Are you stoked for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? It's one of the most official unannounced products around, and information surrounding the massive handset continues to leak. It looks like we may now be able to pin down a launch date for the device, which Samsung is set to unveil early next month at its "Unpacked" event on September 4th. If the leak posted over at Engadget is to be trusted, the device should ship on September 16th, just a couple weeks after it's revealed.


This leak comes from someone who claims to work for Three UK, and it also shows that the Sony Xperia Z1 is set to launch on September 24th. That said, there's no telling if Three UK will get the phones first, and there's the chance that both handsets could ship sooner. Let's also not forget the possibility for delays. Either way, this gives a solid idea of when to start looking for the device on store shelves.

Via: Engadget

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Hans Pedersen

    Well, considering ASUS seems to have messed up the touch sensor on the new N7 even more than they did last year, I am actually leaning towards simply replacing my GS4 with a Note 3 and skip on a tablet completely. Looks like the Note 3 will be a pretty decent phablet.

    • sdny8

      I have a gnex still. Your gs4 needs to be replaced?? You might have a problem.

      • Hans Pedersen

        I sold my old Nexus 7 and planned to get the new one, but looking at what's going on with failed bug fixes on the new one I'd rather just replace my phone with a phablet to achieve something similar. That's why, not because the there is anything wrong with the GS4 I'm typing on now. =)

    • Frazer

      I went from a Xoom and HTC evo to a note 2 and it's definitely big enough to replace a tablet for me.

  • Michael J Carroll

    Why is there two Sony devices in the Samsung category?