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If you want a big phone with a faux-leather back, the Galaxy Note 3 is the only game in town. AT&T customers can get in line now to wrap their hands around the Note 3. Well, assuming they can fit their hands around it at all. AT&T is taking pre-orders right this minute.

2013-09-06 00_46_08-Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Jet Black cell phone from AT&T

The Note 3 comes in black and white – no sign of that stylish pink one yet. If the prospect of a 2-year contract frightens you, there's always the outrageous $724.99 full price option. On AT&T Next, you can have the Note 3 for $35 per month. It should ship "around October 1st" according to AT&T. The shipping date might slip if pre-order volume is high.

You're probably familiar with what you're getting with the Note 3. It's packing a quad-core Snapdragon 800, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a 5.7-inch 1080p Super AMOLED. It has all the neat S Pen content that was shown off at IFA, and it pairs nicely with the Galaxy Gear. AT&T says the Gear will be shipping a few weeks later, but offered no further details. Full PR is below.

Beginning Sept. 6, AT&T* will offer pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy® Note 3.  The Galaxy Note 3 will be available for $35 per month with AT&T Next or $299.99 with a two-year agreement.  For more information or to pre-order, visit www.att.com/galaxynote.  Orders will begin shipping around Oct. 1.

The Galaxy Note 3 features a 5.7-inch full HD Super AMOLED display and builds on Samsung’s successful Note series with a better way to control, write and get more done, such as:

  • My Magazine allows you to curate content tailored to the things you love including sports updates, celebrity news, your social media feeds, even nearby restaurant suggestions. 
  • Scrapbook provides an easy and functional way to use the S Pen to grab and store videos, photos and clips from Web pages that are linkable back to the original online source.
  • Wake-up Command allows you to send messages, make calls and more without touching your phone, just by saying “Hi, Galaxy.”
  • S Finder makes locating emails, text messages, contacts or web history on your smartphone easy.  You can even search for handwriting or symbols, or browse by date.
  • Advanced Multi Window functionality lets you keep two windows of the same app open so you can browse your social media feed while posting vacation photos. You can also drag and drop an address from an email into a map search without cutting and pasting.
  • Samsung Smart Switch™ transfers contacts, calendar events, messages, photos and more. It can also automatically find your favorite apps on Google Play™ and recommend similar ones if there isn’t a direct match††.
  • Action Memo makes your handwritten notes actionable.  You can dial a number, import information directly into contacts, go directly to a web address and find an address on a map.

The Note 3 also includes innovative camera features as well as additional features introduced on the Galaxy S® 4:

  • Eraser Shot removes unwanted background distractions in your photos and videos with just one touch.
  • Drama Shot captures a time-lapse event all in one frame.
  • S Beam™ quickly and easily share files simply by tapping two S Beam enabled smartphones together. 
  • WatchON™ simplifies searching and recommends TV, movies and sports according to personal tastes. With WatchON and the built-in IR blaster, the Galaxy Note 3 functions as a remote control for home theater equipment.
  • Easy Mode settings give new smartphone users or simplicity seekers the option to start out with a basic version of your home screen that keeps your favorite apps and features within reach. 
  • Air View™ lets you hover your finger over photos, files, links and text for an instant preview.

Galaxy Gear™, Samsung’s first wearable that extends the smartphone experience to your wrist, will be available in the coming weeks. The Galaxy Gear paired with the Galaxy Note 3 broadens the smartphone experience by intelligently connecting and sharing information. With Galaxy Gear, AT&T and Samsung are expanding how people live their lives with technology. For more information please visitwww.att.com/galaxygear.

[AT&T Galaxy Note 3 (white), AT&T Galaxy Note 3 (black)]

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  • Babs Oyed

    I hope the 64gb version is available on day one - T-mobile

  • moe

    With the high price tags of some phonesthey should be offering higher GB capacity . I would like to see atleast 100gb-250gb of internal storage.i can get a laptop for $700 with a fast processor , 6gb of memory, and 2tb hdd.

