Developer types, take note. Samsung has just posted the kernel source for the Galaxy S4 Zoom LTE and the Galaxy S4 LTE-A. Getting a piece of the open source Jelly Bean code will allow developers to better support the devices, which might actually be important in the case of the oddball GS4 Zoom.

2013-08-29 11_03_26-Open Source Release Center

The Galaxy S4 Zoom is basically a GS4 Mini with a giant point-and-shoot camera grafted on the back. The GS4 LTE-A is a GS4 with a faster Snapdragon 800 chip and LTE-Advanced. You probably won't see a lot of either device in real life, but you can still get the kernel source.

2013-08-29 11_03_42-Open Source Release Center

The Zoom (SM-C105) source code clocks in at 377MB. This is the fifth model of the GS4 Zoom that's shown up on Samsung's developer portal, with the previous four popping up in June. The SM-C105 is the LTE variant of the Zoom, which explains why it was posted separately. The Galaxy S4 LTE-A (GT-I9506) is just a bit smaller at 362MB, and this is the fist we've seen of it.

[GS4 Zoom, GS4 LTE-A]

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  • AndroidUser00110001

    Is wonder if the S4 LTE-A comes to the states since lots of the newer phones coming out have the 800 in it...

    • donkeydong

      800 is for 3G.