Breach and Clear stands out in a crowded field of shooters and strategy games, and it's headed your way. In this title you are in control of an elite squad of special ops commandos. In each mission you have to create the perfect plan to move in and neutralize the bad guys. The Android release will also bring new content to the game including additional missions, locations, more enemies, a new set of weapons, and a brand new game mode.

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This game immerses you in the experience. Your team can be improved with stat boosts, and all the weapons are fully customizable. This is not a game where "good enough" will get the job done – it's a thinking man's shooter (is that a thing?). The visuals also look phenomenal with detailed textures and realistic lighting effects.

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The new game mode on display here is called Bomb Defusal. You can probably guess what it's about. The player will have to locate and disarm a bomb while fighting off waves of enemies. Breach and Clear is going to launch at a sale price of $1.99, though we're not sure what the eventual price will be. Full PR below.

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Friday, August 30, 2013 – Lexington, Kentucky - Gun Media are happy to announce that Breach and Clear will be coming to Android devices Thursday, September 5, with new missions and gameplay mode.

The game will be available via the Google Play Store for a limited time promotional price of $1.99!

Breach and Clear has an emphasis on strategic planning and tactical combat, which will place players inside the minds of Special Operations Forces from all over the world. Players will assault terrorist groups by devising combat strategies and individual tactics for each unique and engaging scenario.

Expanding upon the launch, the Android release of Breach and Clear will include new missions, new maps, the inclusion of a variety of shotguns as well as an entirely new gameplay mode, bomb defusal!

New Missions – Gamers can take their elite special operations team to Freiburg, Germany in a new twist on Breach and Clear. Missions range from open forested areas to mysterious compounds where entirely new enemies await.

New Enemies – The Android launch will see the rise of more dangerous enemies, forcing special operations teams to encounter deadly snipers, heavy armored units, and speed rushers armed with shotguns!

Bomb Defusal – The launch of Android will also mark the inclusion of the first new game mode; bomb defusal. Players will be tasked with locating and defusing bombs within a certain time limit, all while fighting off continuous waves of enemies.

[Breach and Clear]

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  • xsirxx

    Are there any games like this that have realtime multiplayer? Id kill for that!

    • valapsp

      Modern combat is the one youre lookin for.

      • xsirxx

        Modern Combat looks like a first person shooter which is not what this is.

    • Nick Sears


      • xsirxx

        I cant find an xcom for android... have a link?

    • morrsn

      Frozen Synapse. I believe it's a tablet only game for now though.

      • xsirxx

        Frozen Synapse looks seriously cool! One problem though is it says turn based. I really want a real time one.

    • djmaxp

      I believe what you looking for is an RTS game, a completely different genre.
      so far I haven't found any good squad-based RTS for mobile..

      the closest one might be top-down squad-based shooter like Tiny Troopers or Hills of Glory 3D, but no deep tactics or strategy there, just shooting & explosions.

      • xsirxx

        Yea I know the genre, used to play swat baaacckkkk in the day. Haven't seen this type of game like this in years, thought the genre died to tell you the truth.

        And yea your right, it does seem like the style would be closer to being an RTS but minus the twitch gaming, so its slower strategy based and tactical.

  • NuLLnVoiD

    Ugh, must every halfway cool looking game video show it on an iOS device? At what point do we get to see preview videos that show it on and Android device. Better yet, show it on an Android device first? I'm not trying to be too much of a fanboy but honestly. This is where a lot of complaints come from - "It doesn't look as good as on iOS" or "It's missing feature X, like on my iPAD."

    That being said, it still looks like this could be worth a shot and the price is right but it may imply an IAP set up.

  • Md.Hasan Reza

    Really good games.

  • djmaxp

    game still looks unrefined to me. need more polish.
    even reading ios reviews say it's "more like alpha stage" & "unfinished tactical-strategy game".
    better wait until devs polish it more, don't rush.

    for tactical strategy, I can play valkyria chronicles 2 & 3 using ppsspp now, while waiting for xcom: enemy unknown to arrive in android.. (I dont like frozen synapse..)

  • bytesfree

    The game runs quite well on my Galaxy S4 however, there is a decent amount of IAP usage. What was the point of releasing it as a paid app if there is IAP?

    • Tanner Nance

      How did you get it to run on your phone? I have the s4 too and it says the game's version isn't compatible

      • bytesfree

        I'm running a ROM, Darth stalker version 7 jellybean very 4.2.2 may that is why? I'm thinking maybe the 4.3 versions of Roms don't work as of yet..

        • Tanner Nance

          But I have the 4.2.2 version as well

      • bytesfree

        The game is awesome though and it looks as if you could play through without buying anything. If this is the case, I don't mind the IAP. I was informed that there wouldn't be any last week so assumed such. It seems to be worth the few dollars though.