Last Updated: February 7th, 2014

Say whatever you like about Sony, but it's hard to deny that their high-end phones look great. Case in point: the unannounced Honami, which is almost certainly the successor to last year's Xperia Z flagship. The folks at XperiaBlog got their hands on a collection of official rendered press photos, and this thing looks fantastic.

Sony-Xperia-Z1_1 Sony-Xperia-Z1_3 Sony-Xperia-Z1_2

The Honami was previously reported as having the retail title of "Xperia i1," but now it's going by "Xperia Z1." Whether this is a mix-up form a previous leak or a different model for a different region is still up in the air. But multiple leaks point to impressive specifications, including a Snapdragon 800 processor, a 20.7MP camera with 4K video recording, and (as can be seen in the photos) a MicroSD card slot. According to a teaser video released by Sony last week, it's going to inherit the semi-waterproof build of the previous model along with the striking body design.

Sony has hyped up September 4th as the launch day for their new flagship (along with just about every other phone company, it seems), which is right before the start of the IFA trade show in Berlin. It's shaping up to be quite an exciting week for fans of high-end hardware.

Source: XperiaBlog

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Anotherworld

    They better offer a higher capacitive version..16gb has to go already..

    • Ambroos

      You always have an SD slot to extend capacity!

      • Mandeep Singh

        3 games downloaded and all the internal space gone
        where do I store more games and applications ????

        • sey

          in your butt

      • brutalpanther

        It won't do any good if they design it like Samsung.Only media (video,pics and music)that can be stored on sd card.I'm not sure who they are targeting to sell these 16 gb phones and tablets to.32 gb should be the starting point.Don't forget os will use up a good bit of that 16gb.On the Samsung s4 you only get 8gb,os uses the rest.

        • Ambroos

          It is indeed media only. Sony's OS takes a little under 5GB, everything else is completely user accessible.

          I honestly don't really see the issue. I have loads of apps and some apps with a lot of data and still plenty of space left on my internal memory.

      • Anotherworld

        1, No app install to SD card,
        2. I have spotify and cannot cache my music on SD card.

        • papernick

          2. You actually can.

  • TY

    Is it a removable back cover, or just a cleverly shaped opening for the mic?

    • NW_Raver

      It's a mic.

    • Herman

      At first glance I'd say it's not, because Sony flagships haven't had those in a while.

      But the thickness of the device makes me wonder about that. It would be a clever idea to allow photographers to replace the battery when shooting the entire day.

      • someone755

        If you're really on a roll, where's your kick-a** camera?
        Also, the last flagship I remember with a back cover was the S. And that cover blew...

  • TY

    Metal and glass. Yummy. Looks durable enough not to break on 1-meter falls on concrete without any extra protections.

  • Kris Stone

    32 g is all u need and I hope it comes to us carriers this time

    • randomchars

      Actually 32GB might be all **you** need, but I would appreciate it if you didn't make decision for the rest of us. Thanks.
      I don't know if you noticed it, but this phone records 4K videos, which take up a shitton of space.

      • Kris Stone

        Well if u can afford to spend 10000 on a tv to watch it by all means. Drop box and Google Drive work well for those situations

        • randomchars

          It costs that much now. It will go down. There are already tons of devices out there with larger than full HD resolution screens.

          > Drop box and Google Drive work well for those situations

          For what situations?

          • Kris Stone

            Storage what else lol

          • randomchars

            It might work for you, but it sure as hell doesn't work for me. Again, your making assumptions about everyone else, based on your personal needs. Don't do that.

          • Herman

            Dropbox and Drive aren't very good for mass storage.
            Mostly because of internet (upload and download) speeds.

      • someone755

        And what you playing that 4K video on? Your TV? Shouldn't you be picking a gold phone up instead, then?

        • randomchars

          Dude... lean to read. (And think.)

          How about a Nexus 10? Or a Chromebook Pixel? Or a new Ativ Book 9?

          And why on earth would you think that rich people want gold phones? That's just dumb.

          • Ark

            Playing a 4k video in a 10 inch screen is completely retarded. You would NEVER be able to tell the difference from standard 1080.

  • Ivan Myring

    Xperia z was this years early flagship, released this year not last.

  • Albin Hermansson

    Why not make the on-screen buttons black? Seriously it looks so much better.

