Update: It appears the deal has ended. The listing isn't even appearing anymore. Hope you got in under the wire.

The 32GB Nexus 7 is still in short supply at a lot of retailers, including Abt Electronics. That's not stopping them, though. Abt is offering a good deal if you order a new 32GB Nexus 7 now with the understanding that it's backordered 2-4 weeks. If you move before before the end of the month, Abt will give you an instant $60 discount with free shipping. That's $209, which is less than the cost of the 16GB N7.

2013-08-30 15_50_19-NEXUS7 ASUS-2B32 - Google Nexus 7 FHD Black Wi-Fi 32GB Tablet at Abt

So who the heck is Abt Electronics? Are they going to steal your credit card number and sell it to Czech gangsters to fund the opium trade? No, of course not. Why would you even think that? Abt Electronics is a legit retailer with over 9 stars on Reseller Ratings. There are a ton of positive reviews, and Abt always responds to complaints.

You might not get the immediate satisfaction of 2-day Amazon Prime shipping, but this is a killer deal.

[Abt Electronics via SlickDeals]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • jamaall

    I found a deal (mistake) for the Droid MAXX. Only $649.99 instead of 699.99 on verizon's website. If you really wanted to spend for the phone outright.

    • jamaall

      As is the Droid Mini, at $50 off retail to $449.99... Ultra is still $599.99. Must be a mistake.

  • dude2k5

    got mine for $200+Tax when Staples had the coupon right when it came out. The coupon had issues and didn't work, but I emailed staples support and they fixed it for me a few days later. Was happy with that! It's an awesome tablet.

  • Dt Bell

    have they hinted about LTE yet?

  • http://aurielle.cz/ Aurielle

    What's wrong with Czech gangsters? :P

  • Arcest

    Free shiping is only in the United States.

  • angel_spain

    These deals never see the light at this side of the Atlantic Ocean. :(

  • robocord

    I put one in my cart, went through the checkout routine, then got popped back to the cart before it'd let me pay, saying that the price had changed to $269. Needless to say, canceled the purchase.

    • guest

      they included the rebate of $60 in that advertised price it seems

  • Pascal

    lol czech gangsters? :D

  • gierso

    not anymore!! :(

  • Michael McGrade

    Just a heads up that the link is dead... "HTTP 404 - File not found"

  • bearballz

    Abt is a pretty well known electronics store here in the Chicago area. They have a large store in the northern suburbs and it's really nice.

  • Powrót TOMa

    xdd سمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐خ

  • kgp

    the part with czech gangsters was pretty racist, ryan. Especially that you never have been in Czech republic.

    • Cole

      can't take a joke?

      • kgp

        If i would just make a random comment about how americans are fat or dumb, I bet that everybody would be like : It's not about where are you from, people everywhere are stupid

        • RyanWhitwam

          American is not a race. Czech is not (necessarily) a race. Czech can just mean someone living in the Czech Republic. Which is what I meant. Not that it matters -- it was a joke. Feel free to make fun of the American Mafia or general puritanical fervor all you want. See how poking fun at a thing in a country doesn't mean poking fun at the entire country?

          And how do you know that I've never been to the Czech Republic? And if I had, would that entitle me to be prejudice against people from the Czech Republic? None of this makes any sense. Is this a troll?

          • Cole

            if it's a troll, we both fed it.

        • Cole

          Are you Czech? I am, and I laughed. It's about having a sense of humor, jeez.

  • TylerChappell

    I'm still quite happy I jumped on the 20% off coupon from Office Max(or was it Depot? I always forget), and price matched it with Best Buy to get mine for $211 and my dad's for $216. Also just sold my 2012 16GB Nexus 7 for $175 a week ago. =]

  • Cole

    As a Czech, I am deeply offended by this article. Opium trade? PFF.

    *hides ridiculous amounts of cocaine*

  • Ritz

    ABT cancelled the order without even contacting me. I ordered within a couple of hours. I've read on other forums that they made an error with pricing. Hmmm. Thanks ABT; first and last time I ever buy from you!

  • polu

    the deal was actually an error in the price and all the orders were cancelled.

  • aurimokas

    Yeah... Free shiping... NOT! Shipping to Lithuania is not Free you dumbass. It's only free in US

  • Rén

    Whew I almost bought something. Thanks for the heads up.