We've all had a great deal of fun over the past few days speculating if an LG phone that appeared alongside a Nexus 4 in Google's video for the new Android 4.4 statue was a leak of this year's upcoming Nexus handset. Some folks at S4GRU stirred up even more excitement when they paired the device with an FCC filing for the LG D820. Now, according to @evleaks, the alluring LG D820/821 isn't actually a new Nexus phone - it's just a CDMA-compatible variation of the G2.

He followed this tweet up with a leaked picture of of the LG D821.


The assertion @evleaks makes in his first tweet is speculation based on the image he revealed in his second tweet. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't make any mention of the D820 itself. Needless to say, we have our doubts about @evleaks' claims. The specs just don't match up.

While we originally compared some of the D820's revealed specs with those of the G2, there are significant differences between the two. The overall size, bezel, and the battery just don't match up. The FCC filing reveals a handset with a 2300mAh battery and a back casing that, quite frankly, doesn't match that of the G2 at all. The former has a camera that's situated clearly on the right side of the device, while the latter's is planted firmly in the center. Take a look at the pictures below. The FCC filing for the D820 is on the left, while the the G2 is on the right.

D820 G2-Back

Updated: Here are the dimensions for the three devices:

G2 dimensions: 138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9 mm

D820 dimensions: 131.9 x 68.2 x ?? mm

D821 dimensions: 138.5 x 70.9 x 9.1 mm

Since the D821 seems to match the look and size of the G2, and there are similarities between the D820 and the D821, @evleaks assumed that the D820 is not the next Nexus. Instead, he asserts, it's the same as the D821. This is based on assumptions, not facts, and he ultimately should have left the D820 out of today's claims.

With the amount of evidence we've seen, we're still confident that the D820 will be the next Nexus.

Source: @evleaks [1],[2]

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/107110767620726189535/ Matthias

    I think this isn't really the LG G2 on the right picture. Anyways, the G2 still does not look like this D820...

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Yeah, that picture is wrong. I'll get it swapped out for the right one.

  • HeatFan954

    I think it's a mistake. The picture for Google says "Nexus" at the back. The other leaked FCC stuff is probably the CDMA version of the G2. LG is making the next Nexus 5 based off the rumors for the last several months.

  • deadsix

    Isn't the G2 coming to Verizon then why is the D820 missing LTE band 13?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      The D820 is not the G2. If anything it's the variant of the D821, which is a very different variant of the G2. I maintain that the D820 is the Nexus.

      • PhineasJW

        The D820 is the Nexus or I'll eat my spectacles. A one sentence tweet doesn't change all the evidence.

      • gierso

        place your bets!!
        i go with artem
        and its gonna be named nexus 4 !! 2014 or second edition

        • Nexus7Forum.com

          Or we have two Nexus phones...Motorola N4, LG N5.

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    I think we went quite low in the last days, it was Apple-worthy rumor insanity :)

    • Chris

      Apple rumormill round up: .01% percent thinner, same specs, same sized screen, same battery, NEW CHARGING PORT?!

  • Christian Cebrian

    And also the fcc had the d820 as KLP (kitkat) and hammerhead, which would make it the next nexus. Evleaks does not mention the d820 in their pic

    • gierso

      i want it. whatever is called ... or whatever it has bro! :D

  • Tim Gueusquin

    geebus 2.26ghz that's gonna get warm.

  • Jose Torres

    If it was really a LG phone then why would somebody at Google have it and be using it?

    • http://mute.rigent.com/ Miles

      The article is about the FCC filing of the LG D820, not the 'mystery' Nexus phone in the Google video, which is still suspected to be the next Nexus.

      • newsjunkieintl

        the LG D820 waltzed into the FCC with "hammerhead" and "keylimepie" firmware. As well as pentaband HSPA+, multiple LTE bands, and CDMA. End of discussion. It's the Nexus 5. EVLEAKS lied when he said it was CDMA-ONLY.

        • http://mute.rigent.com/ Miles

          I don't disagree.

  • turdbogls

    still not buying it. as you said, overall size, and screen size as well as the codename "hammerhead" lend me to believe that the 820 is the next nexus. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  • Ben Freund

    Maybe this is a faked leak by LG to try to discredit the REAL leak, which was accidental! Conspiracy! 3 dimensional chess!

