In case you haven't heard yet, there's this thing in Berlin next week. It's called IFA. It's a bit of a big deal, been going for about 90 years now. And between now and then, every single major manufacturer is going to remind you that they have new stuff to show off in Germany. Today it's Sony, teasing what appears to be the Xperia Honami (AKA the Xperia i1), the successor to the Xperia Z, in a short but sweet sizzle reel.

The Honami has been thoroughly leaked already, so we know what to expect: a body that's pretty similar to the existing Z, an almost unbelievable 20.7MP camera with 4K video recording, a Snapdragon 800 processor, and just possibly a refreshed Sony user interface. In the 30-second teaser we see that Sony is highlighting its swanky glass and metal industrial design, waterproof casing, and the "G" camera. Note the power button placed in the center of the right edge and the physical shutter button, both features of previous Xperia designs. The hashtag at the end all but confirms a September 4th announcement date.

The video is titled "The best of Sony is about to get better," which certainly implies a gentle revision to last year's flagship. That seems like a pretty solid way to go, since the Xperia Z was generally well-received apart from a relatively dim screen. I only hope that Sony can get its products to American shores faster: the Xperia Z was launched on T-Mobile just last month, half a year after the phone's announcement at CES

Source: YouTube

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • http://spybubblez.com.br/ dylnenett

    I only hope that Sony can get its products to American shores faster: the Xperia Z was launched on T-Mobile just last month, half a year after the phone's announcement at CES.

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    • vinh

      It was supposed that sony had the needed forecast to sell out,just my opinion

    • Paul

      Agreed. If they can get this to shelves fast enough, I just may consider this as my next phone. I have respect for Sony Mobile (not Sony corporate) and if that phone is as amazing as I believe it to be, then I'll get it. The Z is a nice phone, but T-mobile's network not-so-much. It's ok in major cities and such but it's the in-between that kills me. I live right between 2 major cities and both cities have great T-Mobile service, but not me. I have to drive 15m North or 15m South to pick up LTE. I hope this new Sony comes out on AT&T.

  • sonylol

    So based on Sony we'll see this by Jan. 2014

  • GreatNews

    whats the big "G" next to the camera lens? has anything with LG G2...?

    • Marcpgh

      "G" lenses are how sony designates their pro camera lenses on their alpha line of cameras. I'm sure this lens isn't as good as a $5,000 lens, but that's what they are going for, I think.

  • sweenish

    If there's a GPe of this phone, I could be swayed from the Nexus line.

  • Cdo

    It also briefly shows a micro sd card slot :))

  • WhyWai

    If they can make a 4.3" size premium phone...

  • andrew

    'A gentle revision' of the Z? Where is the similiarity? It's a 5" phone that at first glance looks the same.
    This superphone is destined to crush the opposition and not just Android devices.
    I just hope Sony can produce enough globally, unlocked and sold through its stores.
    None of this exclusive to one carrier in each country B / S.
    I want one yesterday.
    The other phone I'm very interested in because it's different and hopefully will make it to market is the Blackberry Z30.