AnTuTu is one of the premiere full system benchmarks available on Android devices. The developers claim to have over 100 million users, and they're all getting a big update to version 4.0. Not only does the new AnTuTu look better, but the way it determines scores has been tweaked to better support faster devices.

2013-09-05 04.30.35 2013-09-05 04.30.56 2013-09-05 04.25.28

The app is split into three tabs for testing, ranking, and device information. Here is the full changelog as listed by the developers:

  • New designed professional smart device benchmark matrix
  • Benchmark to User Experience added
  • Improvement to benchmark algorithms
  • New designed GUI for easy and simple operations at user side
  • New register system for each individual user

2013-09-05 04.33.10 2013-09-05 04.31.36

For some reason, AnTuTu still thinks the 2013 Nexus 7 has a Tegra 3 chip, but the benchmarks are dead on with similar devices. The updated UI seems a little less information dense and easier to read, which I'm happy about. The registration system appears to be completely optional, too. The update should be live for everyone now.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • grits ah kg

    How does the note 2 and Samsung galaxy s3 smash nexus 4 now? Wut's going on?!

    • Hans Pedersen

      Maybe the storage is so much faster?

    • nick

      The nexus 4 never benchmarked well, this is my result using Franco kernel :)

      • shadowx360

        True, I get ~23k using 1.7 gHz on Pure Speed X with franco though. Benchmarks also depend on each device, I can't get anything above 23k without throwing the phone into the fridge when benchmarking it.

        • Chris

          I would put my G2 (HTC) in the freezer to benchmark it lmao

    • Rodrigo Bittencourt

      benchmarks do not correspond to reality...simple that

      • troph

        Couldn't have said it better. The full experience depends on so many different factors. I have a S4 Active (touchwiz) and Nexus 4 (PA 3.99) and my nexus is so much smoother, faster, more responsive. This also has to do with the ROM but either way, one benchmarks way better, but performs much worse.

  • PhoenixPath

    2nd screenshot:

    "Vender" (This one spelling error bugs the heck out of me for some reason...I usually don't care, but..."vender"...it's like nails on a chalkboard.)

    Other than that (which did show up on my install as well), installed, tested...works good. Pegged my One at damn near what the default is for the One.

    For a benchmark suite, I guess it is what it is.

    • wolfkabal

      Look at the supposed Author who replied to my comment above - I'm guessing English isn't their first language.

  • wolfkabal

    I'm coming in blind on this one but what exactly is the purpose of benchmarking a phone. To me, unless they're all being connected up into some beowulf cluster for some intense processing, what's the point. A phone should be based on user experience not hard numbers from processing or video. I can see maybe a dedicated gaming device and FPS being a factor. But shouldn't it take into account maybe app switching, startup/close of apps, that sort of thing? Again, I'm ignorant to the true algorithms and what it's measuring - just basing it on what I know about other (older) benchmark tools.

    As a normal user, or even power user, what do these numbers mean to me in real-world conditions?

    • Author

      Hi, I come from AnTuTu, and I think what you have said is really make sense. we have twitter and facebook, you can tell us anything you want us to do. please contact us.

  • SuyashSrijan

    HTC One

    Left: OC to 2.1 GHz
    Right: Stock clockspeed (1.7 GHz)

    Not a huge difference.

    • faceless128

      try overclocked in a bag in the freezer!

  • ithehappy

    Yahooo....Antutu updated.....hooray.......
    Still garbage.

  • http://www.feirox.com/ ankHD


  • Andreas Yiangoullis

    Maybe it's time they explain what on earth they do with camera permissions. Clear to me though that's why I never let it in

  • Vorastra

    I'm getting between 19500-21000 score with my S4 MINI. I'm coming close to things like the xperia z and beating the nexus 10. What's going on here.