Update: Google pulled the video just a few minutes after the news broke. This makes it seem more likely the device in question is a Nexus. Also, a few more screens from the video have surfaced.

Google posted the video of its new KitKat statue being planted on the lawn earlier today, but that's nothing unusual. What was incredibly unusual was the device one of the assembled Googlers was using to snap pictures of the event. At the 0:38 mark, you can see this fellow holding up a phone sideways, and it has a sideways Nexus logo. It looks exactly like the Nexus 7's new logo, but it's way too small to be the N7. Is this the new Nexus phone?


Left: Mystery Nexus, Right: Nexus 4

The device has a smooth back and a large offset camera lens. It has an almost Sony vibe, but the branding at the bottom of the device is too blurry to make out for sure. It looks a bit like the LG Nexus 4. The logo lettering isn't discernable, but it has the proportions of the LG "smile." See the comparison above with an N4 conveniently right next to it. The consensus around here is that it's another LG Nexus.

13 - 1 13 - 3


It was nice of Google to give us an almost straight on shot of the device with the Nexus 4 in-frame for comparison. I'm not saying it's a plant, but... okay maybe I am.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in! Additional pics via Ryan Mills]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • david coffey

    oh my. what else could it be? it's beautiful. i cannot wait.

  • skitchbeatz

    That was so obvious. If it wasn't supposed to be a teaser then there's no way it would have made it into the video

  • Spetto

    Mhmmmm.. Look at that phone! Now, Google, tell us about the specs.

    • newsjunkieintl

      You KNOW the specs....

      The Nexus 4 was BASED on the Optimus G. Internally they were fraternal twins, with same display, same CPU, same GPU, same RAM, same camera, same battery. Externally, they looked different.

      The G2/Nexus 5 will be the same way. Go look at the G2 specs -- those will be 99% the Nexus 5 specs.

      • dude

        I have a feeling the Nexus will have a unique camera, hopefully, it does look bigger and different from the G2. They remarked about making a good one for their next one.

      • Elias

        So, still no microsd. Fuck. Google, when will you learn?

        • newsjunkieintl

          Back in 2011, Google said they would NEVER put SD on another Nexus smartphone. They feel the memory should be in one place, not two separate locations.

  • Michael Sheils

    Definitely look like a LG device which makes me very happy as the only thing it's going to be based on then is the G2 which is quite the beast.

  • Alexei Watson

    BAM! just like that, the first solid piece of 'nextus' info.

  • Carl_Barlson

    Well anything is better then the glass back of the nexus 4. Might not even need a case for this nexus phone.

  • Matthew Fry

    Is it just perspective or is that a good 1/2" wider?

  • Lupe Fiasco

    That Camera Lens Though Lol. I Have a feeling this Nexus will be Photo Oriented this time around.

    • Nathaniel_G

      Vic Gundotra did say that Google is “committed to making Nexus phones insanely great cameras. Just you wait and see”

    • veRdiKt
      • Scott

        Upvoted because boobs.

        • PamelaLibrarian

          Boys. ;)

          • Scott

            Hehe :p

          • Sam Thomas

            boobs ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

        • Matthew Apostolou

          Always gets my upvote! :p

      • SickoPsycho

        I wasn't so much interested in this article until Amanda Bynes showed me that I should be interested. Don't get me wrong- I am a Nexus lover- but WOAH! Take my money!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1230008633 Jens Törnblad

        What is this magic? A moving .jpg?

        • Oink

          Just a gif with jpeg file extension. Browsers dont care about file extensions.

    • TSON1

      But the camera looks exactly like the Nexus 7's back camera which wasn't anything to write home about...

    • Marsg

      Nexus 7 has the same type of lens but a crappy camera sensor, I'll believe it when I see it

  • GreatNews

    well thanks Google for telling us that the wait is almost over.....

  • http://www.felipeyang.com Felipe Yang

    I like the matte back.

  • IvanBotty

    I only know the blonde girl is very pretty... And i say good bay to my n4

  • Matthew Fry

    So good of them to give it 1080p and a full second of video.

  • remister

    And that's how you do an un/official announcement of phone and next version OS.

  • david coffey

    i love google. it's such a fun company, proof in this video. they intentionally planted the new nexus phone in the cut. to get us fan boys excited. they know what we want and what we like.

