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A couple of weeks ago, Play Store users started receiving frustrating errors when downloading or updating apps. The bug flashed a dialog reading "Package file is invalid" after refusing to download an app. It seemed to affect people and apps randomly. Google marked the issue as "resolved" on the Play support page on August 13th, but it has been moved back into the Known Issues list.


A casual search on the social networks reveals that more than a few users are still experiencing the issue, though it doesn't seem to be as widespread as before. Google hasn't added any information to the Support page aside from moving the issue out of the Resolved column, so presumably they're still working on it. Some users are also reporting blank pages in the Play Store app, among other odd glitches. That particular entry (#8324410) was added yesterday without a fix. Here's hoping the ladies and gentlemen of Mountain View can get things ticking again soon.

If you're having download issues, try the standard device reboot. If that doesn't resolve them, clear the data from your Play Store app in the main Android settings menu. These aren't ideal solutions, but they've worked for me in a little anecdotal testing.

Source: Google Play Store support page

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • FernandoRocker

    I have had this problem since the last OTA update on my Nexus 4, but it only happens when I'm on cellular network. I can't download or update apps. But over wiFi, I do not have any problems.

  • GhostRecon55

    I experienced this issue yesterday and it is random. I retried the dl and it was successful.

  • Emanuele Ricci

    I think that the problem is on downloading the APK and resuming that download (it happens to fail to download some package on 3g network)

    • sameer

      No luck.

  • andyr354

    Count me in. Can't install anything new. And my luck I'm setting up a tablet this morning.

  • PA_ROM_User(Vardan Nazaretyan)

    I have a bad feeling that we kinda, won't get a solution for this issue till the death of Android.
    But I do hope, Google founds a solution soon enough.

  • heyman

    I can't view any apps (been like this a couple days). I can install using the 3 dots, but cannot view the apps page.

  • http://www.marklaflamme.com/ Mark LaFlamme

    This app solved the issue nine times out of ten for me on my old Optimus V. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.felipearon.marketfix

  • CoreRooted

    Just tested it. No issues here to report.

  • ugur

    2 days ago I reboot my droid3 from verizon and I start getting package file is invalid msg..I was like maybe verizon has some problems or just my phone.I did call Verizon and they told me call Google so I dod and they told me they r working on it,just wait and try to download mean time..WTF?? Google can't fix a little bug?? Or maybe Apple something doing the android market..Maybe even Chinese or the Russians...

  • Bu Falah

    Hi, Good day
    I bought Galaxy core duos today and tried to download application from google play. Not able to install any application end up with error msg. "Package file invalid".
    Any solution?

    • nicklinnat18

      me too cant download any any app over 3g and keep getting the error msg package file is invalid

      • Rivo Suoth

        I think it is probably because google let the bussiness going on. By allowing the package file invalid error after downloading for MBs, users who have quota based plan over 3g network or any networks run out their quota faster. I still have the problem for perhaps 50% apps especially the ones with 20MB up. It seems that Google dont really care about 1. Inspecting the available storage size BEFORE even the downloading process begins (every times AFTER downloading, it cannot install because of insufficiency of storage) 2. (Properly) Resuming downloads to probably prevent the package file invalid error on 3g network.
        Ah, it is easy to say that bussiness is in order.

  • Dorian

    I have this problem too, in s3 mini, og 3g network. Wifi no problem,

  • C

    Still having this problem with the Walgreens app, I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall. Big mistake, I cleared the data cache and.still no luck. Now what?

  • Masud Pervez

    I receive the invalid package file every time I try to install anything from google store. I've tried the same file several times but it didn't worked out. I've tried on both cellular network and wifi but no luck :( I don't know what google is up to.

  • kerx3

    I'm still having issues work the package file invalid. It stopped for a while and now its back so annoying. Might cross over to the dark side and get an iPhone if this keeps happening. I can't get anything done if my apps don't update or download

  • dani

    I cant download anything from the play store it keeps saying package file invalid ive tried every solution but nothing has worked

  • Gazaz

    if you can't download anything from the play store; try to uncheck "unknown sources" on the security page. that has always worked for me ;)

  • CuriousBee

    I think i solved it on my phone. I hope this works for you guys...SettingsAccessibilityInstall web scripts (Allow). So i tried this and voila! it worked..

  • williams family

    Still having problems with the walgreens app..we use the app to refill our autism son meds and my diabete meds please fix

  • sameera

    Very dissapointed.i experience this since last 2month.any solution pls.

    • sameera

      I found a solution.
      Try if it work
      1.settings --- > apps ---> all ---> google playstore ---> clear cache.
      02.if not work , change your mobile network (sim card)

  • Lyssa

    I just got a S3 and I'm having problems downloading and updating apps and it's October 28,2013

  • http://www.androidizer.com/ akhil k a

    Same issue caused for me!

  • Simon

    I've created my own app, published it and can't install i on my own phone as I'm getting the same error discussed in this thread. Tried all the fixes I can find online but no joy. What on earth is going on with Google? Recent changes have made it impossible to play YouTube videos that are embedded in a webpage on my phone HTC Desire (i get an error message for those also), and now this too.

  • Caroline

    When trying to access google on android tablet im getting message "unknown issue with google play services" and im unable to access google play store


    6 months later...this is STILL an issue. There are so many reasons not to use Android at this point that I think I'll just sell this piece of shit that never gets updates.

  • jacob gross

    This has been happening to me since the 24 of june ..... this error has not been resolved

    • liesbman

      Also still experiencing this problem. Tried checking 'unknown sources', clearing cache and clearing data. Nothing worked and now I've uninstalled my most useful app. Incredible that Google can't solve this issue in over a year