If you've been holding off on a new phone purchase to get a look at Samsung's Galaxy Note III first, you won't have long to wait: the company is all set to unveil it at their pre-IFA event on September 4th. The Note III has proven surprisingly leak-resistant, but this morning we got the first bit of possibly significant information comparing an alleged screen panel for the new model to the Note II from 2012. Observe:

oem_samsung_galaxy_note_ii_sph-l900_lcd_screen_and_digitizer_assembly_with_front_housing_-_gray_-_with_samsung_logo_1_ oem_samsung_galaxy_note_iii_lcd_screen_and_digitizer_assembly_-_gray_3_

The photo on the right is purported to be the LCD panel from the new Note III, a 5.68-inch beast of a display that's big on surface area and light on bezel. It comes from ETrade Supply, a provider of OEM parts for repair and refurbishing, where the screen is marked as "out of stock." The left photo is the front panel and button assembly from the Note II, slightly smaller at 5.5 inches and ready to ship. The ETrade listing includes a handful of other photos that makes us think this is the real deal.

oem_samsung_galaxy_note_iii_lcd_screen_and_digitizer_assembly_-_gray_1_ oem_samsung_galaxy_note_iii_lcd_screen_and_digitizer_assembly_-_gray_6_

oem_samsung_galaxy_note_iii_lcd_screen_and_digitizer_assembly_-_gray_2_ oem_samsung_galaxy_note_iii_lcd_screen_and_digitizer_assembly_-_gray_4_ oem_samsung_galaxy_note_iii_lcd_screen_and_digitizer_assembly_-_gray_5_

Stylistically, the purported front façade of the Note III is notably more boxy and less curvy. This is probably to help facilitate an even tinier bezel - based on the navigation buttons I'd guess it's somewhere in the 2-3mm range. Looking closely at the more detailed photos reveals a slight texture to the gray color, which matches the Galaxy S4. Aside from some adjusted placement, cutouts for the home button, front-facing camera, earpiece, and light and proximity sensors seem mostly unchanged. The ETrade listing doesn't mention any technical specifications, but a 1080p resolution is a pretty safe bet. (It also lists the screen as an LCD, but ETrade seems to do this for all screens regardless of display technology - the Super AMOLED screen on the Note II is listed as an LCD as well.)

It's exactly seven days until Samsung takes the wraps off of the real McCoy. Feel free to speculate until then.

Source: ETrade Supply via Ringer's Blue Men

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • evolutionx1

    Props to them for making the display bigger while making the front panel of almost the same size of Note 2

    • Lex_407

      It's pretty much exactly what they did to the S4. Make the screen bigger, while making the bezel smaller. Still don't like the Note, IMO, too big.

      • Lucas Johnson

        Though I don't agree with what you said, I'll fight to the death for your right to say it

      • Armus

        It's really not that bad to use, but two hands are almost required. The biggest thing the N2 had over the S4, other than a number row on the keyboard - is an unlocked bootloader.

    • Stefano Lovecchio

      Even if the size will be equal to the Note 2, i don't think that the bigger screen will be more comfortable. Note III will result as a device that makes even more impossible to use without two free hands.
      (source: my one-year experience with Note II, that sometimes drives me crazy when i have just one hand free).

      • nejai

        maybe I have bigger hands.. but most usual things on my Note 2 could be done one handed... (been using a Note 2 for 6 months)

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Kudos to Samsung for showing the will to add that ONE physical home button no matter the consquences

    • scorpeeon

      yeah, that can be good for convenient wake. (for other things i prefer software buttons).

      but the menu button is no comment. it should be gone since 2011.
      it's confusing, causes hidden menus, fragmentation and frustration .
      also back button should be on the other side.

      • sjpn

        I like the physical and capacitive buttons because software buttons take up a lot of real estate, even if it is on a big 5.7 in screen. Also there are more accidental touches to software buttons, like during games. The back button on the right makes ergonomic sense you use the phone right handed. The menu button... I agree, that should be a recent apps button

        • Di Lu

          Software buttons when properly executed means the phone will be smaller than other phones of the same screen size. The MotoX is a prime example.

          LG G2 is another example, although there are no other 5.2" phone to compare it to.

        • RoachForLife

          Im a righty but still use the phone with my left. The back button being 'backwards' is my only real complaint with my S3 now. Of course, in CM10 I can change this but have to do it everytime I update CM, and the icons dont update obviously.