    • PhineasJW

      The guy behind the guy behind the guy!

    • Nexus7Forum.com

      I actually thought that myself.

  • bozzykid

    So evleaks is saying the CDMA variant has a smaller screen and KitKat (KeyLimePie)? That doesn't make sense.

    • newsjunkieintl

      NO, it does not make sense. He's an idiot. Or he thinks we are.

  • PhineasJW


    So according to a one sentence tweet -- the D820 is just a CDMA-compatible (oh Sprint-only btw) version of the G2 except it looks nothing like the G2 and ignore the fact that it exactly matches the physical form-factor of the Nexus-leak video and was running the next version of Android in its FCC testing.

    evleaks blew this one.

    • Joshua P.

      No one here actually knows if the sprint version simply looks like the nexus(or even what the actual dimensions or specs of the N5 are), this would not be the first time a phone has been modified from the international version btw.

    • newsjunkieintl

      And the FCC shows it's pentaband HSPA+, with multiple LTE bands, as well as CDMA. He was confusing the CDMA + LTE LG-D821 with the LG-D820. And if he got that important part wrong, I don't trust him with the pictures and the dimension specs either. The LG-D821 very well could be the Nexus 5 Verizon variant. The gen 3 Galaxy Nexus had a different model number for Verizon, could be the same for the Nexus 5.

      EVLEAKS was drunk when he posted that, he screwed it up so badly, I don't trust anything he says about the Nexus 5 at this point.

  • Jordan Long

    Whatever happens...Verizon sucks

    • Stephen McGann

      If the released it on Verizon I would be on it like a fat kid on cake

      • Chris

        You and I both bro... you and I both...

    • Alexei Watson

      As an australian that reads a lot of android news from the USA, I see a huge amount of hate toward verizon - so why are so many people still with them? Are they crazy cheap, or best coverage?

      • Jordan Long

        generally the best service (voice, data, data speeds, but that can vary by region), they also have the most subscribers and most phone choices

        they have higher prices and tend to have horrible policies or make decisions that affect the user negatively (looked boot loaders, late on nexus updates, late on other android updates, getting rid of unlimited data, etc) essentially they never seem to have the user in mind when they do stuff.

        the first paragraph is what the common populace know about verzion, while us nerds are more-so familiar with the granular aspects and the seemingly smaller decisions (IE we might leave a carrier for a phone having a locked boot loader,

        I will say though, that wherever I go, its very likely that a person with a verizon phone has the best service, data speeds, and is most likely to have LTE.

        • Alexei Watson

          Fair enough, we're much better off here in that respect - the carrier with the best coverage and speeds, is just the most expensive. All of the carriers are equally good (or bad) with their customer service and decisions.

      • John Kiser

        Really some people have no choice ( i know many people that are only covered by verizon) and other issues that have risen up... The telecom/cellular/isp situation in the US is a complete and utter joke

  • Victor Leyva

    You need to find the correct picture of the G2 for your comparison.
    On another note, I agree with you. I don't believe the device from the FCC files is just a CDMA variant of the G2. Why would LG make a device with all these features to set them apart (5.2" screen size, buttons on the backside, battery size, etc.) and release a variant for CDMA that is completely different? Doubt it. Verizon already released a render for the G2 and the only change they made (other than all the logos) was the buttons are slightly different looking, but still in the same place. Even if Sprint requested all these changes for their variant, I don't think LG would have gone along with it. And I doubt any regional CDMA carrier has this much clout with LG.
    Maybe this is a just lower end G2 variant like the Galaxy mini. But, I'd put money on the fact that this is not just a CDMA G2.

  • Jordan Long

    The nexus s 4g was model number 720 fwiw.

  • jamesfuston

    There's no way the D820 is a G2 variant. If nothing else, those specs don't match at all. Why they would move the camera and slash the battery by nearly a third for a "variant" is beyond me.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Allow me to break it down.

    1. D820 was found at the FCC and thought to be the Nexus, with a smaller case, different screen size, back, battery, and overall look from the G2.

