The MyColorScreen team has been hard at work creating a one-click theming app for Android known creatively as "Themer." That brief introduction pretty much sums up everything you need to know about this app. It changes the look and feel of your home screen with just one click. And no, I don't mean it just changes around a few icons. Each theme looks fundamentally different from the one that came before it.

Themer1 Themer3 Themer6 Themer4 Themer5

These screens look cool and all, but Themer isn't the first app of its kind. Buzz Launcher does pretty much the same thing, and it is already available in the Play Store. Though from having given that app a try myself, I found it to be overly clunky, and tweaking each theme was far from intuitive. If Themer can avoid those pitfalls, that alone would be enough reason to give it a chance.

One factor in MyColorScreen's favor is the sheer number of themes that will likely be available to choose from. Users in the community can upload their own themes, permitting anyone else to view them. Close to 50,000 home screens have already been uploaded for use with other apps, and we can reasonably expect many to become available for Themer after its release.

Themer8 Themer2 Themer7

A great deal of Android users probably use a quarter of their time tweaking things just because they can, so there's bound to be a good number of you who would love the chance to toy around with Themer. The limited beta is coming soon, and you can sign up directly on its webpage.

Source: Twitter

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • http://addisontodd.com/ Addison Todd

    If this works in tandem with UCCW then we've got ourselves a solid package.

  • Matt Dowdy

    All looks pretty awful to me, think I'll be avoiding this one

    • mapsickle

      stop judging by the screenshot posted on the article and i am sure you have never gone to http://mycolorscreen.com/

    • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

      I simply shared the themes highlighted on Themer's homepage.


  • Crimson.Nexus

    This is pretty much going toe-to-toe with BUZZ Launcher

    • Christopher Williamson

      I take your point but frankly Buzz launcher is terrible. How many months on from initial release and they still can't display DashClock and Google Now widgets properly? Disgrace.

  • Nelson

    Usually deeply modded themes involve a coordination of several apps: launchers, UCCW / Zooper or other widget making apps, icon sets... The video shows themes that involve work in all these other apps. Will Themer really be able to tweak the settings of other apps? I doubt Themer will have access to that...

    • Andrew Richards

      Even the best theme requires some customization; this is a extension of the fact that no two homescreens are ever the same, even on the same firmware and launchers. I loved and copied the Google Grid homescreen here: (http://mycolorscreen.com/2013/08/03/google-grid/) but I still had to make several changes to it to suit my needs.

    • Joe Bertolino

      You seem really butt hurt about this.

  • mapsickle

    wonder how this will work when some apps are a requrement

  • Nelson

    As a hardcore themer myself, always making new icons in Photoshop, micro adjusting widgets so they line up with elements on the wallpaper, I always enjoyed the look on other people's faces when they see my screen. They may have an android phone but my screen looks nothing like their screen simply because I put work into it. An app that promises deep level theming with a single click almost feels like cheating...

    • bimsebasse

      So is calling someone when you should really run to that person and deliver that message person to person. I mean, get down your self-congratulatory horse and let those seeking convenience over effort enjoy their new toy.

      • Nelson

        Obviously, I'm theming with my own organization and convenience in mind. Not doing it to show off. But anyone who has put work into something is going to feel proud of themselves after and I feel like this app takes away all the fun that is customizing and personalizing that theming inherently is. And as for your "calling someone when you should really deliver the message"?... Worst analogy ever...

        • luigi gorlero

          and what about people who want to theme their phone but don't own a PC, or are just unable to follow instructions and need a lot of help?
          As a themer I love the idea of applying with one click: but the bad is that Themer won't be a community of Designers like the site, but will have on servers only hired designers..


        • MyLeftNut

          Sorry I know I am late to the comments but this argument is just so ridiculous I had to reply. Bimsebasse's analogy may not be all that apt since it doesn't take into account the creative aspect but let me ask you Nelson, have you ever flashed a rom? Because your argument is equivalent to someone complaining that flashing roms through CWM or TWRP is a cheating. "I had to work hard to create and personalize my rom why do they get to cheat by clicking a few options in a recovery and flashing other people's hard work? I spent days/weeks working on mine and they can do it in a few minutes, no fair!"

          Glad most people don't think like you or the nadroid community as a whole would be screwed by a few people trying hard to make themselves feel special by keeping their ideas to themselves.

    • http://mavi222.deviantart.com/gallery/ Mavi

      Can you show us your work? :) I am interested in seeing it.

      • Nelson

        Haha thanks for the interest but my work blocks gmail, dropbox, and any other way of uploading a screenshot.

        • http://www.joostslager.nl/ Joost Slager

          And what about posting it when you get home??

        • Thatguyfromvienna

          You probably have mobile data available...

