Usually, $199 is the price you pay for a smartphone when signing a soul-crushing two year contract. Not with the Nexus 4, which dropped $100 in price last week. The 8GB model was just $199 after the change, and the 16GB was $249. If you're looking to snag a sub-$200 Nexus, you're too late – the 8GB model is gone for good.

2013-09-03 01_22_01-Nexus 4 (8GB) - Devices on Google Play

We watched the Play Store page bounce back and forth between in-stock and out-of-stock all day yesterday, but Google has now confirmed the 8GB Nexus 4 is not coming back. Where the 'Buy' button used to be, now is just an 'out of inventory' message.

Selling a phone for $199 is bound to increase sales, but to sell out this fast the supply must have already been dwindling. We're getting on toward Nexus season – maybe the 16GB will be packing it in before too much longer. If you need a cheap unlocked phone, maybe now is the time.

[Google Play, The Verge]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • GreatNews

    It says "Check Back Soon" what makes you say they won't restock at all?

    • KilpiBan

      The Verge article says: "Google tells The Verge that the cheaper model will not be restocked."

      • simp1istic

        They should probably change the "check back soon..."

        • Ari

          Check back for the Nexus 5 with a now rumored too big 5.2 screen

  • acejavelin

    Hmmm... ordered my Nexus 4 16GB model Sunday, glad I did! Although, maybe I should have waited to see what was around the corner???

    • worried MAX

      so is it still in stock? the 16gb

      • acejavelin

        As of right now it is, but with the 8GB model out of stock, the 16GB could be close behind.

        • worried MAX

          ok... just hoping my aunt can help me get it asap, since i cant access playstore

    • http://mrprayer.net/ Anatoly Nechaev

      What is your tracking info saying?
      I ordered on friday morning but mine still says "A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated".

      • acejavelin

        Ummm... pretty standard. It just means they printed a label and submitted the request to UPS but it hasn't been picked up yet by the UPS driver. I haven't gotten my shipping notice yet, what is your concern here?

        • http://mrprayer.net/ Anatoly Nechaev

          Google is pretty unreliable when it comes to managing their own supplies.
          I'm afraid that despite the fact that they created ups label they can still cancel the order on accout of all 8gb nexuses being already gone.

          They promised to ship it on sep. 2nd, ups label was created for that date. It's already 3rd and still no movement.

          • acejavelin

            Yesterday (Sept 2nd) was a federal holiday in the US, nothing shipped and there were no pickups. Most pickup and tracking doesn't update until 6pm to midnight on the pickup date. I wouldn't worry too much yet.

          • acejavelin

            FYI... Mine shows "Status: Ship on 9/4/2013". The original order confirmation said it would ship on 9/3, guess the weekend was busy. If you didn't receive some kind of email saying there was a problem, I wouldn't worry though.

          • http://mrprayer.net/ Anatoly Nechaev

            Shoot, i forgot about Labor Day.
            Mine was "Shipped/Billed On: 09/02/2013" from the get-go (got email on 08/31/2013.

          • acejavelin

            If you got billed... it shipped! No worries my friend.

          • http://mrprayer.net/ Anatoly Nechaev

            Got it. Thanks.

  • Poussah

    Both versions are still available in France, for 199 € and 249 €. But with all the people I see buying it, I guess it won't be long before it is sold out here as well.

    • LorenzKE

      In Germany the same

  • Aracem

    This movement i think is not for a new Nexus 5, is for a new version of the nexus 4. Maybe a 32 GB version for 300$/€ and 32GB with LTE for 350$/€

    • Thomas’

      I wouldn't mind a refreshed N4 instead of a new phone model. Just improve some problems (fix the camera, ffs!) and it's good to go for another year.

      • Anoos

        And fix the shitty battery too please!

        • mechapathy

          I still don't get this complaint. I get through my entire waking day on a charge in areas with spotty service, and nearly 24 hours with good service.

