The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is a neat device that's ruggedized and water-resistant. However, there's that accursed USB port. The port on this device is covered by a flimsy plastic flap that's tough to close properly, and feels like it could break off at any moment. It would be nice if you didn't have to mess with the port to charge the device, but Samsung hasn't released a wireless charging back for the S4 Active. If you get your hands on the WiQiQi Active from Monster Watts, you don't have to wait on Samsung to get its act together.

Monster Watts already has similar solutions for the Galaxy S4, S III, and Note II. This product is basically a small Qi receiver coil that attaches to the stock battery, then is held in place by the regular backplate. This allows the device to get juiced up via Qi chargers like Samsung's own wireless pad. The WiQiQi is installed in the Active in the video above, and it really only takes a few seconds. It's also thin enough so that the case still seals properly and keeps water out.

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The Indiegogo campaign isn't about building the receiver from scratch – this will be a modification of the regular GS4 WiQiQi. Instead, the company needs the funds to refine the design for final manufacturing. For $22 you can get a WiQiQi Active when it ships in late September ($26 for international shipping). For $49 you can get a Qi charger included, and pricing goes up from there if you want multiples. Unlike some funding campaigns, this product is going to be made – Monster Watts is basically doing a pre-order drive. This is a flex campaign, so Monster Watts gets the cash even if they don't hit the goal.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • mesmorino

    Alright bear with me now... Will the GS3 version work with the Zero Lemon battery?

  • sourabh

    Upvote this if you brought a Active GS4 instead of the normal GS4

    • andy_o

      So I'm downvoting you cause I didn't. What is this, youtube?

      • sourabh

        Please do,just wanted to do a mini poll of Active Gs4 vs Gs4

    • Herman

      Brought it where?

      • sourabh

        a r sure does make a difference

        • Herman

          An 'n' does too.

          OT: This would be a neat way to keep the micro USB port closed as often as possible. I've read some articles about the device not-quite-being waterproof due to that tiny flap. At least Sony offers dock connectors on their water resistant devices.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Got one for the wife and extremely interested in a wireless charging solution for it as Samsung doesn't seem to be.

  • troph

    Really disappointed with this phone. Plastic cover feels like it will come off at any second. After using it for a couple weeks, it no longer plugs in correctly (or stays in) unless I push it really hard. Lots of people using the phone correctly reporting issues with its waterproof-ness.
    Plus, locked bootloader means touchwiz, which, for me, is completely unusable. So sluggish and inefficient. Not to mention the aesthetics of touchwiz is terrible... Also filled to the brim with bloatware (removed most, but can't remove all-- loses functionality).

    Hoping for a bootloader unlock. That would really be the only thing to redeem this phone.

  • Scott Purvis

    Where can I find this wireless receiver for my galaxy s4 active?

  • Daniel Winchester

    This is still pronounced "Chee" isn't it?
    Not gonna be like Hyundai & Chic jeans and change everything on me.

  • J

    i'm not buying from anyone who hasn't done enough research to know how to pronounce "Qi" properly... If he has so far as to have misnamed his product, due to not researching the annunciation, and trying to give it a Hawaiian name, but failing horribly... I can only imagine that the product will fail horribly!!!