    • PainToad

      It's not because they are fun you gullible puppet. It's a calculated business marketing move to divert attention from the impending Apple and Samsung announcements. Google is a company, nothing more.

      • LazarusDark

        Google is a company, true. But it is a company still run by the original geeks who started it, who still have controlling stock interest in it. Unlike most other companies, Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc. which are controlled by stockholders who have no vested interest or love for tech or the company or the people in the company, but only care about return on their stock investment and absolutely nothing else. For now, at least, Google is run by geeks who love tech and the people who work for them, and have genuine interest in doing cool stuff just because they want to do it.

      • david coffey

        woah. dude. i sure as shit don't need you calling me gullable and a puppet. not cool coming in here trying to force your opinion as fact and coloring everyone elses thoughts as 'wrong' and yours the 'one and true' direction.

  • David VanHouse

    Nice rack

    • remister

      Google is smart, they know you'll have your eyes on the girl with the Nexus 4. But not on the nerd with new Nexus. You got us Google :P

    • g0vt_h00ker


  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Can anybody ID this Google employee?

    • Daeshaun Griffiths


    • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

      He appears to be an Indian male, and I am guessing he lives in California... I just knocked down the possible number of people he could be from 7,000,000,000 to 255,000 according to 2010 census data...

      You're welcome.

    • Navinthran Govindasamy

      What if they are LG staff?

    • Jaymoon

      Neeraj Arora? The guy who went to WhatsApp, yet still has strong ties to Google...

      • Navinthran Govindasamy

        Not matching

      • Jaymoon

        No, I take that back. The "unveiling guy" has a dark mole on his left cheek at 0:15 in the video.

        ...and this is why I'm not a P.I.

      • KingRando

        You're exactly right based on the only similarity being that they're brown.

        • dogulas


        • Scott


        • Simon Belmont

          Hahahaha. Wait a minute...hahahaha.

          Sorry. I just spit my (brown) coffee out at the screen.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        I don't think that's him.

      • guest

        Georges Harik?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1230008633 Jens Törnblad

      Too bad they don't allow face recognition on Glass. Otherwise you guys would already know the answer.

  • Guest

    That's an LG Nexus people

  • Rence12

    Video is private, anyone have a mirror?

  • Guest
    • yahyoh

      yeah its seems LG logo imo

    • newsjunkieintl

      LG Nexus 5, to clarify. NOT an LG Nexus 4.

      • dogulas

        Definitely 5". Sweet.

        • IronHorse01

          That's what she said ;-)

        • Stacey Liu

          What? How do you know it's 5"?

          • dogulas

            It's noticeably larger than the Nexus 4 on the video/still. It's probably 5.2 inches like the recent LG phone.

          • Chris

            Could just be perspective though, he's closer to the camera, and the shot is at an angle. We'll just have to wait and see when they announce it in a few weeks! :P

      • Stacey Liu

        It could just be an LG Nexus 4 (2013)...

  • Kevin N

    Spill it Google

  • adi19956

    Video is private for me... Mistake?

  • Michael Harrison

    Video has gone private

  • Ruben

    Can someone see what size it is? By comparing it to the Nexus 4 I think this might actually be 5". I can't wait for a Nexus 5!

    • Spetto

      My guess would be 5'' or 5.1'' :)

      • newsjunkieintl

        5.2", just like the LG G2 it's based on.

  • tremsr

    Definitely looks small Nexus 7 to me!

  • Jon Brashear

    So i clicked the youtube logo to take me to youtube.com to watch the video. It says "the video is private"...... HHHMMMMMM.......

    • Matthew Fry

      All part of the intentional leak.

  • Gnex

    Plot twist: He's a giant and that's the new Nexus 7.

    • Matthew Fry

      or the new Nexus 10.

      • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

        Come on dude, we all know super giants don't exist.

        • Paul Roberts

          I literally lol'd.

      • dogulas

        Woah let's not be crazy here. That would be one big assman. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tujqM2u-BVo


      Plot twist: its still going to lag

      • http://about.me/sarmedsiddique Sarmed Siddique

        After checking out your disqus profile I can say; your life is 'sad really =/'

      • Dakota Hester

        Plot twist, I have used iPhone 4s in the past. You have nothing to talk about. I have used new Androids and old Androids. They don't lag at all unlike they used to.

    • Maxime Henrion

      And the girl on the right is actually 1km away. Nice try, Google!

