Bravoman is a side-scrolling action platformer based on the original Japanese arcade game from the late 80's. The thing about this game you need to know is that you can totally tell it is based on an 80's Japanese arcade game, but not in a bad way. It's just really weird.

The only real power you have as Bravoman is to stretch your arms out and punch things, which is pretty cool, I guess. Well, you can also turn into a submarine, but who can't? You can unlock new characters by picking up so-called "Binja parts" throughout the game, and they do different, but equally bizarre stuff.

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Bravoman is free to play with in-app purchases. You can get extra lives or make the Binja parts easier to collect. It doesn't seem too intrusive. So, enjoy?

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • NoDisastros

    Whenever there is long introduction in a game trailer, I just know that the graphics will be a disaster. Yep.

    • Cody Shiranai

      Actually, I'm sure it just because it's based on (IE: licensed) the Official Webcomic version of Bravoman on shiftylook.com. That's Namco/Bandai's weird side venture where they take old properties and revive them as webcomics (including Dig-Dug, Galaga, Klonoa, Katamari Damacy, and Wonder Momo). I've been a huge fan of the site for almost a year.

  • Zach Mauch

    wow, anyone else see something unintended in the helmet on the logo? I'm having flashbacks to the little mermaid VHS cover.