As promised, tactical shooter Breach and Clear has arrived on Android. This game gives you command of a team of elite commandos, which you use to execute the perfect assault and take out the bad guys. This is definitely not another mindless shooter.

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The Android release of Breach and Clear brings some new content that wasn't in the original iOS release. What's new? A lot of stuff – locations, weapons, game modes, and missions so far. We've got some screens from the new missions below. It's not just a straight port of the iOS version, which is nice.

The developers plan to add more missions and items over time, and you can get in on the tactical fun for $1.99. Not a bad price.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

    Curious to see a review on this.

  • mlj11

    Eagerly looking forward to a review. This is a very interesting genre to me, but I heard the iOS version has had some long-standing problems.

    If they haven't been fixed on the App Store version, then I can't see the devs fixing them in the relative Wild West that is Google Play...

  • Luis Pérez

    Let me know when they release a free version

    • Thatguyfromvienna

      Let me know when you work for free. I might consider hiring you.

      • Luis Pérez

        Ok, let me say it again, let me know when they release an ad supported version, this game have so many mixed reviews that I wouldn't buy it blindly. They could easily have an ad supported game, in-game buy add ons or do something like dead trigger so they can have revenue, a recent study on android games have shown that actually the most profitable games on the play store are ad supported, So, when I say free, I mean this. Its not like I'm saying they shouldn't have a profit.

        • Thatguyfromvienna

          That's very much a question of personal preference.
          I, for example, don't play games with IAPs.

          • Luis Pérez

            Well I do, If you wanted your game to have better exposure while having some profit ads or IAPs is the way to go, you know someone is gonna pirate that game anyway, what better way to fight it than releasing an ASG, if someone didn't want the ads they could buy it anyways.


    I like these kind of games, they are perfect for the mobile platform. The Anomaly series is great.

  • BetterWithRoot

    I can't wait to see the Clorox version:
    Bleach and Clean

  • Andrew Gauger

    Not compatible with Galaxy S4?

    • David Soto

      Or HTC One.

      • sean

        They say it's compatile with the S4 now it might be for the HTC One now. give it a look.

  • dvorak

    let's see if they have polished the gameplay since last time.
    otherwise I'll check again next year, srry but my phone already full with AAA strategy games..

  • Ian

    I might have tried it, but it is not compatible with either the S4 or the N7... Really?!?!?!

  • mydroidhaswood

    It's been a year and a half since I've been waiting for this. They actually said the game would be free and the extra content would be paid. That would've been a better approach to this game.

    • Thatguyfromvienna

      It's two bucks! Two meager bucks!
      If I would have been waiting for a game for over a year, I would gladly pay those two bucks and play it.

      • sean

        THANK YOU!
        compared to a $40-$60 game on a PS3 of xbox360 $2 is a no brainer. Let's keep it real people. You want a great gaming experience you can get one. but it's gonna cost you.

      • mydroidhaswood

        It's on sale, it's bound to go up. But that wasn't my damn point. Look at the success of Candy Crush Saga. A free game with in-game purchases is a better way to make money. I remember when Dead Trigger became free and so many people who didn't want to buy the game earlier on bought credits in-game!

        I'm not complaining about the price, I'm just saying that the devs said it would be free at one point with paid extras. I bought the damn game and I'm enjoying it. Relax.