    • Shitiz Garg

      Nope, not a N7. That thing has a flash

  • Henry Green
    • newsjunkieintl

      LG Nexus 5, to clarify. Not LG Nexus 4.

  • VegasDude73

    The video is now private! HAHA Definitely is then.

  • Taurus_G4


  • Alexei Watson

    the very last frame the logo catches the reflection. in 1080p you can see it a bit clearer that it's an LG.

    • Sir_Brizz

      It's very new N7 looking. Looking again, those are two different devices.
      Notice the layout of the Nexus logo.

      • Kit Tihonovich

        Bro, do you English?

        • Walkop

          Bro, do you even do you bro?

        • Sir_Brizz

          LOL. You are watching as I realize that I am repeating things others have already said.

    • Scott

      The very next frame the logo has direct light on it giving the same reflection that's shown on the Nexus 4. See my post above.

      • Alexei Watson

        yeah i slightly missed the money shot with the screengrab - you can see it clearer there anyhow. - do post here for comparison :)

        • Scott

          Here. Posted for comparison.

          • Alexei Watson

            Nice, yep I'd put that as confirmed LG

  • Duckie1217

    They did sorta just recently lower the price of the old Nexus 4. *hint* *hint*

  • Marcel Jeannin II

    Too late

  • Ruben

    It's LG for sure, I recognise the logo. I think it's based on the G2 and will feature a 5.2" display! I can't wait for the Nexus 5!

    • Wazzifer

      Have you seen the G2 from behind?

      • Ruben

        Sure... I know this Nexus doesn't have any buttons on the back and has a huge camera but if I compare it to the Nexus 4 I think it has a 5+" screen, I'm guessing around 5.2"

      • newsjunkieintl

        The Nexus 4 was BASED on the Optimus G. Internally they were fraternal twins, with same display, same CPU, same GPU, same RAM, same camera, same battery. Externally, they looked different.

        The G2/Nexus 5 will be the same way.

        • Stacey Liu

          Except the location of each external part was exactly the same too (camera placement, speaker placement, etc.).

          The camera placement on the 2013 Nexus 4 shown isn't the same as the Optimus G2's.

          • newsjunkieintl

            BECAUSE news leaks two WEEKS ago said Google wanted the camera over to the side. Keep up people!

            Nexus 5 aimed at LG: G2-inspired, near-borderless display

            Chris Burns, Aug 16th 2013

            "Taking cues from the Nexus 7, it’s said by Cuhiep, the camera cluster will be moved from the center of the device either the left or the right and far closer to the top border of the smartphone. This is much closer to the design of the Nexus 4, and allows the entire device to be a bit thinner as it’s suggested that the back of the device will be entirely flat, rather than working with any kind of lens bulge."

  • Mike Harris

    Can't you just yell "ENHANCE" at your computer to see a better version? That's how it works on TV.

    • n0th1ng_r3al

      ZOOM IN!

    • Guest


    • Scott

      Yeah, hell on 24 they can take the crappiest photo and get a license plate from it clear as day.

    • Alexei Watson


      • Alexei Watson

        gif fail :(

      • SickoPsycho


        • SickoPsycho


          • SickoPsycho


    • Rob

      "Hello Google Now, Enhance Grid 272."


  • Stiggy

    That's so intentional. The guy holding it isn't even looking at the phone like the girl next to him. Well played google.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      You always look at your phone when shooting videos?

  • Leo Finn

    Now we all knew what happen when we assumed key lime pie. Now Google is going to call it like the Nexus Cinco or something lol

  • Rob Johnson

    It's clearly a KitKat in a new wrapper.

    • akshay7394

      Omg it would be hilarious if this was what it really was but the internet was freaking out about a new phone

  • david coffey

    i love the updated message: "... This makes it seem more likely the device in question is a Nexus."

    as if the word 'nexus' blasted across the back of the phone wasn't clear enough. lol.

    • dogulas

      Woah, hold on there. All it says is "EXUS" What crazed assumptions universe did you come from? /s

  • Maxime Henrion

    Meanwhile, a Google engineer who had stuck a fake Nexus label on his phone is having the laugh of his life.

    • Scott

      The could provide so much bad info that way we wouldn't know what the hell was going on!

    • Dushyant_C

      1) Not A Label.
      2) Look at the lense... No wonder google is trying to keep the whole "Nexus Experience" singular.