    • Pablo

      Two words : Custom Rom.
      Either way looks great!

    • Herman

      Because that would emphasize on the fact that these LCD or whatever panels can't show blacks as true as AMOLED's.
      I'm not saying the display itself is (read: will be) bad though. It's just logical that AMOLED blacks are better than LCD's

      • simp1istic

        No doubt, but something like the New N7 has wonderfully deep blacks.

    • Ambroos

      They are pitch black, but on the homescreen they're transparent. You're seeing the light gray of the walpaper here!

      Same as Xperia Z in recent builds:

      • someone755

        OH, I always thought the screen is so sh*t and blacks are greys... xD Thanks for clearing that up.

        • someone755

          To the two a-holes that downvoted my comment, I wasn't being sarcastic. I really thought that...

  • Bleakvision

    Does it also have the ultra wash anti shoulder glance display technology?

    • Herman

      Pro'lly not if it's the same kind of display as the Z Ultra, which it probably is.
      They've (finally) improved their display technology. It's pretty good now :)

    • hot_spare

      Xperia Z1 (Honami) with TRILUMINOS™ Display with X-Reality for mobile.

      In short, Sony LCD display.

    • duckingham

      I think they add eye-tracking-shoulder-glance-vomit-inducing technology now.

      if phone detects other eyes other than yours are looking at it,
      it will reduce display rate to wobbly 10fps, causing nausea to anyone who peek,

  • Paco

    Dat bezel without physical buttons.

    No thanks, next.

  • Rammstein

    Too much bezel.

    • TY

      My view is that the bezels have practical functions: durability. The metal frame extends quite a bit to protect the glass. If it does very well in drop tests (the Xperia Z is already very durable, let's see how it turns out), I would say it's a reasonable trade-off.

  • hot_spare

    That bezel.

    Is that bezel proportionate to the amount of money you pay?

    • o_O

      Lol.. or maybe you can have breakfast on that bezel..

  • someone755

    Every time somebody bitches about bezel, God kills a kitten.

    • duckingham

      because kitten has bezel ?
      o_O .. *confused*

      • someone755

        It's a meme. Every time *something*, God kills a kitten.

    • Chaplin

      Dumbest comment I have read in quite a while. Congratulations, someone.

      • someone755

        Why thank you. But I must give this award to you, clearly yours is stupider.

  • Andrew Wood

    Put in a better screen than the Z and this is my next.

    • Kaero


      • Andrew Wood

        Apparently not - hands-on here still complains about viewing angles and screen wash-out. Shame.

  • HotInEER

    Too much bezel and washed out screen, just like their prior phone.

    • w<ehj

      You obviusly havent heard about their new screens

      • HotInEER

        I have, just like they hyped up their last screen and it had the worst viewing angles and dull, washed out screen I have seen, and from the pictures I've seen it still has a washed out look.

        • Semantics

          You do realize you are looking at an artist render on those pics, right? Right?

          • HotInEER

            Looks exactly the same doesn't it?

  • miri

    Is that a lanyard loop? More phones should have those.

    • ElfirBFG

      It'll probably lose it before hitting the West.

  • Duncan_J

    Google play edition please.

  • chris125

    Wish they would bring some of their devices to Verizon. I would def buy this if it came to verizon

  • Ark

    That looks...exactly like a shrunken down Nexus 7 (2013)

  • http://www.yepi1.info/ Yepi

    new products with new features, hoping for a brighter future product lines xpreria

  • hocestquisumus

    "Last year's Z"?

    Nah, this year's Z. Half a year ago's Z to be precise ;)

  • KenanSadhu

    "successor to xperia z, the last year's flagship." I thought xperia z was 2013 stuff. This is their second flagship of the year already (third if I count xperia z ultra, fourth if ZL is counted as a flagship).

  • taz89

    Like the design but to much bezel personally for me especially a device that uses on screen buttons. I expect a phone that has on screen buttons to be smaller but this looks to be even bigger than the s4 even though the s4 has sane screen size and had buttons.

  • andrew

    Definitely too much bezel. Maybe the large battery has something to do with it.
    Looks like no 4k and no carbon body. Otherwise I can't see anything coming to this phone for quite some time particulary if they get it out there early next month through Sony stores and all major carriers.