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As promised, Motorola is making at least some of the bootloaders on its new flagship Moto X unlockable, opening the door for relatively easy root privileges, custom recoveries, and aftermarket ROMs. The Sprint, US Cellular, and forthcoming Latin American models of the Moto X can now be unlocked using Motorola's My Moto Care portal. Customers will need to create an account and have their device ID ready.

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Naturally, unlocking your device's bootloader will void your warranty, even if you never do anything else with it. There are also some very, very strict terms that Motorola will make you agree to, which can't be negotiated or denied if you want to unlock your bootloader. These include stipulations that you can't sell your device and that you must agree to arbitration if you have some kind of civil claim. The first issue in particular (see item 4 in this PDF document) is probably unenforceable, but the gist is that if your phone malfunctions, dies, explodes, or otherwise fails to be awesome after you go through with the bootloader unlock, don't go crying to Motorola or any of its sales partners.

Of course, Moto X devices sold on AT&T and Verizon (which will certainly be the vast majority of the Moto X phones in the US) remain locked down tight at the request of those carriers. There's also no way to buy an unlockable Moto X through Moto Maker at the moment, and Motorola has thus far failed to produce any Developer Editions (special full-price versions of the phone for AT&T/Verizon with unlockable bootloaders), though the company says that these are coming soon. There's a placeholder on the Motorola website showing the Developer Edition with a special logo and two-tone case design. The promised Google Play Edition is also nowhere in sight. The Rogers edition of the phone sold in Canada can be unlocked using the same tool as the Sprint, US Cellular, and Latin American devices, and we expect the T-Mobile version to show up there eventually.

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Psst. Mr. Soni. There are five or six hundred dollars in my bank account just waiting to be handed over for an unlockable Moto X on Verizon. Get that Developer Edition out the door already.

Source: Motorola US, Latin America

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Wazzifer

    Such an overhyped phone. Can't wait for the Nexus 5 to deliver.

    • Kevin

      Except the N5 won't be on Verizon. While I agree with what you're saying, it does the author literally ZERO good, as this is the closest we Verizon customers will ever get to a Nexus device on Verizon again.

      • Jeremiah Rice

        Pretty much. At this point I'll probably wait just in case Google pulls a Verizon Nexus out of their... sales department, but I'm not holding out much hope.

        • Kevin

          I have an S4 that I bought early on and unlocked/rooted prior to the ME7 update and I'm running Pac-ROM on it. Close enough for now. But yes, I would also prefer a true Nexus device on Verizon.

      • Wazzifer

        While in fact Verizon's coverage, and possibly service, is superior to the competition even in my area (I'm with T-Mobile); I could never give up the flexibility T-mobile gives me. Oh and the price point too.

        • Kevin

          I can't disagree with that. However, if you looked at the coverage map for Knoxville, TN, you'll see that it's "fine" (but no LTE) in the city proper, everything more than 15 miles out is 2G. Yeah, not HSPA. EDGE. I just can't do that. So Verizon it is. :(

          • Roh_Mish

            knoxville! first thing that came to my mind was samsung knox

      • esper256

        Yup. Just patiently waiting for that Developer Edition for Verizon. Can't wait to enjoy the phone while everyone tells me what mid-range specs it has. =)


      watch out, fandroids hate the truth

      • :3

        Hi hipstard. I see you spam this website too.


          B0tg0@t m@@d

    • phil

      Yeah man. Those sweet specs will finally make my life a happy one.

    • elotrolados

      The new Nexus, unfortunately, from my perspective, is growing in the wrong direction. 5 inches is just too big for my pocket and probably without the unique features of the Moto x, so I'm going Moto once they get their act together and offer it on T-Mobile.

      • Wazzifer

        Yeah but if the Nexus maintained the awesome price tag then to hell with Motorola.

  • Asphyx

    I just wonder how many more years before the Phone Manufacturers realize that it is THEIR PHONES that drive the market for the carriers these days and they no longer have to capitulate to the carriers' desires anymore?

    If Samsung came out and decided they wanted to sell UNLOCKED bootloaders on all their GS4's Verizon and AT&T would have a hard time telling customers "NO we don't have that phone you have to go to T-Mobile or Sprint". People see a commercial for the GS4 and want THAT phone! And they don't care about the carrier's feelings on that unit.

    If Apple made that decision the carriers would just EAT IT because they know people are now picking the phone they want and don't want to hear their carrier doesn't support or sell that model. They know better than to say we don't carry the iPhone anymore!

    I can't wait for the day I can buy a phone that has all bands on one chip, can be activated on any carrier and take the carriers out of the phone selection business entirely!
    I don't let my Electric company pick which toaster I can buy I find it ridiculous that my phone carrier can tell me which phone I have to use!

    • Ivan Myring

      You can buy that phone, just get an unlocked phone

      • Asphyx

        There is no Phone I know f that can be switched from Verizon's network and then on AT&Ts if I wanted to...there are no phones I know of that support both networks...
        Now maybe there is one I don't know about but I have never heard of one.
        Either the FCC has to step in and say THIS is the standard the way they did with HDTV or Manufacturers have to decide ONE UNIT for all that can be easily switched without different Carrier variants but until either of those things happen the Carrier will walk all over us as they have for years!
        Hell you don't even get a subsidized phone anymore!

        • Ivan Myring

          Sorry, I forgot about all of the CDMA vs GSM crap they have in the states. Here in the UK all networks are GSM and phones are basically compatible with all networks. Not to mention, as they have little power over manufacturers, there are no weird modifications to phones, or different models (ie Verizon versions, compared to tmo) or locked bootloaders. And we tend to get phones earlier (prime example: the original Galaxy Note)

          • Asphyx

            No Problem...US Market is a mess!

            One of the reasons you get units earlier is because GSM is EVERYWHERE and they don't have to stop the manufacturing run to produce phones for one carrier then switch the machinery to then make one version for another.

            So the GSM models all run through the pant first since that gets them the best early distribution.

            Changing the Assembly line costs the Manufacturers money to do which is why I am hoping they get smarter and decide "Here is the Phone it does ALL bands, Carrier merely has to flash the right radio software for their network and when you switch the next network flashes to the one they need.
            They would solve all their OUT OF STOCK issues they currently have and we would get the freedom to SHOP for a Carrier as opposed to COMMIT to one!

  • Luka Mlinar

    You can turn your phone into the most expensive dual core phone ever made :)

  • KH

    Does the Developer Edition still come w/ all the Verizon bloat?

  • Armus

    And for Verizon, the phone nazis have spoken, lock them all down. No mods for you! No fun with your device that we allowed you to buy! No customization - you will conform. Remember, Big Red Brother knows best.

  • Patrick Evey

    I need to know if the moto x on credo witch runs off of Sprint, will i be able to unlock the bootloader.