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It can be annoying or even disorienting to try and read while using a treadmill or elliptical machine. You're bouncing up and down, but the text remains stationary. A prototype device called the Run-n-Read aims to solve that dilemma with a wearable sensor that makes the text move up and down along with you.

The Run-n-Read is a tiny clip packed with sensors that can go on your collar or on a headband, if that's how you roll. It ties into a special e-reader app that moves the page up and down to keep it level with your eyes. This should reduce eye strain while running, but could also help in a car or train that's bouncing up and down. The tracker also works as a simple step counter and can be used for 20 hours on a charge. The Android app it ties into comes free with the device, but it will probably require DRM-free books. It can load mobile websites, as well. That's handy if you want to catch up on the news.

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The Run-n-Read is looking for funding through Dragon Innovation, which is a bit different than Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Dragon advisors actually get involved with the project to help the team manage the manufacturing and development aspects. Dragon Innovation has previously worked with companies like Pebble and MakerBot. If you want in on the deal, it will cost you $55 to get a Run-n-Read. The higher tiers include more goodies. It is expected to ship in January 2014.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • navjot

    Whoa this actually sounds really useful.

  • kay

    What better way to sell a product by barely showing a few seconds of it in action. Instead, record other people looking at it and enjoying it while leaving the potential customer wondering what they are seeing.

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      Would have worked very nicely if they recorded it from Glass on a treadmill, see how well it works in practice.

    • Cagdas Kurban

      It wouldn't have even been that hard to show it in action. Just strap a GoPro or something similar to your face.

  • Jens Lange

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Matthew Fry

    Cool idea. Unfortunately, I try to avoid exercise of any kind.

    • Brian Utne

      MERICA! :P

  • taxi333


  • Justin Moore

    Couldn't you just do this with an app on your phone? It does have an accelerometer, which is pretty much all this is.

    • Jay Lee

      you cant strap a phone to your head though...

      • Justin Moore

        Pretty sure you can strap it to any part of your body and get the same effect. Half the time the video shows it strapped to the collar.

        • idiot

          Uh... so you want to try to read your phone while it is attached to your collar?????

          • Justin Moore

            No, you read your tablet while using your phone (or any other accelerometer-enabled device) as the sensor, instead of spending money on this kinda-dumb kickstarter. /smh

  • Godspoken

    I feel like this would only make it worse...

  • ChristianAhlin

    Apple got the fattest patent in screen compensation/offset to any kind of movement, these guys are screwed. I know because I thought of the same thing two years ago.

  • Sean

    Just get an audiobook.

  • adetogni

    ...I like innovation, but some ideas should do a little of background check. Various researches have proven that when you do exercise, even a simple running, you need to be focused on that. Your brain is "concentrated" in moving your muscles. Reading while running might work (compared to a more passive listening), but you will probably reach the end of the page and won't remember what you just read. Like when you are trying to read on your bed and you wanna finish the last page but your eyes are closing down...you forcefully reach the end but you realize you don't remember anything, your brain is already "off".

    • GraveUypo

      yep, that's why i stopped watching videos on the treadmill in favor of just listening to music.
      i could barely keep focus on the screen, or follow the story, and my pace would also drop a bit when trying to focus on the screen. it's bad for both. with music on the other hand, it just makes time pass faster (because you focus less on "how much time is still left?" and other crap) depending on your picks it can even increase your pace.

      • adetogni

        The book "Thinking Fast and Slow" of Daniel Kahnemann explains very well. What we think as "automatic" motion, requires instead concentration of your brain. The more is effort you are putting, the more brain juice you'll need. I guess that listening to you music is just passive, while to read you have to "understand" what you read. Might also have something to do with emispheres.

  • dextersgenius

    There's already a solution for this: it's called an audiobook. :)

    Still, cool idea though.

  • Steph Chi

    I think it's only a good training against seasick ! You will now 'move' in a total fixed environment ...