          To me looking at it, the back should be on the left, just like a 'forward' button would be on the right. (if there was one). Either way, the back button should be on the left. Google, HTC, etc got it right (errr, bad choice of words... they got it CORRECT) :)

        • impulse101

          Dumb comment of the year award, considering on screen buttons can be hidden or automatically hide for certain apps. They could have made the screen bigger or made less bezel by removing the ridiculous hardware buttons. Kudos for just lowering my IQ by reading your comment!

          • http://trapchan.blogspot.com trapchan

            Yeah because every developer hide the software button properly.

            Can a low IQ went lower?? have any other OEM eliminate bottom bezel just because they used software button??? samsung did job at keeping the bezel to minimum while maximizing the screen estate.

            you hate it, don't take it. simple as that. no need to add the insult.

    • googlre10

      its useful...

  • crackinthewall

    It's gonna be hard to put a case around that. They should probably hide the sensors, speakers and ffc behind the Samsung logo next time.

    • flosserelli

      Get a screen protector or flip cover, slap a skin (if desired) on the back and call it a day. Hold the device like you are holding baby Jesus and you won't need a case.

      • crackinthewall

        I don't like those thin cases which leaves the top and bottom sides unprotected, what more those tacky skins. Skins and screen protector only protects a phone from cosmetic damages. Drop it accidentally and the screen could break if you're not that lucky. I prefer Spigen's Neo Hybrid, Slim Armor or an Otterbox Defender and they all have that bit of rubber that hugs the front of the device. Motorola has hidden the speakers behind their logo once, HTC has done the same for their notification LED. There are ways to shrink the bezels and utilize whatever space is left for the usual sensors.

        • nejai

          With a previous phone (galaxy S2) I used a CaseLogic "Barely There" case which give full access to bottom bezel (looking kinda unprotected) and still manages to protect a lot... that phone get a couple of serious punish (flying 5 feet and bounce twice before landing screen down) without break.
          I think all is the design and the material quality

          • crackinthewall

            Those would be the first part to get scratched and dropping a phone is kinda like winning the lottery. For the glass to break, either you drop it face down or on its corner/edge. It's just for my personal peace of mind. The only reason rugged cases would be harder to design for this phone is the location of those sensors at the top just so they can accommodate the Samsung logo. There's actually enough space at the bottom.

  • Nomaan

    This should be the first device to utilize the vertical nand storage. Or atleast they should release the 384GB variant soon.

  • Paul

    Wow. Can't wait to see this device. More importantly, can't wait to hold one and call it mine. Love my Note 2, the Note 3 is the only thing that would make me consider leaving it. S4, One, Moto X, whatever, nice in their own ways, but it's no Note 2.

  • roberthenderson

    Well, this is it samsung. It has been a fun ride. But, unfortunately, you have been insistent on listening to some bean counter Business School tactician who told you all to hold back on the real goodies and dole them out a little bit at a time over the four or five successive generations.This is one way Apple started losing the market. I would have gladly paid another 20 or 30 dollars to cover the cost of high end optics with hi megapixels AND superior low light photography capabilities and another $10-20 dollars to cover 3 or 4 gigabytes of RAM. Front facing speakers have been out for quite some time now with the Nexus 10 and HTC One and they are clearly superior in every way from ergonomics to clarity to battery consumption. It is inexcusable that Samsung refuses to adopt this or maybe they just don't have the technological know-how in the design department (I really don't believe this last part, I think they just want to introduce it in another generation or two to make all of the people who are buying this one buy again). This phone could have been a multi media powerhouse for which people would have lined up like that other crazy manufacturer. Why couldn't you blaze a trail and have a pick your internals website to create our own beast? That's too expensive you say? Well how about you produce a run of about ten to twenty thousand, for the US, super Notes with all of the aforementioned specs and charge an extra $50 for it. Think about it, you could have had all of the phonaholics paying you to run around advertising for you, eager to show up the competition every chance they got, and we would get the phone that we really want. Unfortunately Samsung, you want to appease the profit prognosticators and play it safe and dull. And you are entitled to do that, but I'm out. Not gonna wait 4 more generations to get what I want for an upgrade. Adios. And I'm not saying this won't be a nice phone. But I'm not paying full price for moderate upgrades when everyone knows the technology exists to make a world beater. When I am shelling out eight or nine hundred dollars there will be no compromises.

    • Haunter

      It's been a while since I've read this much pretentious "wat" in a comment... it was entertaining.

    • nejai

      where does it say wont have 3 or even 4 MB RAM or a better camera??

