BlackBerry announced back in May that it would make BlackBerry Messenger available for both Android and iOS devices this summer. The clock is ticking, as the season will come to a close in a matter of weeks. BBM is not yet available in the Play Store, but a video of the beta version running on Android has hit the wild. This is a working mirror, as the video has been pulled from the original site.


The app looks largely the same as it does on BlackBerry 10. Tabs are strung across the bottom of the screen, and the interface for accessing contacts and groups should look familiar to anyone accustomed to using the app on its native OS. Even the chime played when a new message arrives is identical.

Since Apple and Google entered the smartphone arena, BlackBerry has been slow to adapt, making key changes only years after enough people would care to keep them afloat. As nice as the BBM port appears to be, this may ultimately again be too little too late. Android and iOS users have had years to rely on alternative services now, and mobile instant messaging is a very competitive field.

Via: BlackBerryOS.com

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Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Emanuele Ricci

    The big problem for them right now is that they have no more a big user base. If they release BBM for iOS/Android/WP a long time ago they could take a good userbase agains others (whatsapp, iChat, and so on).

    I think that they are too late right now also for their service path.

    • Kessler Holly

      BBM still has 65 million users...that's not enough?

      • Katkout

        Whatsapp has 300M :D

        • Ele

          Trust me you're going to be one of them that are going to use BBM.

        • Kessler Holly

          And what do you think will happen now that BBM isn't restricted to just Blackberry users? And they announce all the features Whatsapp DOESN'T have?? I mean goodness, BBM is almost it's own social network and more, it's not going to be close

  • The Friend One

    who cares. it's gonna to be flop anyway

    • Stylus_XL

      The one major advantage BBM has over Whatsapp is that it allows for more privacy/anonymity - you swap a pin rather than your phone number to make connections. BBM still has a strong enough brand to potentially surpass Kik Messenger which is probably the one cross-platform IM app that resembles it the most. Blackberry have left it way too late to attempt to seriously compete with Whatsapp but that doesn't mean they won't be able to obtain a respectable IM market share regardless.

      • Stephen Bain

        Chances are if you're going to talk to someone, on BBM or Whatsapp, you already have their number and they have yours or you are perfectly happy to give them yours.

        • Stylus_XL

          That's nonsense. Many of the BBM users I know chat to a significant amount of casual acquaintances who they haven't swapped phone numbers with. Some of them are people they've never actually met.

    • vinny

      Bbm and blackberry in general have just died like who can say they honestly want a z10 over a Samsung or hell even an iphone

      • Ele

        Thats your opinion, and I see you have a lot of ignorance cuz Z10 is a very good OS, way fast and stable. Just try to play the BB10 games and try Blaq for Blackberry (Twitter Client). Blaq without a doubt is the best app to use Twitter.

  • Ashutos Don Jain

    Whatsapp is best !!

    • Kessler Holly

      Video chat? Screen sharing? Being able to add someone WITHOUT sharing your phone number? Umno, BBM is King

  • NuLLnVoiD

    No, no and no...BBM may not even be of interest to the few government agencies and even fewer corporations that still use it since they are all SLOWLY moving to alternatives within iOS and Android. The balance has been tipped for a long time.

  • Ofek

    Too late...

  • BBXiong

    I know it's not relevant, I am using a BB Z10 now, gotten a loan unit from my local BlackBerry PR through some events. I must say, after using the OS, I love it, it feels tidy, apart from some confusion on the BB hub, and most the app experience are not bad. And You can now convert your own apk to a .bar file and install them( although some might not work ) so you can worry less about popular apps since they would work flawlessly most the time, and I expect 10.2 to bring more stability and support to it. Overall, it's not bad at all, so it's just rather sad to see them slowly die off, kinda just hope they would slowly gain some momentum back and come back to at least their previous position

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    Kind of see no point in getting this. Most of the time I use FB Messenger due to most people using it, and than G+ Hangout with the rest.

  • ashish

    As per personal chat if it is giving privacy more than others. I am definetly going for it. Also the smiley must be good like its on " hike ". Whatsapp stores our pictures n videos thats y we can reshare it faster without need to reupload it. So i don't want my personal things to be distributed or even kept.

  • skitchbeatz

    Touch to beam is cool. Does Google+/hangouts have that?

  • ginobili


  • Neil Ross Goco

    I thought it was a working mirror of the APK. LOL

    • Balvinder Makkar

      hahah exactly my thoughts.

      got so excited..:P

  • manchester

    is this BBM for Android still use a secure server ?
    if yes that's a clear advantage from other messengers.

    otherwise, I don't see the point of using BBM on android, other than to chat with technologically backward BB user.. :)

    • Ele

      BBOS < 10 you right! but BBOS = 10 thats technology!

  • vinny

    Honestly if u have whatsapp do u need anything els bbm literally has passed its sell by date

  • Pradeep Viswanathan R

    I hate apps and app developer who dis-respect the targeted platforms UI! I don't want a iPhone like looking app or a BB10 on my on Android !!!! It kills the experience

  • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

    I live outside of the US now, and many of my friends in the Middle East specifically still use BlackBerry. Given, they also use WhatsApp. Wow... I think even my own interest in BBM was just kind of proven insignificant.

  • Victor

    Well, I used BBM for about two years before switching to Android. So far, I've been very pleased with my Samsung Galaxy S4.
    However, I must say I still miss the privacy of BBM. Whatsapp shows everyone that has your number your display photo and status. It even tells them the last time you were online, or even discloses the fact that you are online at that time. And there is no way to stop this kind of snooping. BBM is by far a superior chatting service than most of what's out there.
    I gladly welcome the idea of BBM on Android. Just that it took a hell lot of time for this. Had it been any sooner...

  • appledroidbasher

    To all the too little too late people out there, in a couple of days a couple of hundred million people could download BBM when it launches officially, everybody knows about bbm and even those who don't are going to want to check it out and once you check it out you won't be going back to Whatsapp.

  • Majeed Hamid

    I thought it was release already not knowing is still on trial room.
    Probably it will be 43Mb i gust lol.