Our time at IFA is drawing to a close, and after the dust has settled, it's pretty clear who came out on top in terms of interesting unveils - Samsung. The Note 3's new features, enhanced display, faster processor, and continued focus on maximizing screen space without increasing the size of the device itself have clearly kept people interested in the increasingly-popular line of handsets. Having played with the Note 3, I must agree - it's better in nearly every way than its predecessor. I have little doubt it will receive wide critical praise and an even stronger reception from Note fans.


The Galaxy Gear was a bit more of a mixed bag. Some people did seem to genuinely like Samsung's take on the smartwatch, though at $300 it's definitely going to be a tough sell for some. But the fact that Samsung is getting both of these products on the market very soon - by next month in most countries - means you'll probably have a chance to throw down some of that hard-earned cash very soon. Samsung's also marketing them as "companion devices," given that the Gear will only be fully functional with a small subset of Samsung phones.

So, what say you - are you picking up a Note 3 or Galaxy Gear?

Are you going to buy a Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Gear?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    LG G2 is probably how I am going to go, and if no Bootloader unlock or root is available on Verizon, I'll just slap a launcher on it I like.

    • Chris

      Might as well wait for the new Nexus. Half the price, unlocked bootloader, guaranteed Google updates, etc... Then again, unless the power volume rocker on the back interest you, then the G2 is a viable solution.

      • cAdvent

        Price aint confirmed yet. They might be similar enough for easy porting and if that is the case then I'd go for the 3000mAh one over the 2300mAh one any day.

      • OneForTheGoodDays

        I wouldn't buy the google edition. I am on VZW, so unless the Nexus 5 is coming to VZW AND is unlocked.... G2 would be the phone. This is all said without getting to feel it in hand. Hopefully they'll have it in store this Thursday.

        • Chris

          I feel yeah. If the recent FCC filings represent the new Nexus, it won't be available on Verizon. This is why I am abandoning ship with Verizon and going to T-Mobile. Tired of this sub par locked down contract-only affordable devices on Verizon. So limited.

        • cheeto0

          The moto x is stock android and on verizon.

          • Chris

            It's still 4.2.2 & not affordable. By affordable, I mean anything less than $500. And by Google updates, it will receive updates FROM Google, not Motorola.

            But the phone is still a good phone =P

          • cheeto0

            The G2 isnt any more affordable. Yea its 4.2.2 but 4.3 and other updates will come fast. Its stock android with added apps on top that don't modify the OS much. Your right its not a nexus, But it's the closest you can get on Verizon.

        • Matthew Juhl

          I work for TMo and have messed with the G2. Its awesome. Had a hard time deciding between my nexus 4, Note 3, or G2. Not a huge fan of back keys tho

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/107214144202094295079/posts James

    After the terrible experience I've had regarding the build quality of my Galaxy S3, I won't be buying anything Samsung again.

  • XxXDroidRocXxX

    I can't wait to get my hands on the note 3, have enjoyed my note 2, so I'm looking forward to the newer features.

  • jaduncan

    Samsung are reliably producing utter bloatware with an irritating theme on top. I'm out.

    • Layman76

      ...which is why you root it and put an AOSP based ROM on it, or theme the hell out of it.

      • http://my.opera.com/rafaelluik Rafael Luik

        And experience bugs, yay!!! :3
        No thanks.

        • alec

          You say that as if you know there are bugs. I'm betting you have never done it before. I experience way better performance with ROMs than I do with glitchy touchwiz or sense bloatage.

          • http://my.opera.com/rafaelluik Rafael Luik

            Sense is bloated? You aren't following the latest news...

        • Sergii Pylypenko

          Cyanogen (stable, not RC) on my GNote1 has way less bugs than stock Touchwiz ROM. Shame on Samsung.

      • jaduncan

        At which point (as far as we know thus far, since no non-TW phones are said to be compatible) the Gear stops working.

  • Chris

    Would have voted for the watch, but unfortunately I don't own a Samsung device and nor do I ever intend on owning one. IIRC, the watch requires a Samsung device to interface with the watch.

    • portalpirate

      It requires a device with Bluetooth 4.0 LE and Android 4.3, so it doesn't necessarily need a Samsung device.

      • btod

        But it requires an accompanying app that's compatible only on Samsung devices. Plus there are no other Samsung phones but the note 3 that are on 4.3 (at least until end of October per Samsung's own words) so its potential market is even smaller.

