Digg Reader is a news service that wrangles the best stories from all over the web and delivers them to you in an attractive and sensible way. Using some social networking magic in addition to actual living humans, Digg decides what the most relevant and talked about stories of the day are. Today, they've released the Digg Reader app onto the play store and, my oh my, is it pretty.

Screenshot_2013-08-29-15-19-04 Screenshot_2013-08-29-15-16-33 Screenshot_2013-08-29-15-18-48 

All the makings of a great news app are there. It's got the slide-out menu on the left and all the relevant buttons on the top right. This is a fantastic example of a news app. Whether you've been using Digg for years or are just finding out now that it still exists, Digg Reader makes it pretty easy to jump in and start digging. You can log in with Facebook, Twitter, or Google and subscribe to your favorite publishers. It's probably relevant to note that Digg Reader is technically a separate service from Digg, with Digg itself being the "Top Stories" section of the Reader app, which also lets you specifically subscribe to various publications and news sources.

You can grab Digg Reader from the Play Store for free right now.

Brad Ganley
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  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    That shadow below the action bar is too strong, they should reduce it by 50%.

  • Leandros99

    The YouTube Picture is disgusting ...

    • Himler


      • Chemlo

        Asks "Himler".

    • Chemlo

      It's a leader image for an article about anti-semitism on youtube so it's not intended to be like that but I agree that it's in poor taste and they should have had more restraint with imagery like that. People shouldn't be voting your comment down, being disgusted is totally reasonable and probably the correct reaction to seeing the flag that was rallied under by those who slaughtered millions of people and still used to this day as a symbol of power.

  • Jewtube


  • moelsen8

    is it an RSS reader? weren't they coming out with one in the aftermath of google reader?

    • Squiddles

      It should be officially available right now. They had an iOS app launch a while ago [I believe that was the launch] and as of now, an Android app.

    • AtomicGadget

      Yes, just log in and your feeds will show.

  • SPtheALIEN

    I was hoping they would be able to sync with Feedly now (get my subs as well as my saved posts). I had to find something in the interim. I'd jump ship to Digg if they could somehow carry over my saved posts.

    • AAA

      Can't you import the OPML file? (I don't use it so I don't know)

      • SPtheALIEN

        The OPML file doesn't keep the saved posts--just the subscriptions.

  • sivkai

    Meh, I've seen better looking third party Reddit apps. Think you went a bit overboard with the article title...

    • No.

      What does Reddit have to do with any of this?

      • Cenarl

        digg will always be compared to what essentially took its place on the throne.

  • MitziDJensen

    they're on the right track, but instead of replacing gus with a seal they should shut down the whole zoo.


  • maxfrix

    Went to look and the first article I see is telling people to quit sending kids to private schools because it is ruining the public schools. I am sorry but that is just stupid on too many levels to continue any further. I understand the first mission of government education is to teach the goodness of government. They have certainly suckceeded with that particular numbskull, but it really doesn't say much for the editorial staff if one exists at digg. I'll pass

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Give them another chance. I am subscribed to their top 5 + 1 photo daily email newsletter, and I find it generally quite interesting. Plus, the photo is always striking - makes the email worth it every time.

    • kabloink

      I believe Digg has a variety of articles like most news feeds. It's not tailored to a specific political viewpoint. It's not like Drudge or KOS.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Unrelated to the story, something interesting to look at: Digg's Alexa traffic rank chart http://i.imgur.com/eh6msdW.png.

    • Casey Kline

      I cant believe they even get that much.

    • Lalit Mali

      So where's all the traffic shifting?

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii


        • Lalit Mali

          On another unrelated topic, why do you never change your display picture? SHOW YOURSELF!

  • https://abrah.am/ Abraham Williams

    Currently I'm not seeing the stories I've read online get marked as read in the app. Until that is fixed the reader feature will be pretty useless in combo with the web.

  • Aegisflame

    Does it have a dark theme? I'll give it a try even though Feedly works flawlessly. I can't even think of moving to another service.

    • flosserelli

      No dark theme, unfortunately. Perhaps that will be added later.

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

    I will give this a try only because Flipboard is acting sluggish on my GNex. Unless the data connection is through the roof, Flipboard doesn't refresh its content at all; while Feedly has no such problems.

  • Kevin Matthew

    No Nexus 7 support, what the hell?

  • Vikram Mohan

    If they had launched it in time along with iOS I might have gone with this. But now I have switched to GReader Pro with Feedly as backend. Treating Android as second class citizens (like everyone else) has cost them one user - and I suspect a few more.

  • http://ashish.bogawat.com Ashish Bogawat

    For me, digg missed the bus when they failed to launch this before Google Reader went dead. Pretty everyone has already picked their choice of RSS reader now, so this one is a late entry into a fairly crowded market.

  • Christopher Theofilaktos

    Not going to get me to use Digg tho

  • flosserelli

    Digg Reader released for android and it's beautiful...and too late.

  • brunodmjr

    Too white? :P Dark theme would be great!

  • NaNNy`

    Is there a mobilizer freature?

  • Markoff

    I installed it few days ago to my disappointment, without account all I can see is handful articles with no categories or no more to load except few on main page, one would expect there would be plentiful of content on Digg, but I guess it isn't and I have to return to BBC News, Taptu and News360 which are all better than this Digg app, I don't mention Flipboard which is useless in China without proxy (which i have but I am lazy to switch on just because of flipboard)