• giant22000

    CyanogenMod never ceases to impress. This is a great new feature!

    +1 to the author about syncing cm settings across devices!

  • Michael Sheils

    Bit late to the table isn't it, what advantage does this give over Android device manger?

    • squiddy20

      This is more secure because:
      1. It's open source, and anyone/everyone can go in and review the code for security holes and any other oversights. The fact that it's finally rolling out (after several weeks of code review) means it's fairly secure.
      2. As I understand it, none of the CM admins, maintainers, coders, etc can access your Account to find out where you are. ADM on the other hand, we don't know. It's not open source so we can't see what/who else has access to the data on the back end, and (someone correct me if I'm wrong) I don't think Google has come forward with that specific info.
      Edit: see this article for a bit more info http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/08/19/cm-team-announces-cyanogenmod-account-for-remote-device-wipetracking-dual-release-branches-for-better-security/ Specifically the 3rd paragraph

      • Alexei Watson

        I'm not a programmer, but wouldn't open sourcing security software provide the tools for someone who is looking for an exploit in the code? I get that many people working on the code should make it much more secure.

        An analogy; It would be much easier to break into a safe if you had the blueprints of the design.

        I don't see any reason to be concerned with what google does with my data - I mean, I agreed to their terms of use, and they are pretty transparent with what they do with my info, and how I can see it myself.

        • hakan

          No, that would be security through obscurity. Without access to the code we can't verify that there are no hidden backdoors in the software.
          Also have a look at cryptographic systems: The secret lies not in the algorithm, it lies in the key. This way mathematicians can proof that the algorithm is correct and that there is no easy way to find the key.

          • Alexei Watson

            cryptographic systems actually does make good security sense. I'm not saying the CM accounts is a bad idea, just raising my thoughts, I'm sure there's a reason they'd offer it over the stock android account manager.

        • Morten

          What makes you think that you can keep the blueprints of the design secret. Disassembling the SW, reverse engineering of the protocol, leaks of SW source and documentation from unhappy employees with access to the source and so on, will render that argument invalid.
          Never assume that not releasing source code will make your SW any more secure than open source SW.

    • mpaliulis

      ADM wipe doesn't work with a custom recovery.

      • akshay7394

        Oh whoa, really? I had no idea :|

      • AkhilSood

        This, i dint know. No wonder i tried looking for this and never found the option to allow it to erase my device.

    • Michael Zamot

      The location is encrypted so they will not know about your location, only you. For me this is a huge advantage imho.

  • Map

    ADM wipe doesn't work with a custom recovery. It's convenient and fun, I will use it. Thank you very much.

    • PainToad


  • akshay7394

    Off topic question: How do you have a Disqus account under Accounts? I can't seem to find the Disqus app on the play store :S

  • AkhilSood

    Cereberus anyone, secured that software one a one day free offer and it works brilliantly and tells me about the new sim if it has been installed. I think third party softwares offer more security there.