There can no longer be any denying it – Sony is about to announce a self-contained camera inside a lens that attaches to your smartphone. The Sony DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 lens camera modules have been spotted a few times, but this is the largest cache of pictures so far.

Sony_QX10_16 Sony_QX10_17 Sony_QX10_12

Sony_QX10_02 Sony_QX10_07 Sony_QX10_13

Sony_QX10_10 Sony_QX10_04

The DSC-QX10 (everything above this) is the cheaper of the two and will feature 10x optical zoom and an 18MP sensor at f/3.3-5.9. It is rumored to cost $250, and it even comes with a nifty little carrying case. You can see the lens above from every conceivable angle, including the clip mechanism.

Sony_QX100_31 Sony_QX100_27 Sony_QX100_43

 Sony_QX100_29 Sony_QX100_40

Sony_QX100_33 Sony_QX100_38 Sony_QX100_30

The DSC-QX100 (directly above and below) is a higher-end device with a 20.2MP sensor capable of f/1.8-4.9. It is expected to retail for $450. If you're wondering about all the blurred out spots, apparently there were"inappropriate political messages" in the leaked images, so they were redacted. Alright, then.

Sony_QX100_34 Sony_QX100_39

Some of the images of the QX100 seem to show the clip we saw before, but others have a different attachment mechanism of an unknown type. The lenses are expected to be announced on September 4th. We'll know more then.

Update: The unusual mount without the clip appears to be a wrap-around case. According to SonyAlphaRumors, Sony will make the fitted cases for the most popular phones so you don't have to deal with the clip. The images showing off the QX100 cover on a Honami and Xperia Z are below.

Sony_QX100_43_zps3589c293 Sony_QX100_44

[Photorumors via SonyAlpha Rumors]

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  • Logan Jinks

    If that's a focus ring outside of lens, then I wonder how big the aperture is. I would be interested in the quality of photos this thing could produce.

    • Logan Jinks

      never mind, I see that the QX10 lens has a f stop of f 3.3 and the QX100 has f 1.8.
      Now I really want to know what the QX100 can do.

      • TY

        QX100 is said to be based on RX100 II.

      • Ambroos

        QX100 has exactly the same optical structure and sensor as the RX100mk2, so you can see what that is capable of and you'll get the idea.

        Spoiler: the single best compact camera there is.

        • HopelesslyFaithful

          i do love the RX 100 but wasn't there a full frame P&S on the market? granted for 3k but still ^^ (at least that is what i recall)

          • Ambroos

            The RX1 indeed, but because of it's insane price I think we can leave it out of the P&S range. It's more like a pocket fixed-lens DSLR.

          • HopelesslyFaithful

            i went to look at ti again and noticed that it is only 35mm fixed....kinda sad it couldn't have a zoomable lens.

          • Jangles

            There's a wide aperture zoom in the successor of the RX1/R coming in Q3 or so.

          • Jangles

            Can everyone just go ahead and flag the above comment as inappropriate. I need to go read my best practices handbook again.

  • sri_tech


    They look fine to me. But I don't like the concept. If you can carry a lens, why don't just carry a camera?

    • TY

      Do you think you can put a whole camera in your pocket? Portability is the key. The redundant parts between a camera and a phone is cut, increasing portability and lowering cost (and price!)

      • AlienOne

        Yes, you can carry a much higher quality camera in your pocket.


        Also, by "higher quality," I don't mean 1080p vs. 4k video... Higher quality entails a LOT more than that--namely, the ability to manually control your shot and switch out focal lengths.

        I like the idea of this phone, but nothing will beat the ability to have complete control over your pictures/video.

    • Bob G

      Find me a camera that is as small as those lenses yet can produce the exact same results, and you have your answer.

      • HopelesslyFaithful

        RX100 is pretty small and badass. It sometimes even out shoots my D5200 granted that is putting kit lens on it but still. The built in multiframe noise reduce in the RX100 makes the 1in sensor very very good

        • Lucian

          But you can get QX100 for 450$, while RX100M II (same sensor in QX100) is 750$.