    2. D821 was found soon after at the BT SIG, but not at the FCC. We had absolutely 0 info about this model.

    3. Evleaks found D821, which seems to match the dimensions and look of the G2.

    4. Evleaks made an assumption that since the D821 is so close to the D820, the D820 is not the Nexus and is the same as D821. I've verified that the first tweet is based solely on this assumption and not on any facts.

    5. The D820 therefore should have never been part of Evleaks' claim.

    6. In fact, I'm still very confident the D820 is the Nexus based on the FCC revelations, the mismatch between D820 and D821, a source of ours I trust, and this http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/1lu9ee/heres_something_interesting_to_look_at_regarding/.

    • jamesfuston

      The "LGE Nexus 4" naming is entertaining. It's obviously not been updated yet, but a darker part of me finds the possibility of Google pulling an Apple and releasing "the New Nexus 4" worth a chuckle.

      • Zargh

        Eh, They've already done it with the Nexus 7 so no surprise there. Plus there was that WSJ journalist who had Sundar Pichai tell him directly that a new Nexus 10 is coming out soon.

        Not sure why so many have latched onto "Nexus 5" as the name to be honest.

        • TY

          Because the screen is 4.96 inches, much closer to 5 than 4. And Nexus 4 ,7, 10's naming come from their screen size. Unless they promote it as having a 4.96 inches screen or somehow round it down to 4.9, Nexus 5 makes more sense.

          • jamesfuston

            Contrary, the naming for the phone (while correct on the tablets) is likely due to the fact that the Nexus 4 was the 4th phone in the Nexus line.

          • TY

            Why not both? I've always thought that Nexus 4 is a clever name. 4-ish inch screen & 4th generation of Nexus phone.

          • jamesfuston

            Of course! It just sets an unrealistic expectation for the next generation. I don't want a Nexus 6 phablet.

            On another note, Oxford may officially recognize that word now, but I still cringe when I hear or type phablet.

          • akshay7394

            No, it's 4 after the screen size. They said so during an interview with The Verge.

          • jamesfuston

            That sounds believable but I'm not seeing that anywhere here. Maybe I missed it. http://www.theverge.com/2012/10/29/3570034/inside-android-building-the-nexus-4-nexus-10-android-4-2

          • akshay7394

            Sorry that was my mistake, the Verge authors even said in a later article that they weren't sure if it was because it's a 4th gen phone or because it's 4.7 inches.

            But going by the two devices released in tandem with it i'd assume it's because of the size, since the Nexus 7 was 7 inches and the Nexus 10 was 10 inches.

          • newsjunkieintl

            Find that for me, because I do NOT believe it. The Nexus 4 was NOT the first 4" Nexus but it was the 4th generation.

          • MrWicket

            correct it wasn't but that naming convention didn't start until the Nexus 4, 7 and 10.

          • akshay7394

            I'm not disagreeing that it was 4th generation, just that they started the naming convention there :)

          • sweenish

            15" laptops have screen sizes of 15.6"

            It's not a matter of math. It's a matter of cohesion in the ENTIRE PRODUCT LINE. The name comes from the screen size, and people like you need to shut up.

            This idea that the naming scheme for the NEXUS LINE is screen size for tablets but not for the phone is convoluted, and absolutely idiotic.

          • jamesfuston

            Here in a few months when the Nexus 4 is a year old, we will see who is correct about iteration vs screen size. Personally, I hope we don't end up with your New Nexus 4. Ya know, since 4.97 is still 4" by your math ;)

          • PhineasJW

            Yup. People don't get the coincidence of the Nexus 4 being both 4 inches and 4th generation...

            Google changed their naming convention across all their Nexus devices last year. It's based on screensize. They wouldn't have two parallel naming conventions set to collide at Nexus 7. That's ridiculous.

            If they call this one the Nexus 5, as it's a whisker away at 4.96", then we'll have to wait until next year to settle it -- because I guarantee that phone will not be called the "Nexus 6".

          • gierso

            nexus 4.x
            like when you add 99 cents to something but sometimes you think you get something like a burrito for 1 dollar but it was really 2 dollars.

          • Bjajjull

            No, Nexus 4s name came from that it was the fourth Nexus-phone...

          • Sam Tate

            No it didn't. That was just a coincidence. The Nexus devices all get their names from their screen sizes.