        • Chris

          Lol, that's sad... Is the software proprietary to Samsung devices?

          • simp1istic

            It's touchwiz bro

          • Chris

            I might have just puked a little.

          • spydie

            a lot of people like touchwiz, chrissy

          • southerndinner

            The neck beards here won't allow anything except TW hate

    • spydie

      really? then why are you commenting on a samsung forum? trolling?

  • Ali Ataya

    Why the hell would I buy a watch for 300 dollars when I can buy a nexus 4 for 250? What kind of logic is this?

    • E.

      Early adopter pricing. Initially lowering demand through higher pricing helps refine future smartwatches in response to feedback from early adopters already receptive to the idea of smartwatches (like with Google's Glass, priced at 1500$ just to filter access to serious early adopters before general availability).

      • Ali Ataya

        The thing is, this is different from Glass. Glass had an actually early adopter program. Samsung just expects to begin selling this at 300. The price will most likely be lowered due to the low sales, but I will definitely not buy this POS.

        • Mystery Man

          Companies expect you to pay $4, 000 and up for curved displays, OLED TVs and 4K TVs. Prices go down as technology goes through the phases

        • Ray

          Just because it comes with a high price tag doesn't mean it's a POS.

          I've spent $450+ on Seiko watches in the past and all they do is tell me the time.

          I'd happily spend $300~ on a Galaxy Gear however I'm going to have to wait anyway because from what I understand, they will only work with Samsung devices initially - correct me if I'm wrong though.

          I'm really looking forward to the next 12 months when smart watches from various manufacturers start hitting the market.

          • shadowx360

            But the difference between your case and his point is that 1) You spend too much on watches lol 2) Your watch is more of a status symbol but I'm not sure how much of a status symbol this is with the general public. Showing up with this to a tech gathering gets you some oohs and ahhs but I'm sure you'd rather show up to your dinner party with your Seiko than your Galaxy. Same reason why people only buy iPhones and then complain constantly about screen sizes but refuse to switch to Android. You mention some good points though.

    • Ali Ataya

      FYI, I'm a freshman in high school.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Definitely right about the watch...
      Personally, after much debate, just won't get the Note 3 either, need stock Android out the box.

      • Ali Ataya

        Nexus 5 ftw

        • Plazmic Flame

          I'd buy a Nexus 5 but it would have to have a large battery.

        • Ray

          I'm really hoping there is a 32Gb version. I can live with 16Gb but sometimes it can be really inconvenient.

      • ari_free

        I don't think I'd get anything without multiwindow.

      • thebrain

        I think Touchwiz gets unwarranted dislike from the rooting community.

        Honestly, if Google was the one with all the features Samsung provides to the users, all of us would be shedding tears in joy and thumbing our fingers at Apple. But because it's Samsung, there's no logic in the criticisms against them.

        Touchwiz by far is the most consistent, user friendly, feature filled skin out of any of the Android manufacturers. Sure it has some flaws, but you can be much worse off elsewhere.

        We always complain about manufacturers being crappy about updates, but here's Samsung who actually does give a damn about its customers unlike everyone else. Pure Android does give you the ability to get updates quicker, but out of all the other device manufacturers, Samsung has proven to be the quickest and most reliable. No one updates older devices like Samsung. That's how you make loyal customers.

        • Ixil

          Great comment, mate.

    • anywherehome

      someone buys jewellery, someone just a bread
      this is about progress.....trying trying trying

      and Gear with front camera for video calls
      + a telescopic stick with speaker for ear to keep hand in the natural position fust for audio calls
      + a notice when my phone is out of range

      I buy it!

    • missinginput

      Because that price will not last long once they sell out of stock

    • shaun firtell

      The only people getting a gear at least for now will be people upgrading to Note 3 that take them as a subsidized package.

    • http://www.ruhanirabin.com/ Ruhani Rabin

      You can strap a Nexus 4 around your hand -- was that your logic? ;)

  • portalpirate

    The Note 3 seems really nice and I would get it if I already wasn't on contract with a HTC One.

  • silver_arrow

    Well the US carriers need a better bundle. The Gear ($300) and the Note 3 ($300) togerther is $600 when you bundle them together with a contract for the phone. Meanwhile in the UK if you get an Xperia Z1 you get their smartwatch or the QX10 lens as a free bonus

    • Ivan

      In my country Bulgaria you Pay 800$ for phone only.. with 2 years contract.. So for me 600$ would be like gift.... :D

      • Chris

        Sorry bro

      • zanzee

        Yeah but you probability pay $ 20 a month so I won't shed a tear for you.

