If you've already made the decision to give someone your money for the Galaxy Note 3, Verizon is more than happy to take it. You can now put down $299.99 to pre-order the Note 3 on a two-year contract, a whopping $699.99 for an unsubsidized phone, or reserve a no-money-down phone on Verizon's Edge upgrade plan.

note 3 preorder

Verizon will also be selling the Galaxy Gear smartwatch directly. You can reserve one along with your Galaxy Note 3 for $599.98 (the same price as a $300 Gear and an on-contract Note 3). There are no savings here and no real reason to buy the package deal unless you're convinced that the Galaxy Gear will be in short supply when it launches. The Gear has no mobile connection and probably won't have any Verizon-specific software or packaging. You can bundle a Galaxy Gear with a white or black Note 3, and order the Gear itself in black or orange colors, but the white watch is only available with the white phone. If you want the Note 3 unsubsidized and the Galaxy Gear, the bundle is a cringe-inducing $999.98. Hooray for technology!

Both the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear are marked with "will ship by 10/10," so you've got about a month to wait for the latest and greatest Samsung hardware on Verizon. At present Verizon is not offering the Galaxy Gear for separate purchase, but you should be able to find it at regular retailers when it launches.

Source: Verizon Galaxy Note 3, Note 3 Black with Galaxy Gear, Note 3 White with Galaxy Gear

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • silver_arrow

    Frankly if I wanted to bundle a phone + a smartwatch so badly it would be a Nexus 4 and a pebble.. That's what, $400 before tax

    • Sokudoningyou

      The Pebble is $150. Granted, it's no colour LCD, but so far it appears the battery life is definitely longer, it works with more phones than just one, and there's a fairly active community creating watchfaces for it. I like Samsung, but I don't see much that interests me with this deal.

    • NOTE 3

      verizon is wanting every penny from their customers, greed and gluttony.

  • Mr E

    That's tempting, but dang, $1,000! I'm not convinced on the Gear yet, but am already lusting after the Note 3.

    Are there ever really any deals on "new" Verizon phones?

    • master94

      No buy vzw will gladly tell you it is and take you money

    • RaptorOO7

      I ordered them both in black since I had my upgrade waiting for it (returned my GS4 to get this). Not sure the GG is worth the $300 so if it isn't I have 14 days to decide its fate and can return it.

      • NOTE 3

        unless youre rich or well off i bet youll return it.

    • NOTE 3

      gear for $300 makes me lol

  • HerbieDerb

    Whichever carrier releases the 64GB version gets my $

    • Justin W

      Agree. I love the trend HTC and Samsung are working towards. 32Gb has to be the minimum for future smartphones, IMO. I love using the cloud, but I want to have storage available to backup that info so I can access it while I'm not connected to Data.

    • spydie

      Who says iphone is going 128 gb? another rumor started by fanboys?

      • NOTE 3

        newest rumor is that apple is testing a 6 inch device, Samsung is making apple look smaller and smaller and apple will resort to whatever it takes, or will they...?

    • Armus

      The iPhone still had a 4-something inch screen. They'll get 128 gb internal before us when heck freezes over.

    • NOTE 3

      128gbs of what? you fill it up with music and vids?

  • master94

    Lol vzw list the vznavigator as a feature. Because who wouldn't buy a phone with that bloatware preinstalled. Why get directions for free when you can pay $10 a month instead :p

    • Justin W

      It's amazing they still go through the work to put that on Android devices considering it is unlikely to be used by anyone.

    • Fozzybare

      It is quite funny that quite a few technologically impaired people I know opened up vznavigator in front of me and they didn't know that they had Google Maps installed...I just shook my head at them for being so stupid.

    • NOTE 3

      lol i rate all bloat 1 star on the playstore, everyone do the same, it's our only hope to get it through to these greedy SOB's.

  • Mkvarner

    Well, the Note 3 costs more than $1,000 in Norway without contract, (6300 NOK).

    • NOTE 3

      well damn, i think norway is one of the richest countries so it may even out.

      • NOTE 3

        and ebay had the note 3 for $1100 in america today from what i heard via text msg while at work lol.

  • Armus

    Why do I want a watch? I have a phone. ..

    • NOTE 3


  • RaptorOO7

    Proves my theory the other carriers wanted to see who was going to be first, and now are trying to undercut them by a week. First A&TT now T-Mo. I bet Verizon will but their eta down by a week so they are not out done.

  • NOTE 3

    Verizon is tripin with these prices. Too damn high!

  • ytse

    Wow, I guess it's the Sony Smartwatch 2 for me.

  • Guest

    If any of you are seriously considering a 64GB Note 3 from Verizon then I
    strongly suggest that you call them (Verizon) and let it be known that
    it is in demand. Right now, no one at Verizon has heard or seen any
    info on a 64gb version! Being a long time gamer, it is critical for me
    to have as much storage space as possible…so it’s ONLY the 64GB version
    for me!!!

  • Heidi Stearns

    I want the pink note 3! I really haven't heard much about it. I don't think they will be releasing it in the US anytime soon if at all. Which sucks. What if I jumped online and ordered one from Japan? Would it work in the US?