Shazam is no longer the only app that can listen to music and tell you what song is playing, but it's still a pretty popular app. That's why it was so upsetting that Shazam was obscenely ugly. Thankfully, in the just released update Shazam has gotten a complete UI overhaul, and it's kind of #HOLOYOLO.


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The app scales to all size screens and has buttons in all the right places, if you know what I mean. The old app had a very gross Froyo vibe with those tabs at the top and the legacy menu button of shame. The new UI is worlds better.

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Shazam is the free version of the app, so it has ads. Shazam Encore is the "premium version" and costs almost $6. It hasn't been updated yet. Yes, the app people paid for is still super-ugly. Maybe the update is incoming? Check out the old UI below.

Update: Shazam Encore just got the UI update, as well. That's a relief.

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  • BozzyB

    at last: de-iphonized!

    • Gerjannn

      I never has been, this is how Android 2.2 apps looked like (And Touchwiz 2013 lol)

      • Jonathan Franklin

        Too true. I don't miss the top tabs without a viewpager UI design at all.

  • Guest

    I have the paid version and I'm left in the dark, getting value for my money and excellent support from shazam

  • Derek Dudley

    I have the paid version and it updated. I had to hunt for it in my app list on the play store app and it let me update.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Actually Shazam encore got updated with the same UI

  • Juan Bueno

    I have the encore version and it has the new look, just received updated it

  • Adrià Arrufat

    I already got the version 4 of the Shazam Encore! :D

  • Danny365

    Looks beautiful!

  • gary RR

    Man get a life. There so much suffering and pain in teh world and you are whining about a freaking phone?

    • Nicholas Ruiz

      Man get a life. There's so much suffering and pain in the world and you are whining about an article you clicked on and read?

  • remister

    GOD DAMN, $5.50 for a music ID-er, I rather use Google Search, "what's the song playing?" I am glad that I got it at 99 cents when they had the special.

    • Andrew

      Unfortunately, Google's music IDer is not available in most countries.
      SoundHound is good one too.

      • Kris

        SoundHound was part of a sale for 10 or 25 cents way back when so that's what I use.

      • http://about.me/barrae Maximiliano Barra E.

        That's not true. Yo can use it everywhere in the world.
        Just search the APK. (GoogleEars.apk)
        Or... download it here.

        • Andrew

          True. Or you can just download Shazam or Soundhound from Play store without any efforts. ) I never hit limits of free versions, personally.

          • Roh_Mish

            sony's trackID is simple fast and HOLO-esque its great and i prefer it. I has been holo for many years

          • Andrew

            And it is available on non-Sony phones as well!

          • Roh_Mish

            I use it on my N4 and old samsung N2, so yes.

          • Maxorq

            Many years... sure.

      • FrillArtist

        Google music search doesn't work on songs not available on the Play Store.

    • train234

      there is a free version isnt it???

  • herbivoor

    Why is there still no option the buy the tagged song on the Play Store?

    • turdbogls

      That is my biggest complaint. at least make it an option or something. for this reason alone, I wont be using the app. sad, because i paid for it (thankfully on some sale for under $1) and its a beautiful app.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Here's my problem with this: the paid update arrived, but at least an hour after the free version, enough for us to spot the update, add to the story tracker, have someone write it up, and post it.

    Considering we've seen history repeat itself over and over with some apps, the appropriate title was born and accurate at the time of posting.

    If anything, the paid versions of apps should get the update first. Then the free ones. Put your paying customers first.

    • Danny365

      I couldn't agree more with you. I'm still waiting for that damn Fruit Ninja update for paid version...

    • Leonardo Baez


    • thartist

      OR... it might be a devilish but smart way to test the free apps first to NOT screw it for PAID users. Which of course, you don't want to screw them and have them leave you.

      I get the journalist angle that concerns you but besides, if it is a case like this of only hours of difference, i wouldn't make it such a problem. In fact, i'd almost THANK for it.

  • Anwar


  • Matthew Apostolou

    Fantastic update! Pity that it breaks compatibility with DashClock Widget. Hopefully a fix will come soon!

  • howardbro

    Soundhound is still vastly better. I love how it shows me the lyrics as they arrive!

  • mgamerz

    It looks kinda like it was made for honeycomb...

  • anezarati

    The Sound Search extension in dashclock no longer works for the new version of Shazam

  • Martin

    Still cant log in with Facebook.. This problem maybe will be never fixed.. I have it more than a year...

  • user13

    Is it better than SoundHound?

    • Andrei


    • IncCo


    • Five Skies

      Depends on the type of music. For me, it's better.

  • Thomas’

    What a lovely user interface design. Nice!

  • DirkBelig

    The Amazon version that was a FAOTD is still at 3.14.0. Oh well. I've been using Soundhound Infinite because it seems to be better/faster than Shazam.

  • ᅠᅠᅠ

    The new user interface is horrible. I tried to endure it, but had to downgrade to a pre-4.0 APK, otherwise I would've had to ditch Shazam altogether because it's simply no longer usable.

    There's the completely unnecessary animations which make the app run so slow on anything but the newest flagship phones, that by the time the thing boots up and actually starts listening, the song you wanted to ID is most likely already over. Unacceptable for an app where time matters, especially considering the animations serve no purpose whatsoever.

    Then look at the tag list on the screenshots above. You get to see about 2-3 previous tags on the screen at once, where you used to get a nice compact list with at least double the number of entries per page. Now, if you tag often and/or want to remember a track from a while ago, you'll be scrolling *endlessly* through that ugly list. Worst of all though: each entry alternates in the side it's displayed on, just to make it that extra bit harder to browse the list and actually *see* anything! It's like the UI designer had the specific goal to make the tag list as hard and annoying to use as in any way possible.

    Visuals are a matter of taste. If you prefer the new look, fine. But if a UI overhaul completely ruins the usability of the app, then the guy who signed off on it should be fired.

    • ᅠᅠᅠ

      Also... the "legacy menu button of shame"? It used to be black and at the bottom. Now it's white and at the top. I really can't see how the former is supposed to be so horrible and the latter so great, or why this is anything to get excited about.