    • Thatguyfromvienna

      I theme myself, probably the way you do.
      But I find your take on it a bit harsh.
      It's like saying that only letters written by hand or at least with Tex (no LaTex, that would be cheating) are real letters.

      • Nelson

        I see what you're saying and ya, I'm not saying something has to be difficult for it to count. Nor that efficiency is a bad thing. If there's an easier way to do something, then do it. I'm an architect and while I appreciate hand-drawn blueprints, I don't think doing a plan with AutoCAD is "cheating". It still took hours and hours of work to make. But Themer isn't offering a new method of theming, it's giving u a one-click button and ur done.

        When theming, I appreciated learning about android in the process. On my first phone, my themes were very basic but once I started learning more and incorporating more advanced techniques like shortcuts to "Activities", widgets changing throughout the day with Tasker, Zooper/UCCW variables, root abilities... Under the surface, the themes I was able to create got increasingly complex. Take a look on mycolorscreen.com and the beginner user might not even know how things were made in the first place. To me, theming represents learning about Android, what it can do, and sheer enormity of the things you can customize. Now on my 4th android phone, you can easily see how the level of my themes advanced with my knowledge of Android. This Themer app offers all of that without the learning that I appreciated.

        Sorry for sounding like a theming snob but ya, learning about android is/was a lot of fun. I'd recommend it to others. Smiley face.

        • Sam

          It's not that it is cheating, it's just another noob tool (and that is fine). Let the noobs have their "one-click" tool, and you can continue making better themes the old fashioned way. Frankly I think utilizing the users at mycolorscreen is a pretty great way to go about theming a home screen. This kind of feels like they are starting something that is going to make money, kinda reminds me of instagram.

        • TSON1

          Its not making a theme in one click. It's installing someone else's.

        • Jess L

          I wish I could learn how to make a theme. I am always messing with photoshop and like making graphics, I just dont know how to make a theme.

  • Sam Lam Chin Pong

    Looks good

  • atlouiedog

    Excellent. I've enjoyed going to mycolorscreen and recreating some of the great submissions or borrowing various elements from them to make my own homescreen. It's been a great resource and this looks promising.

  • Tykin

    I wonder if they are introducing their own launcher or if this will work with Nova/Apex/ADW/etc.

    There was a similar app that did this called Buzz Launcher and I really wanted to like it, but I ended up going back to Nova.

  • ginobili

    This is amazing.

  • ConCal

    I wish Nova or Apex just added this feature to their already existing launcher. I find Nova to be the most powerful, but Buzz Launcher is just so cool.

    • Thatguyfromvienna

      I hope Nova one day will let us align things pixel by pixel like sslauncher does.
      I just like too many features from Nova to switch.

      • Marcell Lévai

        To be honest, I hope not. The lack of these features makes Nova one of the fastest launchers on Android, so even older devices can run it perfectly, which can't be told of TSF, SSLauncher, Buzz Launcher, etc...

        • Thatguyfromvienna

          That's the price to pay for progress! :)

  • jawonder

    I love My Color Screen they do the best HomeScreens ever. I always watch their videos and recreating Homescreens .

  • Marcell Lévai

    I've just started customizing my phone recently, based on the themes of mycolorscreen, just to find that my good ol' galaxy s with its's 512 MB RAM and elderly processor won't eat none of those resource wasting mountains of widgets. So making this whole process much easier is a definite plus from me, less time wasted on trying out new things :) Huge thumbs up! Also the "tutorials" of mycolorscreen often lack many details. I think that customization shouldn't be a privilige only to those who know to change every bit of a uccw widget, have photoshop and are familiar with it, etc...

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

    So, this is what they had contacted me for..! Would've been interesting to work on it.

    I see a lot of potential for it. But there's one weak link. All themes are supposed to be free in this app. Two problems with that -

    1. Themes could be using paid apps/widgets; while general users will think everything is free. This will lead to a little confusion.
    2. Many theme developers will support it. And many won't. Since they can't charge for their theme.

    Looking forward to the beta release. Signed up.

    • Marcell Lévai

      I think the first problem you mention could be easily solved. Every theme needs a necessary apps list with prices shown (like on mycolorscreen website), so the Themer application can warn you if you need to install something that is paid.

  • http://www.westagemusic.com/ Marc

    this is absolutely gorgeous but I don't think that this capable of one click theming.
    If you want to apply a theme, tons of apps have to be installed including data and launcher settings. Android is designed to avoid installing apk's without the owners permission, so how is this supposed to work?

    • http://www.westagemusic.com/ Marc

      & Think of themers that have to deliver app data and layouts with their themes. This functionality is not even yet implemented in mycolorscreen as far as I know.

  • Jess L

    FML signed up and I have 62+ thousand people ahead of me.