        • Morten Ulveseth

          In Austria you pay 10 Euro (or less) for 1000 minutes, 1000 sms and 2GB data. Enough for most people.

          Buying phones on contract here is like asking to be screwed.

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      The QX10 would be one hell of a bonus, and the Z1 is a solid phone.

  • Leo Kanellopoulos

    the fact that it's not a standalone product is a deal breaker.i will be waiting for a Nexus smartwatch

    • HolyFreakingCrap

      Google needs to get a watch manufactured and sell it for around $99.

      • Ali Ataya

        Considering their phone is 250, I'm highly sure they can pull it off. Maybe $150, though

  • Matt

    I'm really wanting to check out the Note 3, but the Gear is still a tough sell for me. I'll reconsider when the Gear is sold unbundled and after a price drop.

  • http://www.youtube.com/crisr82 Kristian Ivanov

    With this economy, I cant even afford a 16GB Nexus 7, let alone anything actually expensive :c

  • TY

    Why does most comments negative on Samsung (however slightly) get quite a number of downvotes, in all Note 3 related posts?

    • Chrisdroid

      I guess because the note 3 it's slightly better than the note 2 which the last one was a huge success that means the phone is so good that tons of people would rather just keep the note 2 and perhaps wait for note 4 with bigger improvements! I wouldn't consider a negative comment when someone says they won't be buying the item, I'm a tech addict and I love my note 2 but definitely I'm buying the note 3 cause I like the 1080p screen, more battery, more power and better hardware, but that's just me, the average buyer don't put that much attention to those details, some guy said that he was expecting the note 3 to be 6 inches when the note two is 5.2 so for him that wasn't an improvement therefore he won't be getting it, you know what I mean? probably only 30% of the consumers are "Tech knowledgeable" and the 70% left is the average iPhone, shiny colored case consumer that can't tell the difference between a dual or a quadcore processor but they can DEFINITELY tell you the difference between a white and a pink or even gold colored phone :) ....The note 3 its a beast...My two cents :)

      • Layman76

        Just so you know, the Note 2 is 5.5", and the Note 3 is 5.7". I am with you, I love my Note 2 so much, I HAVE to get the 3.

        • Chrisdroid

          On the same page here!!!

        • spydie


      • schlanz

        The note 2 is 5.5.

        And yes the note 3 is a beast, can't wait

        • Chrisdroid

          Ok, Ok hahaha I knew that typo here :P

    • Chris

      I honestly think there are people who just love down voting because they can.

      • http://royblumenthal.com/portfolio royblumenthal

        I was so tempted to downvote your comment, but it's actually an auto-upvote. Just cos I can.

        • Jon-Michael McMasters

          I only upvote because to downvote you have to create an account. and I only created this account so that I could explain my frustration of not being able to downvote!

          In which, now that I have an account, consider yourselves both downvoted.


    • hot_spare

      A poll in Android forum. Result is visible. Everyone will vote for anything related to nexus, no matter how worthless that is.

      In reality, common people will buy tons of Samsung/Apple devices. These people are minority, a very vocal minority. But they don't constitute even a sample of the population. it's like Linux geeks. They make a lot of noise, but are relevant to the practical world.

    • Ji-hoon

      Making supportive comments surface, simulating consensus about convenient points. It's specific to rating-based comment systems not featuring reputation checks. Back when comments were predominantly chronologically ordered, supporters had to 'first!!' articles for extra visibility.

  • Nicktrance

    The most probable device I plan to buy is Nexus 5 unless it's completely terrible (which I'm sure it won't be) I won't be considering the Note 3 and since I don't own a Samsung device from the last year, the Gear is useless, not that it was that compelling to begin with.

  • cheeto0

    I'm sticking to near stock android only from now on, Im sick of touchwiz. Moto x, Nexus, Htc one (google edition rom). i know you can root and put aosp on most devices. But third party roms ussually work best when there is a factory stock android rom available for the varient device u have.

    • Claw

      You're sticking to stock but you're sick of Nexus? WAT?

      • Stacey Liu

        There's a period between Touchwiz and the following list.

    • ari_free

      Shrug...I'm sick of not being able to multitask or draw on Nexus tablets

      • cheeto0

        I don't mind it that much and i used the note 2. I use floating youtube player to multiwindow with youtube. Most other things i dont' mind switch back and forth too. Worse case scenario ill pull out my phone to send a text or something while watching something on my tablet

  • Amir

    I would buy Pebble and Nexus 4 instead, win!