          • Bjajjull

            You are so wrong....
            4.7" is closer to 5" than 4", learn your math. It's not because of the screen!

          • mlj11

            If you're right, then what will Google call it two years from now? The Nexus 7?

          • Bjajjull

            No, Nexus 5 if it's 5" (and this year 5th generation). Then keep that name, just like the Nexus 7.

          • mlj11

            So... you think Google will promote the name of the phone this year to the Nexus 5, and then keep it constant afterwards.

            I think that's a very convoluted way of starting a naming convention, especially in view of how they're treating their other products in the Nexus line, and also because it'll prevent Google from releasing a 5"+ phablet-sized device in the future that's different from the phone one.

            IMHO be much simpler to just call the new one the Nexus 4 (2013) if its screen doesn't cross the 5" boundary. But you have your opinion and I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

          • sweenish

            Not really. The idea that phone is generationally named is 100% wrong.

          • jamesfuston

            There is literally 0 evidence to back that up since the predecessors have been attributed letters or other product line names and this is the first model attributed a number. We'll find out in two months.

          • Nexus7Forum.com

            Did it occur to anyone that there might be TWO Nexus phones being introduced this year? A Nexus 5, 5 inch screen from LG and a Nexus 4 with a 4.x screen by Motorola. As for the naming convention, it is by screen size not generation. Otherwise we'd have seen the Nexus 8 and we'll soon see a Nexus 11 tablet. But that's not going to happen. Starting with last year's devices, Google changed its naming convention to reference screen size. jamesfusion seems to be stuck on Apple and Galaxy naming conventions which are different than Google's Nexus line.

          • Nexus7Forum.com

            By the way, I mention a Nexus 4 by Motorola because Taylor Wimberly who has been pretty spot on with his past predictions, especially the Moto X has said so in a recent tweet.

          • newsjunkieintl

            Taylor Wimberly is an idiot. He bought a 4.7" 720p Moto X for $600, when he could have had a Nexus 5 for $350. He just doesn't want to admit he was a sucker so he's been touting Motorola, Motorola lately. I've told him so on his Google+ blog.

            He's TOTALLY WRONG about Motorola releasing a Nexus phone this year.

          • newsjunkieintl

            who wants a 4.3" display when you can have a 4.96" 1080p display in smaller body than last year's Nexus 4? NOBODY would buy that, given a choice between the two for the same price.

          • newsjunkieintl

            No, because the would be idiotic.

            1) Google doesn't make money on Nexus phones -- not at $299 and $350 for state-of-the-art spec phones. It's for prestige and to influence design. It's an annual developer showcase phone. They don't need to lose money on TWO different phones to make a point. And with the Nexus 5 from LG it's a slightly smaller phone than the Nexus 4 (4.7", 720p) but with a 5" 1080p display. WHY would they need a 4" screen from sucky Motorola?>

          • Nexus7Forum.com

            You basically proved my point and you're not disagreeing with me. Google wants as many people to have an Android phone as possible because they make their money from their Google services and search. That is why they are willing to forgo profits on their phone. Making both a 4 inch and 5 inch Nexus phone at inexpensive prices gives consumers a pure Android option at a reasonable price and importantly for Google, it hedges against the danger of Samsung or other hardware manufacturers (such as Amazon) from shifting consumers to their ecosystem eventually. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the dynamics of what is going on in the Android phone industry but buying Motorola and making the Nexus devices are both a hedge to keep control of the platform with Google. That is why it is not a preposterous idea to have both a Nexus 4 and 5. Two size points to keep a devoted base of users away from Samsung and faithful to Google.

            This doesn't negate the other reasons you list such as setting Android standards etc for other manufacturers....but it is something you left out that is important. Perhaps not to you...but to Google.

          • newsjunkieintl

            No need for two Nexus phones and there will NOT be two phones. If you want more choice, you can buy a Google Experience HTC One with 4.7" screen right now or a Google Experience S4.

          • newsjunkieintl

            I disagree with your assertion there will be two completely different smartphones this year. You are NOT thinking logically.

            1) Google wouldn't trust Motorola to do it. Not after the Moto X fiasco.