      • andy_o

        1) How on earth do you know?
        2) What?
        C) Learn to take a joke gracefully.

        • MindFever

          1...2...C ... That made me lolz

          • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack

            Indeed ;-)

        • Dushyant_C

          1) C comes after B not 2
          2) Did you even saw the new nexus 7? Google used design elements from nexus 10 just like this mystery phone in the video. Cause they are trying to keep the nexus experience equal throughout all the devices.

          • andy_o

            1) You're right. My mistake.
            B) What does that have to do with putting a fake Nexus label that resembles the N7 design?
            C) Still can't take a joke gracefully.

          • Alexei Watson

            Oh andy, you win the internet today

          • Alex Fischer

            Now some dbag will come here and tell you B comes after A not 1. LMAO

          • Thatguyfromvienna

            Dude, remove that stick from your rear! Don't be so damn stiff.

          • QwietStorm

            Can't tell if joke or surrius no more.

          • MindFever

            U serious? (Smiley face --> ☺)

        • Thomas


          • andy_o

            goddamit, where have I heard that?

      • Maxime Henrion

        My comment was simply what is commonly referred to as a "joke", maybe you've heard of it. In fact, I'll be honest and admit that I'm excited like a little girl about all this, and dearly hope this is in fact the new Nexus phone.

  • aeta

    >video pulled
    oh hehehe, unintentional leaks are best leaks. Bout time we had one of these, most of the stuff we see "leaked" these days feels like it was planned.

  • Jordan Thoms

    Here is what will really mess with your head though - Is that really a nexus 4 it's in shot with? The Logo + text placement on the back is different.

    • Ruben

      You're right, on my Nexus 4 the LG logo is placed above the FCC text etc. however in the video it's the other way around...

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Come on, that's definitely the Nexus 4. Even the little speaker grill is in the same place. The label is a little off, but it could be an engineering sample or something.

        • newsjunkieintl

          NO, it's not a Nexus 4. Go look at images of Nexus 4. It's the new LG Nexus 5 which LG has dripped tons of info to since May. To Korean Times, to Daum, etc. It's old news that the next Nexus is coming from LG.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            We're discussing the device on the right here. I'm posting this from a Nexus 4.

          • newsjunkieintl

            Sorry, my bad.

        • Ruben

          I never said it's not a Nexus 4. All I'm stating is that it's different from my Nexus 4...

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            I replied via email, so I meant to reply to Jordan really.

          • et_voila

            I think its just a nexus 4 with the plastic cover still on.
            Mine looked exactly like that when i got it. The oblon lines above the lg logo is the IMEI number

          • Ruben

            I can't remember what mine looked like with the protection still on... But I'm sure you're right!

          • Miracle Zhou

            My Nexus 4's back plastic cover did not have the sideways Nexus logo...

      • Brandon Rodriguez

        It's the Nexus 4 with the film that first comes with it still on that has the IMEI.

  • Danny365

    I downloaded the video in 1080p before they made it private, if anyone's interested: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/ga561wpc3i6b2sa/Unveiling_of_the_Android_KitKat_statue.mp4

    • Jordan Thoms


    • Scott

      Nice. I'm downloading now.

    • newsjunkieintl

      You are my hero. Thanks! LG G2/Nexus 5 here I come!

    • dogulas
      • http://www.youtube.com/kimirPORTALS kimir


        • dogulas

          All I've got is ctrl+ darnit

          • Pengwn

            Yha see, this is where you're going wrong. The real enhancing comes from ctrl+scroll wheel.

          • Alex Luckett

            Where's the darnit button?

          • teolinux

            you made my day

        • staggs

          *click* *click* *click*... enhance..*click**click* *click*...enhance...

          • jimmyamazingz

            Just print the damn thing. I want to see the new phone lol.

        • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

          Enhance... enhance... he has residue of chocolate on his fingers, he ate Kitkat approximately 429.76 seconds before this video was taken. He also has soil under his nails, it is the kind which can be found in the northern country areas around San Francisco. As skin on the inside of his hands is quite soft, we can assume that he doesn't live on the farm, but is just a weekend-gardener. The size of his fingers suggests, that he plays a lot of videogames, fat-distribution on his hand shows, that he is most likely using XBox 360 controller. We should start looking for that guy and follow him. He may go to some bar one day and forget his phone there.

        • MindFever

          That's what she said !

