It makes me feel old knowing that a game made in 1997 is now being pitched as a classic, but nevertheless, the critically acclaimed PC game The Last Express has now made its way over to Android. This animated adventure game was originally created by Jordan Mechner, the developer of Prince of Persia, and will hopefully attract a larger audience now that it's available for the significantly lower price of $3.99.

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The Last Express takes place onboard the Orient Express in 1914 and contains over twenty hours of gameplay. In typical adventure game fashion, players will discover clues needed to solve head-scratching puzzles and interact with a wide range of characters. These NPCs move about the train and communicate with one another in their native languages. Players will have to eavesdrop on their conversations in order to progress, and their actions will affect other characters' behavior, meaning it will take multiple playthroughs to discover all that this game has to offer.

Anyone who has played the iOS version should already know what to expect. For those of us who haven't, this game comes from the same people who ported Another World and R-Type. As is typical for the developer, there's no free version available to test out, but the full game is available for anyone interested in giving this train another ride.

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  • Abhijeet Mishra

    Finally, finally, finally! The one game I wanted on Android, and here it is! So they weren't kidding that they were interested in taking their game to more platforms, unlike Telltale who have silly excuses about it. Buying this just because it exists, even though I have it on the iPad!

  • Anderl

    Meh, not compatible with my HTC One. I think I'll stay with the GOG version

    • Matthew Fry

      Really? My T-Mobile One is apparently compatible.

    • John McNichol

      My '3' HTC One is compatible as well.

  • brakar

    IIRC, the main feature of this game is that it is "real-time", as in NPCs don't wait around for you to come around and trigger their actions, they go about their business even if you aren't around. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_Express#Real-time

  • Matthew Fry

    Have I mentioned how much I ADORE having an "Add to Wishlist" button in the web interface today?

    • PamelaLibrarian

      I do too. I'm sure we all use it a lot while reading the many AP game reviews!

  • Md.Hasan Reza

    WOW !! It's a very enjoyable games.thank's

  • http://actresssexnews.blogspot.com/ Nadia

    seems to be a nice classic