  • mikeym0p

    Waiting on Qualcomm's mirasol watch, I've been eagerly waiting for Mirasol to reach consumers

  • Yash Ostwal

    Already own the GS4! And I'm in love with it...

  • southerNKid

    note 3..cmon oct 10

  • schlanz

    I am allll over the Note 3. I love my Note 2 and though I was on the fence initially, after watching the feature videos and the fact that the display is much better, I already put in a pre-order.

    The gear though... absolutely no interest. I like the idea of a smartwatch but I'd like it to be a watch first and foremost and not look like a toy that has to be charged every day.

    • JonJJon

      I like the look and feel if the Cookoo watch, simple notifications on the watch face of an analogue watch. Just a shame they are taking their dear sweet time over providing an Android 4.3 compatible app.

      • Ali Ataya

        Guess Apple needs to surprise it with a watch

        • Jason Byrnes

          I have the note 3 combo with the watch and its an amazing companion. It really lets you never pull the Note out unless you have to. Its great for just firing off texts and replys at the hip and when driving.

          I think im gonna write a review since a lot of sites really sound like they don't know how to use this thing.

          Plus battery life isnt that bad. I have charged it once and noticed it goes about 2 1/2 days before needing a charge.

  • Nick Sears

    Are they really gonna buy it? Stupid question to be asked really.

    • spydie


  • Krzysztof Jozwik

    33% of people are buying the Note III? I find that hard to believe.

    • spydie

      Me too... I'm surprised it's not 90%

  • calz

    may try to get an early Note 3 from Korea, sale starts Sept 25.
    I am happy with my Android Z1, full featured watch-phone, may replace with the Neptune Pine when will sell in December.

  • DingieM

    That Gear watch is one stupid and ugly unnecessary gimmick. The corporations have truly lost their mind and are actually degrading and reverse innovating

  • Carl_Barlson

    Even though I'm not a fan of phablets I'd rather get the LG G2 then the Note 3. Smartwatches just plain suck at this point anyway so the Gear wasn't even a consideration.

    • Daniel DS

      Do you mean you'll get the Note 3 after the LG G2, or you just fail at English?

  • EH101

    I'll probably be getting the Note 3 and Gpad 8.3 (depending on the price), after the N7 FHD was a complete failure for me.

    No Gear for me though. I have absolutely no interest in any sort of watch, smart or otherwise.

  • http://royblumenthal.com/portfolio royblumenthal

    I stopped wearing watches twenty years ago. If they somehow integrate the Gear with Google Glass, there's a vague chance I'd be into it. Like, look at the watch using some or other AR app on Glass, and I see data nobody else can, there's a win. But I'd need Glass first.

    As for the Note 3... definitely getting one in about three months. But I first need to pick up an old version of the Note 10.1 when it hits the bargain bins. I need it as a Wacom-friendly second screen to my tablet PC, using Air Display.

    If they announce a new version of the Note 8 before I've purchased the Note 3, I'll probably go for that, cos my Note 2 is still perfectly usable.

  • HolyFreakingCrap

    I thought the Gear was going to be my first Smartwatch till I seen the price. I will just duct tape a Nexus 4 to my forearm instead.

  • Alec

    I don't see why people complain about Samsung phones. The build quality of the galaxy s3? I've had it since it came out. No problems. No case. No screen protector. Nada. It has a nice developer community and I'm running a clean Android 4.3 ROM so it runs buttery smooth and has great battery life. What, are you putting your phone in your man purse with your keys and expecting it to come out pristine? Also, I would recommend android to more....what do you say, more technologically adept people. It's not for the faint iPhone user that gawcks at "putting apps into folders feature" of iOS. Just my 2¢. But then again I'm only a soft more in highschool. What a trolling little kid I am.

    • spydie

      "soft more"... need viagra?

      • Babs Oyed

        No! You probably should use your own viagra then maybe you'll be busy doing something else instead of spamming this forum

        • HopelesslyFaithful

          it was pretty funny :/

    • k brooks

      i couldnt agree more, i got the note 2 the day it came out and the build quality was very good. I dropped it a few times with no damage at all and it never let me down ( unlike the htc desire I had with a rediculous 147 mb of usable storage) I have now sold my note 2 as I will be getting the note 3 the day it is released.can't wait.