    • rafoolik

      From what I can tell, that most definitely an LG logo. and a real large camera.

    • Pengwn

      Thanks for the upload! I was able to spot this from the vid that I haven't seen posted yet.


      • jonathan3579

        You, my friend, have a hell of an eye.

        • Klutch

          jajaja take this look the diffrence now lol http://imgur.com/oiF0Brh

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1230008633 Jens Törnblad

            I like the guy on the far left. He's like "what? We were allowed to take our new nexus? I just brought my large iPad."

          • nunu10000

            That's a Macbook. Google Engineers love their Macbooks.

  • Christopher Robert

    It could be the Motorola symbol. The M inside the circle.

    • http://404err0r.com/ Henry Park

      If that is the case the logo should be centered more

    • newsjunkieintl

      Google would NEVER trust Motorola with a Nexus smartphone, not after the Moto X fiasco. Even if they do own the company. Maybe in a year or two when they get their act together, and ally Samsung's fears that Motorola will have access to the crown jewels before anyone else.

      • Justin Swanson

        I'm pretty sure that the decision to go with LG was long before the 'Moto X fiasco'.

        • newsjunkieintl

          Sure. Nexus 5 based on LG G2 has been in the works since early May when CEO Larry Page visited LG HQ in South Korea and was personally shown the Nexus 5 prototype by LG CEO -- as reported by Korean Times. It takes 6 months or more to ramp up for production such as that.

          But about that same time frame (April/May) Google told Motorola to go back and DO BETTER with the Moto X. It was going to be released around that time, but Google saw it was mediocre crap. So, got delayed until August and by that time the specs were beginning to stink. 720p, seriously? ALL top tier Androids this year have 1080p, and since the 2nd half of 2013 all have Snapdragon 800. Moto X and LG G2 were both announced within days of each other and the G2 puts Moto X to shame. Yet, same contract price, same off contract price. It's a mid-range phone priced way too high.

          Just saying, back in May Google could also see that with the Moto X and LG G2/Nexus 5 prototypes.

          • Justin Swanson

            I don't think that it was decided in May. I think that the Larry Page was shown the prototype, but the design probably started about the same time the N4 launched. It takes a long time to design a phone... especially if you're making a unique product each time (read: not an iPhone).

            Obviously when LG announced their new 5.2 inch screen, the design was probably adjusted to work with it, but I don't think Google picked LG in May for the Nextus in Sept-Nov. I think it takes a bit longer to engineer and design the phone.

            However you are probably correct that it was approved in May and production began to ramp up.

            Do you have any evidence to the claims you bring up about the Moto X? I would actually be interested in seeing some of that.

            I don't think the Moto X is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it seems like Moto put a lot of work into it to optimized the software/hardware and bring new features into play (some of which might actually be useful).

          • newsjunkieintl

            Yes, if I can post a link here,

            From April:

            Motorola X Phone Rumors: Release Delayed Until 'August Or Later'

            Motorola X phone 'runs into delays'

      • ChavaM

        There was a Moto X fiasco?

        • newsjunkieintl

          Yeah. Was supposed to be released in Apri/May, but got delayed until August because Google told them to go DO BETTER. Still came in with last year's specs but priced as a 2012 premium phone. $200 on contract/$600 off contract? For $600, I can buy a much better phone -- like the LG G2.

          • ChavaM

            But it's built on-demand in the United States. I think the pricing is more complex than basing everything on the price of the CPU.

          • newsjunkieintl

            I will not pay for mediocre crap even if it is made in the USA. :)

          • G2 Forum

            I don't remember a phone last year that had always on voice control and breathing notifications. Guess my memory is failing me.

          • newsjunkieintl

            That's not specs (hardware). That's SOFTWARE. Still has last year's specs.

  • david coffey

    the back of the phone looks just like the new nexus 7. and i'm okay with that.

  • PlanetPDX

    Google putting their foot in the door on the perfect day considering what is in store tomorrow in IFA Berlin. This was no mistake. Nothing but the timing they wanted. And don't forget what is announced on the 10th...also invites sent out today. Samsung wins the weekend but Google gets the party started.

  • topgun966

    And in other news, Google employee gets fired for unknown reasons....

    • remister

      Better than the dude that left his iPhone at a bar.

    • Ruben

      No one's getting fired. This was clearly done on purpose, Google is the best when it comes to keeping secrets...