      • freddieboy

        Well it will have 3 gigs of DDR3 ram (faster than DDR2) & it will have a better camera & features than the Note 2, (13 mega pixel, same as GS4)but without OIS. Dang it. How bout the dedicated camera button just below power button. Also since Samsung partnered with & purchased 50% of a major Carbon Fiber Co., for the specific purpose of eliminating as much polycarbonate (plastic), would not b surprised to see a least a Carbon Fiber batt cover for starters. Hello

    • irtechneo

      wow lol. Out of touch with reality much? At least it was an entertaining read.

    • a.d.AM

      ok. dont buy it then.

    • mlj11

      I'm all for front facing speakers but the HTC One showed that it has to come with a trade-off, at least with the technology we can presently muster: extra large bezels. (The Moto X which has the same sized screen but a much smaller - and more ergonomic - overall size.) Seeing as how the Note is already bordering on "too large to handle comfortably" I'm not sure extra height will be a big draw.

      As for your other points, maybe you should wait to see the device's confirmed specs first before complaining? I'd be willing to bet we might see a surprise in the RAM department. Camera: unlikely to match the Honami's megapixel-for-megapixel, but nobody knows if 20+ is really all that it promises to be yet.

    • Nata Greer

      If they built a phone that had absolutely everything you wanted on it and was in your mind, perfect, you would likely be the only one to buy it. Are you going to fork out 100 million dollars to cover Samsung's development cost? Otherwise, maybe we should all listen to the "bean counters" (Accountants) who understand that you have to cover cost of development by selling millions of a product instead of just a handful to the ultra hardcore.

      Also, as a sincere question, what phone are you going to run to that has the high end specifications you are looking for?

  • Ivan Myring

    Note 3 or S5?

    • Daniel DS

      Note 3 :/

    • Stefano Lovecchio

      Nexus 5.

      • flosserelli

        Unfortunately VZW customers won't have that option.

    • Ashish

      So you're saying Note 3 or wait almost a year for a S5. That's a absurd comparison.

      • Ivan Myring

        No, note 3 at the time of the S5 launch or S5 at the time of the S5 launch.

  • Brian Menius

    Another view:

  • flosserelli

    Samsung should have made the corners more round (at least on the bottom) so it would be a little easier to stretch thumbs across that huge screen.

    • Hans Pedersen

      There is probably a good reason they keep them square-ish, rounding then too much would cause your thumb palm (or whatever that's called :) ) to touch the screen when yo hold it with one hand.

      They can't make it much smaller until someone figures out a fully functional accidental palm rejection for touch screens. The ones I've seen so far aren't very convincing.

      • Dion

        What some don't understand if this is the official size and shape of the note 3 than it Will be more comfortable to hold than the note 2. The rectangular shape is more easier to hold than the oval rounded shape on the note 2

    • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

      buttons on the screen means you get a bigger phone or a smaller screen. compare the S4 and One.

  • mynamedoesnotfi

    It's gonna be hard holding out for the Note 4. Looks awesome. And really happy that the 5.9" screen rumors seem to be wrong, that is simply too big for onehanded messaging. This one I might just be able to handle.

    • firesoul453

      Hold out for the note 4? Dang why wait so long lol.

  • Wesley Da’Nomad

    It's a draw between the Note 3 and One Max until they both come out. Want to compare specs

    • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

      Note 3 all the way. I miss the features of the S3/S4 since I started using the HTC One.

      • Wesley Da’Nomad

        I owned the HTC Evo & Evo 3D then the Galaxy S2 & Galaxy S3. I don't like Sense and want a removable battery and SD card slot. But damn if the One isn't sexy. Plus I'm sure a developer ROM will show up soon enough.

        • firesoul453

          I want a phone that aluminum and still has removable abtter and sd slot.

  • Ryan Abouchacra

    I love the look of this phone and all but the size...idk... i might just go with the G2 <3

  • dlm11133
  • Chippah

    This is going to be a GREAT upgrade from the current launch day VZW Galaxy Nexus.

    I cant wait to actually be able to get ACCESSORIES for it!

    Nexus=zero accessories..

    • Kim Tyson

      Hi Chip. Great to see you here. You rock dude!

  • impulse101

    If they got rid of the ridiculous old school waste of space hardware buttons and used on screen buttons this would be a must have

    • http://trapchan.blogspot.com trapchan

      as if on screen buttons dont waste space on other phone ... lol

  • Andy_in_Indy

    Waiting to find out if I can hack my lapdock to work with the Note 3. . .