. You'll achieve the same accuracy boost and you won't get a seizure.

  • RH

    Holy crap! I'm surprised that wouldn't cause a seizure to some! WOW.

  • Mihai

    whats the name of this song ?

  • Nora Lau

    Most keyboards already do this, just running in background, figuring out the probability distribution of your screen-touch being a particular keypress. Visualising looks awesome but I'd say it is distracting to say the least.

  • mauswe

    This is GREAT! But i dont the user should see the buttons getting bigger, just the "hitbox" for the letters should be like this. I Wonder how this will work if you want to type something that the keyboard does not want you to type...

  • Bruce Hamilton

    A lot of negative nancy's here. This keyboard is pretty darn good..