  • Tyler

    the phone is pictured again at the 0:46 mark

  • Abraham

    I hope the device is not 5+ inches...
    And if it is, hopefully there will be a smaller version with top of the line specs. I simply cannot get around such big phones. If I wanted to use something so big, I would just use my Nexus 7

    I understand not everyone shares this opinion, but I can hope!

    • newsjunkieintl

      Then go get a Nexus 4 right now if you want smaller. Ugh. Or go get a crappy Moto X.

      Having said that most people don't realize you are not holding the screen you are holding the overall phone. The 5.2" LG G2 is SMALLER in height and width than the Sony 5.0" Xperia Z, because LG shrunk the bezel tremendously. And it's only 0.04" thicker (due to bigger battery). A U.S. nickel is 0.08", for reference. So, SMALLER than a 5.0" phone, but with 5.2" display. Why would you not want that?

    • dogulas

      I agree with you. 4.7 inches is too big for one hand though. I think they should have a 4.0" and a 5+ inch nexus. 4.5-5+ is just a two-hands phone for most people. Which is fine. But sometimes you can't use your phone with two hands.

    • Freak4Dell

      I think it will end up being over 5". It could just be the perspective, but it certainly does look bigger than the 4 in that picture, so I'd say it's probably a variant of the G2 just like the 4 was a variant of the G. This definitely rules out the next Nexus phone for me. Moto X, here I come.

  • Gracticus

    The original nexus 7 had a silver edge, so does the nexus 4. I think Google is going to try for a similar look across deiceses. That phone looks like the new nexus 7. Same logo orientation, same back, and same camera lense.

  • Angmancy

    Considering that they kept KitKat name hidden for almost a year even from their employers means that if Google want you to know something you'll know it. Nothing is a mistake!

    • HebeGuess

      No really, Googlers Dan Morrill in April - "We literally do not pick version numbers until weeks or maybe a month in advance.". This is common approaches in developments.

      • akshay7394

        Exceeeept they picked KitKat end of 2012

        • VBM

          But not the version number (4.1, 4.2, 4.4, etc.)

          • akshay7394

            Oh shit, he said number.

            My bad.

          • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

            But I do think they pick the number 4.4 with a reason -- to de-emphasize the importance of an Android OS update, because many of the exciting consumer facing features are now in the Google Play Services.

          • akshay7394

            Oh that's true, my bad

  • Scott

    Sure looks like the same LG logo to me.

    • Peacen1k

      There is some kind of a logo or something there, but it doesn't look like the LG logo ion the phone next to it. Also looks like you shopped it from the other phone.

      Look for yourself here @1080p: http://youtu.be/7GGEbNVG9O8

      • Scott

        I didn't photoshop it. Here's a bigger screengrab to show it.

        • Peacen1k

          Yeah, you're right. Looks like there's a frame that really shows it.

          My bad.

  • HebeGuess

    Luckily I Hit my F5 button, saw the updated title.. Pull my copy of 1080p.mp4 clip back from recycle bin.

  • The_Chlero

    Google: Everything goes according as planned. The Hype-o-Meter has increased over nine thousand.

  • Jacob Rigby

    I was the first to find it in the G+ post. :D

  • abcd
  • Ryuuie

    Smooth back, you say?
    Possibly not glass maybe?

    I know what phone that is. It's my next phone.

    Seriously, the glass back on the Nexus 4 is really annoying.

    • naysayer

      I didn't buy the N4 for this reason. They copied the worst design aspect of the Iphone 4/S!
      I certainly hope this isn't glass. My GNex feels a bit long in tooth.

      • Walkop

        Just sold mine for $170 on Kijiji in preparation, after the Nexus 4 price drop. Better do the same!

  • mgamerz

    I think it's kind of hideous from the back... It looks like the rubber on the new Nexus 7, and I don't like that.

  • newsjunkieintl

    Just what I've been saying. LG G2/Nexus 5 will be fraternal twins, just like the Optimus G/Nexus 4.

    The Nexus 4 was BASED on the Optimus G. Internally they were fraternal twins, with same display, same CPU, same GPU, same RAM, same camera, same battery. Externally, they looked different.

    The G2/Nexus 5 will be the same way.

  • Mystery Man

    Forward facing speakers!??

    • dogulas


    • Casen Brashear

      Oh dear God... I just bought this phone... Fudge!!!!

