Finally, Android is not a second-class citizen. LEGO has released three new apps (okay, one of them is a game) for the Mindstorms EV3 robotics set in Google Play, just as promised back at CES. It's fitting, too. We're all just a bunch of robots around here.

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The Mindstorms 3D Builder app is a handy 3D instruction booklet that tells you how to build the stock robots with the EV3 kit. The parts can be assembled into EV3RSTORM, TRACK3R, GRIPP3R, SPIK3R, and R3PTAR with the help of the app. The Mindstorms Commander is the real deal – control your robot directly from an Android device over Bluetooth. Previous Mindstorms apps on Android worked more or less, but this is the first official control app.

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The third app isn't actually an app, but a game called Mindstorms Fix Factory. It's a puzzle game with a Mindstorms theme. Fix Factory actually came out a few weeks ago, but it bears mention because... you know, robots and stuff. The apps are free, but the EV3 set itself is quite expensive. It retails for $349.

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  • Jaime

    Awesome, I will be getting a set for Christmas :)

  • Fernado Romero

    Very disappointed with the BT connection. I installed the Lego Commander in my tablet and it took me a while to pair it, it was failing and freezing the EV3 brick and I had to reset the brick each time. Finally when I was able to pair it, it worked fine for a couple of minutes and then it froze again. Same thing happened when trying to other Android phones.