            2) Google makes a perfect 5" 1080p Snapdraon phone fitting into less space than the 4.7" Nexus 4, and you say it's not good enough? That you want something else? WHAT else is there?

            Why would you want a 4.7" screen again, when you can have a 4.96" screen in a smaller case? (called a "5-inch" but technically 4.96") You think Google is going to do a 4.96" and a 4.7" Nexus this year? How ridiculous. Say thank you to the 4.96" and go on with your life.

          • newsjunkieintl

            One is a number. :) Just spelled out.

          • newsjunkieintl

            Nexus One. end of discussion.

          • newsjunkieintl

            they named TWO of the four Nexus phonesafter generation -- HTC Nexus One and the LG Nexus 4. They've named NONE after screen size.

          • mlj11

            The Nexus 7 and 10 may not be phones, but they are still in the Nexus family. And they're named for their screen sizes.

          • newsjunkieintl

            Not relevant. The Nexus smartphones predate the tablets by years and are a completely separate category.

          • mlj11

            Oh I see. Ok, I will take your word for it. Because you clearly work with the Nexus team and therefore know something we don't...

          • PublicStaticVoidMain

            from a marketing stand-point, I would think that Nexus 4 was named after the screen size. Nexus 4, 7 and 10 are all available at the same time.

            to think that it is a generation number is a flawed argument.

            - if it is the 4th, based on HTC NExus one as the first, then why isn't there are NEXUS 2 or NEXUS 3?
            - separate category? I don't think so. Google is naming their devices based on it's Family, not category. Clearly, 4, 7, and 10 is the current family here. Why would anyone use an old naming convention for a new device? Only Apple is doing that.

          • newsjunkieintl

            Originally was supposed to be Nexus Two, Nexus Three. Google changed their mind, then changed it back apparently. Ask them. Stronger case for generation than screen size.

          • jamesfuston

            The HTC Nexus One was named as such because that's HTC's naming convention, just like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

          • newsjunkieintl

            HTC never used the word ONE in an HTC-branded phone until 2012. Whereas GOOGLE trademarked the Nexus One name in 2009, before releasing it in 2010. Google got sued over the name by Philip K Dick family , not HTC. HTC had nothing to do with the name. Do some research before spouting ignorance. :)

          • Stacey Liu

            You just said it's not because of the screen size. Now you're reversing your position? What? Why would they choose one convention for the Nexus 4, while releasing it after the 7 and alongside the 10, and then wait until the following year to align it with the 7's convention?

            It's Nexus 4 because it's 4.x inches. Rounding up doesn't make any sense.

          • ama

            Nexus One was not 1"

          • Nexus7Forum.com


        • jamesfuston

          The Nexus 5 is appealing because it's not really a "new Nexus 4." Their naming convention seems iterative. Not to mention it's a fraction of an inch away from being a 5" screen.

          • akshay7394

            We should all start calling it the Nextus

        • Mike Reid

          Names are picked by marketing people. (See KitKat & Key Lime Pie. See Galaxy added to Nexus name. etc.)

          They don't have to "make sense" and the alleged naming conventions/justifications change as time goes on.

        • newsjunkieintl

          Because it's the Nexus 5, the 5th generation. Just like the HTC One was first gen and Nexus 4 was 4th gen. The Nexus 4 was NOT the first 4" screen. it was the 3rd 4" screen.

          Nexus One: 3.7"
          Nexus S: 4.0"
          Galaxy Nexus: 4.65"
          Nexus 4: 4.7"

          But it is the 4th generation Nexus smartphone.

          • PhineasJW

            It's a coincidence that the Nexus 4 was also the 4th generation.

            Google changed their naming convention *last* year:
            Nexus 4
            Nexus 7
            Nexus 10

            Named after their screensizes and truncated at the decimal point.

            If the screensize is in fact 4.96", Google could name this one either the Nexus 4 or 5.

            But, next year, it will *not* be called the Nexus 6.

            And the following year, there will not be a Nexus 7 phone and Nexus 7 tablet -- that would be stupid.