    • VBM

      Oh, my damn,, you may be right! I can't relly notice any speaker grill of any size on the back. Here's hoping for front facing speakers.

    • Chris

      Since it looks like it's an LG phone, i'd guess speakers on the bottom, like the G2.

  • bundy3

    Just looked at the video and it looks like they blurred the logo on purpose but there is one frame where the blur isn't covering up the logo. Def. looks like the LG logo, even has the same shiny metallic look to it

  • Cory Crew

    yes yes they did.

  • Casen Brashear

    Oddly enough... No one there is wearing Google Glass...

    • Christopher Webb

      At the beginning of the video, eleven seconds in, you can spot someone who is wearing Google Glass... of course. :P

  • John Smith

    1. Ha we are analyzing this video like the Zapruder film!
    2. is that Jessica Biel holding the Nexus 4?

  • MinS Jeon
  • Jose Torres

    It looks 1/4 inch larger all around.

  • angel_spain

    Isn't it too big to be a 5" screen phone?

  • Chronus719

    If they somehow shrink the bezels enough to more or less keep the size of the Nexus 4 while simultaneously making the screen larger, I'll consider it. Otherwise, the size of the Nexus 4 is my limit and I would be looking at the Moto X as my next phone.

  • Mario

    Here's another working link to the video.


  • Simon Belmont

    I think there's no question about it. It really looks like an LG symbol in the high resolution video.

    I'm almost completely sure we're seeing at least a prototype of the Nexus 5 here. Can't wait to see it released.

  • cesar suarez
  • Przemek Kubica

    call NCIS they'll give you a good close up

  • SetiroN

    It's fucking huge. Looks 1cm larger than the N4... unusable.

    • Pradeep Viswanathan R

      i want it then :)

    • Oh snap

      I guess you've never held anything larger than 4 inches in your hand then?

      • SetiroN

        I don't find it practical, that's why I leave it to people who are fond of handling huge things, like yourself.
        After all the Napoleon complex is a proven fact: some people buy large SUVs, some other buy galaxy notes.

  • Rahul Jiwane

    Looks like an Indian holding N5..
    screwed up with another well kept secret
    Guess who is getting Fired tonight

  • Richard Keimig

    The "LG" logo being pointed to almost looks like a big FCC certification logo.

    • Richard Keimig

      Could this mean Google is making a self branded phone?

  • Dennis_H

    I call planted. You see him again later at 45 sec. and hes not even taking a picture nor looking at his phone for the whole time, his more like: "is this allrigth, is this the way im supposed to look and stand"

  • http://www.westagemusic.com/ Marc

    I hope this is a Motorola :)

  • fonix232

    Seems like an LG logo to me too, plus the usual texts and other stuff on the bottom.
    The camera lens is big, but the actual optics are small, so apart from a slight design change to the worse (larger area to take care of), I see no point of it.

    By the size, it is definitely 5", so the best guess would be that this is actually the G2, in a Nexus-style coat. I'd love to see that, especially if the build (and material) quality is on par with the Nexus 4. Also, the price :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1230008633 Jens Törnblad

    The comments on AP are always so funny! I don't need to watch comedy anymore. I just read the comments here and get my daily dose of laughter. :D

  • Mike Bastable

    very obviously a plant....good one though. LG now ripping of Sony. LOL.
    They are probably really pleased that this plant worked so well.....

  • Mark Bos


  • JahnBodah

    my prediction (its wrong) is that Note 3 will be announced, it will be a nexus phone (or at least a nexus version) and it will run KitKat... of course I am wrong, but I can dream can't I?

  • Jin

    someone is about to get fired :)

    • PhineasJW

      It was on purpose. An Easter Egg. Viral Marketing. :)

      The Galaxy Nexus in the background, Nexus 4 on one side, and new Nexus in the foreground.

  • Warren Sloane

    Kinda looks like the Z1 camera...

  • ztrain

    Wrong, it is an FCC logo

  • Terry

    I skeptical that it's a G2 variant. I would think moving the camera would be a very big deal when it come to PCB layout and a whole host of other things. The camera is a big component and takes up a huge amount of real estate and I just don't think you would want to move something like that on a variant.

    It does very much fit the Z1 profile though.

  • Torey

    here is the HD pic. Its LG http://i.imgur.com/2OxaFzu.png

  • carphone

    LEXUS made a phone, and that is not a camera lens, its an airbag guys......safety first