          • gierso

            i cant get more than 10 hours stock phone with not many apps..
            but moderate to heavy use (screen time uses most of the battery)

            what is your screen time?

          • mechapathy

            Around 4 hours each day.

          • gierso

            then i envy you :)

          • Guest

            what is your screen time?

    • angel_spain

      I don't think so. If a new Nexus 4 appears with LTE that would mean that an average nexus user could flash the radio image and have LTE fully enabled without paying for it.

      • Ari

        No one would get excited by a new & improved phone with the same name

        • gierso

          but people get exited with new iphones (incremental number) and new galaxy S (incremental number)

          probably the new nexus 4 will be called nexus 4 2nd gen or nexus 4 II or nexus 4 2013,

          i think they should stick with the name, as it is dull to keep changing names. in the 4 iteration it coincided with the screen size
          but next iteration shoulnd be named nexus 5 regardless of screen size or incrementality. as the the new nexus nex year would be nexus 6 and then nexus 7 (again)

          so i think they should stick to either 4 or 5 but no more

          or they should change the tablet names to nexus pad
          and then you can play with the numbers in the nexus phone line again ^^

    • Matthew Fry

      Ugh. I sure hope it's named differently. I really hate referring to products by their generation number because the marketing people named themselves into a corner.

  • Guest

    shame , you guys android police have only BAD NEWS. Shit

    • Vikramaditya Rai


  • LibertyBeta

    Guys, can we get that google confimration. As far as I can tell, and trace, this story goes back to some Droid Life speculation on the topic.

  • worried MAX

    so the 16gb is still thr? i am so worried man... calling my aunt to purchase a 16gb but hvnt reply

    • Rayun

      Still there as I just checked

  • wjrandon

    Good riddance to the 8GB model. I'm struggling with space on the 16GB model as it is. A 32GB should have been available at launch. My theory is Google is reluctant to give the Nexus too much space as to keep users reliant on their cloud services. I'm sure cost-containment fits in there somewhere also.

    • Neejay

      I agree. This is 2013, at least offer a 16GB/32GB combo next time around.

      The cost difference between 16gb and 32gb can't be that much. So yeah, I'd wage it on forcing "cloud" usage.

    • simp1istic

      Got about 6GB free on my 16GB model with a full Nandroid and Ti Backup.

  • Vikramaditya Rai

    The Nexus 4 had to be eventually phased out at some point of time. As a 16GB Nexus 4 owner, I'm not too happy about this, but we all knew this was coming.

    • Ari

      It's a year old so I dont see why everyone is surprised by this

  • mechapathy

    Bring on the Nexus 4 2013! I'm ready to refresh the play store all day, or mash the buy button, or sacrifice a narwhal, or whatever it is we're going to have to do to actually buy the next Nexus phone this year.

  • ddh819

    8gb is pretty small anyway

  • brainimpact

    Still stock in the UK Play Store just dispatch moved from 1-2 days to by September 10th

  • Ari

    If the next Nexus will still be around 350, they should advertise it to the general consumer. With Tmobile now making people pay full cost for phones & the increasingly popularityoof prepaid, this shouldn't just be targeted to the faithful phandroids and developers

  • Greg Nelson

    What if Google is discontinuing the Nexus name for phones and just reserving it for tablets from now on....and the Moto X is the new Nexus? Spoooooooky!

    • gierso

      spooky indeed :O

  • Michael Kerr

    The 8GB model is still available in Australia. I ordered my Nexus 4 16GB last night, getting rid of my buggy Galaxy S4

  • Aries Valdez

    just ordered 16 gb nexus today 9/12 but it wont shipped till 9/16 wtf google pls dont troll me..i

  • http://www.seminds.com/ Sabreen Rezvie (Sam)

    will the 16gb be restocked in canada?

  • kryteris

    There any way to trade-in the 8gb model for the 16gb? at the time I convinced myself that eventually there would be a solution, maybe a cloud solution or home network. But.. still no solution. And it really gimps the phone.

  • http://www.movilesbaratoschinos.com/ keylin