          • Nexus7Forum.com

            Wow, you are so wrong it's funny. it's the screen size, not the generation of device that Nexus names are derived from. Otherwise the Nexus 7 would have been the Nexus 1 tablet and Nexus 2 tablet. But it wasn't. It's Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 2nd generation. You seem to not understand that this naming convention was just started last year. It didn't apply to the years before. As the Smartphone world has matured, each manufacture has stumbled to eventually find a 'brand' and naming convention that worked for them. Samsung settled on the Galaxy brand, HTC has settled on the 'One', Motorola has just started the 'Moto X' brand...of which they have said it is the first of many Moto X phones to come and Google decided last year to standardize their naming convention on screen size. Amazon did the same by the way. You need to catch up with the times, you're a few years out of date with your thinking.

          • newsjunkieintl

            You have poor reading comprehension. The tablets are a DIFFERENT category from the smartphones.

      • Tech First

        LMAO you guys do realize there is like 100 posts of people going back and forth... its named after screen size... its named after the generation.

        who gives a flying rats tail, we will find out in a year or so.

    • newsjunkieintl

      You are leaving out the best part -- the LG-D820 waltzed into the FCC with firmware keylimepie and "hammerhead". Of course it the Nexus 5 and EVLEAKS is an idiot.

    • Gerard

      After seing G+ post I am sure evleaks is wrong :) https://plus.google.com/100548712969185636811/posts/EHE7tSLpTuq

  • jonathan3579

    Maybe evleaks has become dyslexic by mistaking D802 for D820.

  • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

    Well if @EVLeaks is right LG is going to have some 'splainin' to do when google finds out they put the word "nexus" along the back of the CDMA G@...


    • Phill_S

      Not only that but why would some guy be walking around at Google HQ with an unreleased LG phone unrelated to Google other than it running Android?

  • jamesfuston

    I really want to see Google capitalize on the NLP capabilities of that snapdragon 800. If they don't, the Moto X will remain a very strong contender for my next purchase.

  • Brian Daniels

    LG released two different versions of the optimus get last year that looked different and even some of the specs differed. I don't understand how this can be unequivocally described as false when there is precedent of this happening a year ago with a LG flagship device.

  • Brad Kalinoski

    If this is a G2 variant, where are the buttons on the back.

  • mlj11

    Whatever happened to the rumour that Moto would be making the new N4? As I seem to recall, it was said that the sources claiming this were quite reputable, although I can't remember exactly who they are.

    I'm still thinking we might see both a Moto-made N4 and an LG-made N5 (if the FCC info pans out).

    • Nexus7Forum.com

      Taylor Wimberly tweeted yesterday that Motorola would be making a Nexus phone. I concur with your theory of both a Motorola Nexus 4 and LG Nexus 5.

      • newsjunkieintl

        And Taylor Wimberly is an idiot who got suckered into buying a $600 Moto X with 4.7" 720p display, when he could have waited a couple of months and gotten a 5" 1080; with Snapdragon 800 for $350. I knew LG was making the Nexus 5 since May. Look at my past posts. Taylor should have known as well.

        Now he's mad and doesn't want to look stupid, so he's touting Motorola, Motorola so much it's very suspicious.

      • newsjunkieintl

        NO, there will only be one Nexus phone this year -- a 5" 1080p Snapdragon from LG which is smaller in size than last year's 4.7" Nexus 4. Why would Google even want a Motorola also-ran after that masterpiece? It would be crappy build and make Google and Motorola look bad.

  • Gsizzle

    SON OF A BI#$@

    Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

  • rxbot

    So did I miss it? What is up with the 802 reference? Typo?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      No, 802 is another variant of the G2. D800, D801, D802, and now D821.

  • Tony

    According to the D820 dimensions the new Nexus will be smaller than the current Nexus 4? That would be awesome since the screen is suppose to be bigger; smaller bezels!

  • Y

    The dimensions are kinda confusing though as the D820 is slightly smaller than the N4 but that mystery phone in the KitKat video is clearly larger than the N4 next to it....?

  • Elliot Kotis

    I'm so glad, the Nexus 5 didn't have an 2100mAh

  • surethom

    Evleaks just posted "Happy to say it looks like i was wrong about the LG D820/D821"

    Hopefully this means the LG D820 131.9 x 68.2 is the Nexus 5 & hopefully announce within the next 30 days & not the End of Oct