    • Mystery Man

      I wish I had a phone when I was a sophmore in high school

    • Jeremy626

      people are just haters. it's COOL to hate on Samsung and support htc/Sony. ehh OK.

    • fixxmyhead

      "soft more"? u should be paying more attention in school

    • Radge

      What rom do you use?

  • hyperbolic

    Since Galaxy S 3 & Note 2, Samsung has become less and less innovative.
    Galaxy S 4 offers nothing if you have S2 or S3 - and I am not even talking about buying a new Nexus 4 which basically delivers stock Google and zero 'Samsung' phone.

    I still have my S2 running stock 4.3 (CM10.2) not because I am cheap but because there is nothing innovative in Samsung or any other Android making company.

    I must say that from the time I saw the Sony Z1 and the wireless lens I knew that this is something worth calling innovation that soon will be mine.

  • Ivan Myring

    Come on s5 launch! So I can get the note dirt cheap.

  • spydie

    Oh yeah, had the note 1, and two note 2s (TMO and Verizon) and we have 4 Note 2s in our family. Love the notes and can't live without the S-pen. When I heard about a 3 coming out my comment was, "I don't know what they could possible do to a new phone to make me want to upgrade. I've got a quad-core, great screen, no lagging and everything works perfect." Then I saw the specs. The software was almost enough to sell me, but then the Note 2 will have the same software in the near future (Samsung says), so I thought I'd wait. Then I saw the new radio hardware (20% less power, 50% less heat, better connectivity) and said "I gotta have it." I've sold enough of my old phones to almost pay for a retail version (no upgrade available yet). Just need to sell one more (Google Samsung Nexus... like new)

  • Hernani Jr Destor

    note 3.., u'll be my mine soon..., :)

  • Jeremy Dougherty

    Ha, great minds think alike

  • miri

    I still don't think anyone's scratched the surface of how useful a smart watch could be and between the hardware keys and TouchWiz, the Note 3 would drive me crazy.

  • dbs

    What a useless, senseless product.

    • Plazmic Flame

      You mean the watch?

  • Sérgio Canuto

    i would like to comunicate with zordon using samsung's power rangers gear

  • docnok

    Done deal!! :D

    • Plazmic Flame

      Nice! Someone is ready! lol

      • docnok

        Yeah, I was waiting on this one. I'm so glad Verizon isn't lagging 2-6 months in launching the phone.

    • Chris

      Hi JEFF!

      • docnok


  • Roni

    Already saving up for the note 3 :) i love my S3 but i've been wanting the S Pen for a while. Never been so excited for a phone since the S3

    • http://acousticconfusion.tumblr.com/ Kwackers

      I know, right! I'm signed up for the Jump program, which means I can get the Note at a good price come January. But I just can't wait that long. I'm blowing all of my money on the phone as soon as it's released lol

      • Matthew Juhl

        What phone are you on now?

        • http://acousticconfusion.tumblr.com/ Kwackers

          I have the Galaxy S3. Which is a great phone, but I'm really bored with it after just one year.

          And I realized I don't have to blow all my money. I only owe $180 for my Galaxy S3 (in 20 dollar monthly payments). Rather than trading it in early with the Jump program, I'm just going to pay the phone off, sell it on Ebay and use that money to pay for the down payment for the Note 3. Then I'll just pay the note off ($21 a month) instead of paying for my GS3 every month.

  • RH

    Note 3, unlocked, carrier free when I can find it. Had the streak, got the Note when it came out, 2 years old, still runs great (4.1.2 stock, custom kernel), but 2 years...time for a new one.

    • Plazmic Flame

      What ROM did you flash?

      • Jadephyre

        4.1.2 stock implies he's using either the Samsung-supplied ROM or bone-standard AOSP, albeit with a custom kernel.

  • Plazmic Flame

    I can clearly see that there's some troll around here just down voting people. Nice.

  • Humberto Hernandez

    I'd Buy a Note 3, if it were not so expensive (as it's going to be). I dont have that much money for a PHONE.

    About the Gear... come on...seriously? A Tablet for ants? Toq all the way (i wont buy it either...dont have 300$ for a watch... jejeje...)

  • dobbsy

    I have a Note 2 and love it. If the 3 works on Mobilicity in Canada (which I assume it will since it works on TMobile), I'll buy it for sure.

  • dobbsy

    I do not at all understand the appeal of any smart watch--I don't care who makes it. To me, one of the best reasons to have a smart phone--in fact the reason I got a phone in the first place, was so that I would never have to wear a watch again.

