In spite of the color-based lawsuit, AT&T is planning to expand its Aio Wireless service nationwide in September. The prepaid service is only available in a few markets right now including Florida, Texas, Chicago, and Atlanta.


Aio Wireless offers only three different plans and an assortment of mostly mid-range phones. Customers of Aio get access to AT&T's 4G LTE network (with a cap), then additional data at lower speeds. Signing up before September 29th gets you a free month of service, provided you maintain an account for at least three months.

AT&T has not chosen a specific date for the rollout, only saying it would kick off around the middle of the month. Full PR is below.

Aio Wireless(TM) Available Soon for All U.S. Customers

Starting mid-September all U.S. customers will be able to purchase first-class, no-contract wireless from Aio online Plus, new Aio customers who activate service by Sept. 29, 2013, can get their third month of service free**

Alpharetta, Georgia, August 29, 2013

Aio Wireless’ first-class service with no annual contract is scheduled to be available online (www.aiowireless.com) to all U.S. customers starting in mid-September.  Aio is currently available to customers in markets in Florida, Texas and the Metro-Atlanta area through over 200 dealer-owned Aio stores and through the Aio website.   Also customers in the Chicago area can currently activate Aio service online.

Additionally, new customers who activate service in stores or online by September 29, 2013 will be able to participate in Aio’s special Fall promotion and get their third month of service free (conditions apply**). 

“We invite customers across the country to switch to Aio and experience our first class service with no annual contracts,” said Jennifer Van Buskirk, president of Aio Wireless. “We want to make it easy for consumers almost anywhere in the US to get great value in their wireless service, with the network coverage and experience they deserve, and devices they can be proud to own.”

Aio makes wireless easy with a friendly in-store and online experience and three simple plans to choose from. All three plans include unlimited talk, text, and data—with a pre-established amount of high-speed access, including 4G LTE.  Plans range from $40 to $70 per month, with taxes and fees included. 

Aio customers may choose from a selection of smartphones, tablets, and feature phones from Samsung, Nokia, ZTE, and others. Customers may also bring a device they love to an Aio store for activation on the Aio network or activate online at www.aiowireless.com.  Or, they may bring a qualifying wireless phone to an Aio store to trade-in for a credit* towards an upgraded phone or accessory.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • Brandon Jiang

    this service is actually great. although $70/month for unlimited everything except 7 gb of data is less than true unlimited on t-mobile for the same price, you will get at&t's better coverage in exchange.
    I'm currently with t-mobile on the amazing $30 100 min plan. this is a tough choice

    • challenge_accepted

      I agree. Tmobile has no coverage most places outside big cities. This seems like the next best thing..

      One thing the article didn't mention is that speed is limited to 8mbps even at lte

      • Andy

        The data also goes through Aio's proxy servers ping times are notacibly worse.

        • blumpkinator

          Gophone LTE isn't throttled or proxied. Seems like that's the better deal. Just pulled 38mbps in a speedtest with my One on gophone.

          • Rob

            Agreed. Gophone option is the best option. I'm pulling 50-60mbps on my S3 in Atlanta.

          • Paul

            GoPhone? What about Straight Talk? I still have an active Straight Talk AT&T SIM, but I'm always looking for better deals or service. $45/m for unlimited everything seems good.

  • RH

    Might have to look into this in a month. Been pretty happy with straight talk, but, as my current device doesn't have LTE, my next one will, and, ST I don't believe offers LTE.

    • Paul

      Yeah, ST doesn't offer LTE. They don't even offer AT&T SIM's anymore, you have to be grandfathered in, which I am, but it's true future phones will have AT&T so I may need to leave ST, maybe AIO will be it. $55 a month for 2gb isn't bad. $70 for 7gb is also good, I have AT&T official and my LTE plan only allows for 3gb, so that's more than double what I have now and I'm official.

      • Tim Davis

        Actually, depending on what ZIP code you put in, Straight Talk is selling AT&T SIMs again.

        • dan

          I tried to sign up with them but they CANNOT PORT A STRAIGHT TALK NUMBER. so they have no value to me.

  • jeanntte


  • jeanntte


  • cy_n_ic

    This looks exciting for me and other net10 customers. We can get 500mb more per cycle, get throttled rather than shut off completely upon reaching that limit, and have the option to add more geebeez. This seems like a sweet little upgrade for a few extra bucks.

    All i need now is streaming.

  • Victor Garcia

    Aio sounds great its just the 8 mbps download speed limit that's making me lean towards Gophone.

  • landmarkcm

    I am currently using unlocked Tmobile phone on 60.00 GoPhone plan works great. Was thinking id Switch to Aio when they go nationwide but strangely they dont' support short code messaging=fail. I get alot of them the free ones from UPS my bank hotel promos etc. Weird AT&T's own gophone & others let them through. Ugh it's always something

  • vlavlavlad

    The speeds are capped. Under 4g is 4mbps and under lte is 8mbps. This runs of the att network , but you are not going to get the same speeds you do under a standard att account

  • Ivanete Oliveira

    I see I'm new use I hope they good,,so I think they do not call brasil for internacional calling,,they need find ,,amply internacinal calls because I wants my friends came to aio too...