It's not terribly hard to unlock and root a Nexus device, but mucking around with ADB simply isn't for everyone. If you want a somewhat more automated rooting experience for your 2013 Nexus 7, there's the Root Toolkit from Mskip. It's available now for all your modding needs.

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Mskip is a senior moderator and recognized developer at XDA. He makes it his business to build simple root toolkits for a ton of devices. Now the new Nexus 7 is on that list. Version 1.02 of the toolkit is available for free on XDA and it allows you to unlock, root, backup, restore, push files, install/correct ADB drivers, and more. There is also a donation version with these premium features: auto-updating of the toolkit, 10 quickpick slots, and extra tips and tricks.

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The entire process is controlled by selecting various options from a text-only interface. If you can get your Neuxs 7 detected by ADB, you can root the sucker with the Nexus 7 Root Toolkit.

[Nexus 7 Root Toolkit on XDA]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • KingRando

    I've been using his rootkits for years. I work IT all day so messing around with my own electronics is the last thing I want to do after work or on my off days. These toolkits make it much less of a burden

    • Mike Harris

      I agree with you, to a point. I do still like to mess around with my toys, but I don't always have the time and sometimes just want to get it done.

  • EH101

    Why would you use this when Wug's toolkit (also on xda and available practically since the launch of the 2013 N7) does essentially everything this does but with a GUI? This seems to provide no advantage.

    • Mike Harris

      Familiarity. I've used his toolkits for two of my devices (GSIII and N10) already and really like them. I pretty much know how to navigate it pretty well (not that it's hard).

      (I don't have an N7 and I'm not familiar with the other toolkit you mentioned. I'm just answering your question as to why people would use this.)

    • wakefinance

      I think mskip's toolkit is more reliable. I used wug's in the past but switched to mskip for both my gnex and n7 after having some minor issues. I can't remember what you're issues were because they were pretty insignificant, but I've had no issues at all with the mskip toolkits

  • Andy

    Got to agree, Wug's toolkit was terrific for me - really held my hand through the whole daunting process!

  • Mark

    If you can't learn how to do this stuff on your own, you shouldn't be doing it. I don't know how many forum threads I've seen that have said "My phone is broken, I was trying the toolkit..." and then they're stuck because the toolkit doesn't provide feedback when something doesn't work.

  • anzensepp1987

    Call me crazy. But I'm not gonna root my new N7. Since Android 4.3 even my N4 is not rooted anymore. The recent Google-ROMs are close to perfection for me. Everything I need to customize I can do easily with Nova Prime.

    • deano

      you're crazy

      • anzensepp1987


  • hackerbob

    I went through all the hassle installing SDK drivers and finally MSkip creates a toolkit! Wasn't expecting this since but I have been using it with my GS3 and N10.

  • Jeremy

    Hello, my Nexus 7 2012 version has a problem, i can get into bootloader and without the usb plugged in the buttons work, but as soon as i plug it in the buttons don't navigate anymore. I saw there was a bug with the bootloader and power+volumedown buttons didn't solve the problem. any ideas?