    • Nomaan

      Dumb phones show time too.

    • Danny Davis

      The only benefit for me personally is easier access when I'm out doing outdoor activity like running, biking, hiking, etc. It makes for a good alternative so you don't have to always grab your phone, especially if you track your activities. Which why for me the Pebble would be a better suit than this as the price range doesn't justify my needs and style is something I wouldn't want to wear for activity.

  • David Li

    want a note 3 but $700-$800 unlocked is way too much

  • “Always on” Fuck that i’m “Alw

    Not getting either since its to expensive to get where I am so if anything I'll be getting a note 2 used if I play to get one otherwise I'll get something else.

  • Christopher Robert

    My note 2 is good enough to hold our another year.

  • Jason

    If the watch isnt for you it isnt for you but it is nowhere near a piece of shit. Its an effective mobile device packed into a damn watch... this is absolutely impressive. Price tag aside you dont judge an item by its price. 300 is high in my opinion but honestly 250 was looking the lowest I expected it.

    samsung was first to make a real decent smartwatch. Lets see who does what from here. All I can say is this is the dawn of new technologies.
    As to further things I find funny is that people pay hundreds for plain sunglasses or watches yet this isnt worth it? Allright then..

  • Jadephyre

    Isn't this thing supposed to only work with Galaxy "class" phones ?
    That'll make it pretty much useless to anyone who is not using a phone from Samsung with that designation.
    I'm getting a Nexus 4 next month, that seems like 250 Euros better spent, really (Yes, I know, i'm late to the party, but my GNex was sufficient so far, but it's showing its age a bit).

  • Anthony Perkins

    Definitely buying a note 3

  • William

    Da*n! The Note 3 is a sexy beast.
    Can't wait till October. Never ever bought a phone around release time, but this one is just too hard to pass.

  • Rami

    I have been wearing a wristwatch since 15 years, and still do, but a watch that need recharge every day, NO.
    Give me a Gear that needs recharge only once a week or less, and I will buy it...

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    I'd rather be interested in the Qualcomm Toq than the Galaxy gear.....But unfortunately it won't be launched outside the US

  • Primalxconvoy

    As long as the spen works properly and the headphone jack doesn't go tits up like my note 2's just did I'll take the 3.

  • r0xp0x

    I'm tempted in getting both, but mostly the Note 3. Gonna have to see how it feels in my hands first before deciding.

  • Paul

    Def the N3 but the Gear is just too higher price. Its early days for this tech so will wait to see where it lands.
    Bit like the Glass - wearing either is gonna make you look like a cyborg!

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    No more Samsung for me. Next phone will be probably Sony, or Oppo because of developer support. + Watch for such price? Working with just a bunch of devices? No, thanks.

  • Danny Davis

    Definitely not for the price they want. I'd get the Sony Smartwatch or even the Pebble before dropping $299.

    • David

      The Sony Smartwatch is nearly $299 also with less features than the Gear, Sherlock.

      The Pebble is the affordable one.

      • Danny Davis

        I wasn't aware the Smartwatch was just as much. Pebble definitely then.

        • David

          Due diligence, my friend, due diligence. The internet is rife with misguided hate because people usually don't research their info first.

          • Danny Davis

            Who's hating? I should say who's being the smart ass but its obvious easy to figure that out.

          • David

            Wow are you sensitive. Can't you take a mild ribbing? I was poking fun at you, not cursing you out. Chill. Plus I replied to you in a friendly way. What's with your angry reply?

            You should realize that it's 199 EUROS, not DOLLARS, so again like I said before, they're essentially the same price.

          • Danny Davis

            And since we are doing "research" the Smart watch 2 is ~$199. Well more a resonable price. Great dectective work there buddy. Thanks for yout knowledgeable insight.

  • RaptorOO7

    I pre-ordered both, but will reserve judgement on the GG until I get it from Verizon. A 14 day test drive is in order and if I don't like it I will just return it and get a refund. No harm is playing around with it.

  • CaibreGreyblade

    I'll wait for price drop. Like, second gen for Gear and Note 4 kind of price drop.

    They went too far.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This will be a definite purchase on October 2nd. Nothing else matter plain and simple

  • wisdom

    Both products are waste of money.better buy core i7 laptops.i ve galaxy s3 n thts enough for me

  • blaze

    I want it,just wont pay 300 for a dumb watch.try 100-150 you might have a sale Samsung.