Last Updated: September 12th, 2013

LG is hoping to step out of Samsung's shadow a bit with the new G2. Having dropped the Optimus naming scheme, the G2 is the company's 2013 flagship, and it has the specs to earn the name. If the raw numbers don't get you, it's always got those back-facing buttons.

2013-09-06 02_33_13-LG G2 - Black cell phone from AT&T

AT&T is asking $199 for the G2 on a 2-year contract, or $575 without subsidy. If you want to save a little scratch up front, AT&T Next gets you the phone for $27 per month. The device is only for sale online at this time. It will come to AT&T retail stores on September 13th, which is a Friday. Spooky, yeah?

The LG G2 has a 5.2-inch 1080p LCD with insanely thin bezels. Around back is a 13MP camera and inside is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core ARM chip. You also get 2GB of RAM, a 3000mAh battery, and 32GB of storage. It runs Android 4.2 with LG's skin-job. Overall, not a bad-looking device.

[AT&T LG G2]

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  • NexusPlz

    Give me a nexus with those specs and I'll drop up to $400 on it...just sayin'.

    • Ryan Stewart

      Soon, soon.

    • MGN87

      U can dream...just sayin...:p

      • Demi

        Or he can read the FCC approval of a very similar device. Slightly smaller screen (just under 5"), Android 4.4, same SoC, slightly smaller battery, etc. Largely the same phone....minus the bloat.

        • Stephonz

          Demi, do you have an idea what phone is that..? I like the Specs in recent phones but the gigantic screens are putting me off. I still have my SG3 just becos I hate anything beyond 4.8 screen size..

          • Demi

            It's LG, I want to say D820, but it's widely rumored to be the next Nexus device (N5).

  • Guest

    Appears only available in black

  • C_Bova

    Appears they only have it in black. And doesn't list quadbeat 2 headphones as coming with it.

  • techgui

    Arghhh why didnt they have this out well before the Note 3? Now I actually have a tough decision to make