Tower defense has been done, but Crescent Moon Games might have a trick up its sleeve with the new title Siegecraft Defender. This is a 3D tower defense game based on the Unity engine with a conventional, but solid single-player campaign and an innovative multiplayer aspect.

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The regular campaign consists of over 30 levels, which the developer claims amounts to about 10 hours of gameplay. The basic mechanics on display are on the safe side. You place towers on the battlefield to guide the enemies around for maximum damage while they try to reach your castle. It's a bit like Fieldrunners in that respect. The 15 towers are upgradeable and look very cool.

The multiplayer aspect uses all the standard stuff, but it's within an asynchronous gameplay framework. You compete against up to 7 opponents in a multiplayer match. Each player has a kingdom to manage through alternating turns of defending and attacking to expand their empire and conquer the other kingdoms. Sadly, the online multiplayer aspect isn't ready yet. It's supposed to be coming soon, but it's hotseat only for now. For $2.99, it's a bummer not all the features are ready to go. The campaign could keep you occupied until the online multiplayer is ready, perhaps.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Chris

    Does this game have IAP? I realize it's $2.99, but just looking at the screen shots it looks like one of those types of games...

    • RyanWhitwam

      I've played for about 10 minutes and haven't seen any yet. Maybe buried somewhere down deep, but looks clean.

  • ChainsawCharlie

    Yet another TD game!

    • Matthew Fry

      YATD! Trademarked. For when I get around to making a TD game (read: never)

  • pjm77

    Don't buy it people until they patch it. It gets stuck on level 3 and there's no way around it so far!!!

    • Blowfish Studios

      We accidentally had a broken build uploaded, the patch version 1.0.1 is live and available now though. Very sorry for the inconvenience to the early adopters!

      • TejasEric

        Nice to know it was apparently fixed so quick

  • Muddy

    There's already a td game called Siegecraft made by Blowfish Studios

    • Blowfish Studios

      The original Siegecraft is our fun casual action game, we are updating it as well with some device fixes. Stay tuned!

  • Mister Sonny

    I got to eh point of 15/20 levels completed and was asked to choose an ally to help. No matter which one I choose the game just locks and won't proceed. I can exit and replay the same level, but can't get any farther. Maybe i'll get lucky and a 1.0.2 is coming?
    Something of a let down as I've enjoyed the game so far, but now can't proceed with the campaign.

    • Mister Sonny

      As a note, this is on an ASUS Transformer. I also played for a while on my 2013 Nexus 7 but never got to the point of choosing an ally on that device.