          • HopelesslyFaithful

            $650 for the rx100 the mk II only has a couple different video settings if i recall. Plus i bet the RX100 is much nicer to shoot than the QX100 and it doesn't require a phone. Just saying this device is really a niche market and carrying an actual rx100 really isn't a whole lot more bulk.

  • Michael

    I actually really like this still! Depending on the cost I may be really interested!

  • http://www.androidquartz.com/ androidquartz

    It's... interesting. Wonder how much it'll sell... Sony seems to be tapping into a rather unusual niche market here.

  • TY

    If this is well executed, e.g. having enough battery for 200 photos, not-so-laggy controls and a secure hold, it would be much more appealing than sticking a phone and a camera together. *cough*Samsung*cough*

  • Edward

    The other attachment mechanism is a full back cover, and there is one for the Xperia Z and one for the Z1.

    The big clip was my main annoyance (ugly, and how sturdy? I wouldn't like the lens to slip!). Problem solved. I have no reason left not to buy one.

  • saimin

    I always welcome new and innovative products. Will have to wait until I see hands-on reviews (including ease-of-use and image quality) before I pass judgement on this one.

  • Toinou

    Actually the shots where the attachment are different are featuring the QX-10 and not the QX-100. Look at the markings: Sony Lens G, not Carl Zeiss.

  • someone755

    It might look weird, but damn would it be awesome. But it's over 100$ so, no. Every dollar in the US = 1€ in the EU.

    • Lucian

      Well, keep in mind that QX100 uses same sensor as RX100M II, which costs 750$. This is high-end quality.

      • someone755

        Yeah, but I'm not buying a phone or camera, just an accessory.

  • Herman

    I'm thinking 3D photos with the standard and add-on camera.

  • hot_spare

    I see no point of such devices. Why should I spend $450 for such thing? It doesn't solve any purpose if I have to carry 2 devices. I will rather carry a dedicated camera if I need to carry 2 devices.

    • saimin

      The point is that this device will give you tremendously better photos than any other device of this size. Whether or not it is worth the price depends on how much you value photo quality (and also on your photographic ability to take advantage of the image quality).

      • hot_spare

        You get a RX100 which is quite handy for many people. Point being, it's again 2 devices that you carry. When I have to carry 2 device, I will rather carry my A99. I don't find RX100 too enticing.

        • saimin

          A99 won't fit in your pocket.

          • hot_spare

            Doesn't bother "me". I value image quality of A99 over the (slim) size of RX100. Doesn't mean everyone has to love this idea. But I do. The quality I get from A99 is more than enough to offset the burden of carrying this bulky piece.

  • Jacob Serna

    Maybe its just me, but I see a lot of clumsy folks dropping their phone with what looks like a very uneven weight distribution.

    Especially if for some odd reason they are only using one hand to capture a shot.

    • Lucian

      There is shutter button on them, so you can grab them quite good.

  • http://visionaforethought.wordpress.com/ Oflife

    Being they are wireless, it will be cool if they can be used without being clipped to the phone. That way, the phone acts as an articulating display, so you can hold the lens down low (or up high), and compose the image in comfort without needing to bend down or hold the phone up high.

    I always buy cameras with articulating displays for this reason, so being able to hold a QX lens above or down low, whilst keeping your phone (the display) at waist level would be ideal.

  • Derrick Hodges

    Since I already have an RX100, I see no advantage of having this. It actually looks less durable than my RX100. I'll pass on this one.

  • hyperbolic

    It's a great idea.
    You will take the lens only for trips or other special occasions for the rest you have the normal lens, thus no need to carry the bulk lens all the time like SGS4 camera.
    Looking forward for this!

  • Mehmet Fatih

    This may be a silly question, so bear with me: Since this is an extension device for smartphones, can I use this (say the 250 dollar one) on my Galaxy S2? Or does it require a Sony device? Thanks :)

    • Darren Henderson

      It's meant to be used with any phone. Sony phones will have a case option, as well as the mounting clip.

  • Sergio

    Please Sony, make one of them FF, RX1 quality. We need you to begin this revolution.

  • Elias

    Nice. Now, a $30 18-140mm (equivalent) manual zoom lenses I can hang in front of my phone's camera?