    • Justin W

      Agreed - the cost of these devices is outrageous, especially when the manufacturer makes it for less than $300. This should be <$600, easily.

    • Wade06

      The main difference is that this computer can fit in your pocket. I think $700 for the best available phone is reasonable... The best available laptops are $4000 plus. A 128gb option would have been cool but with 64gb cards it's probably not needed by most.

      • moe

        I shouldn't have to depend on a 64gb micro sd card when spending $800 on a phone. We been getting the same 16b,32gb, and 64gb internal storage for years. I have a Note 2 with a 64gb card and with syncing music, photos, and video's to my phone my sd card is near full high end phones today should be offering atleast 128gb-250gb of internal storage.

  • Arty Dodger

    I am a new Android user in which I've been using iPhone this whole time. Please, I do not want to talk about iPhone.

    Have you guys seen in the past, crazy backorders for these phones? I am trying to wait until Sept 10 to validate my reason for switching to Android when the new iPhone is released, but I do not want to miss out on the October 1st ship date if my validation is correct.

    • WelcomeToSprockets

      You shouldn't have any problem. Who knows how many they are allocating to stores and preorder... But, when they launched the S4, they had plenty and only went out of stock a few days before. even then, you could find one in a store pretty easily within days of launch. People do line up at the stores on launch morning. Maybe 15-30 deep at most. This still exceeds the store's initial stock, but its nothing like sleeping bags and insanity at the Apple Stores. At this point, with the Apple launches, it's less about the phone and more about people just like being part of the launch excitement at the stores. Not so much with Galaxies. yet.

      • Arty Dodger

        Thank you so much for your information! I figured by mentioning iPhone, I wouldn't hear the end of it, but I have decided to make the switch from Jailbroken Iphone to Android. Please wish me luck in my adventure!

        I just know it got crazy when Apple releases a phone and I don't like waiting. anyway, I went ahead and preordered the Note so I am excited about the transformation!

        • WelcomeToSprockets

          enjoy your Note! Having carried one for awhile, it's awesome to use... but not so awesome to carry. How you carry it and comfort with that method, be it pocket, hip or purse/murse (lol) will make or break your experience. Amazon should have tons of options right away with plenty of buyer feedback. It's big, you'll fumble at least once, consider some protection, even if you used your iPhone naked.

  • mactd83

    I pre-ordered from att around 1am and my order says estimated ship date is September 11-13! :)

    • Arty Dodger

      Nice! Are you in the US?

      • mactd83

        yes I'm in the us!

        • Arty Dodger

          Ok I see mine says the same thing. I wonder if we will get it around that time?

          • Anna91

            Is that really..?im so jealous..mine said the ship date won't be till oct 1st-2nd :( I wonder why..? Ps, I made the pre order on the 6th..

    • TrentBradley

      Mine says shipping between the 11th and 13th too! Gotta admit I'm pretty stoked!

  • Guest

    Size =/= price. It's easier to make things bigger.

  • gspida

    Soo where is the speaker on this phone or did I miss it? Also I am disappointed that the only "gimmick" I really was looking forward to (IR Blaster) is apparently not a feature :( But I am glad to see the base starting at 32gb. I am going to wait for the next Nexus phone and the off chance that the iphone gets a 4.7 - 5 inch screen. So it's between these for me.

    • TrentBradley

      The phone does have an IR blaster. It's not a highly publicized feature because the Note series has so much more to offer, but its in there. Also, the speaker is on the bottom, to the right of the micro usb port.

  • Javtech

    A sales person on Att Premiere said i would receive mine on the 13th and it would ship out sept 11. I find that strange since all the articles read "will ship around Oct 1". Has anyone else heard this report??? I made her repeat the statement five times and told her its not coming out until Oct 1. She said sir it will arrive at your house on the 13th. My email confirmation also reads Samsung Galaxy Note(r) 3 Classic White just incase you thought they are sending me the wrong equipment (which is still quite possible.).

  • Javtech

    Hahaha i should have read the other posts. I guess other people are getting the same story.....
    Well i guess i can go further and say that this was confirmed five times by a now slightly angry sales person lol.