Feedly doesn't want to go the way of Google Reader, so it is now rolling out a monthly subscription model to everyone in hopes of keeping the lights on. We've known about this for a while now, as the company offered 5,000 lifetime subscriptions for $99 earlier this month. They promptly sold out, providing them with $500,000 of cash to help get things off the ground. Early backers, and those who choose to subscribe now, get access to the first batch of pro features, such as the ability to search through articles and quick one-click integration with both Evernote and Pocket.


New Feedly Pro subscribers will have to pay either $5 a month or, if they're committed, $45 a year. The latter options saves users 25%, a significantly larger bone than most companies are willing to throw. Feedly plans to introduce new features regularly, perks aimed at more passionate users that will ultimately help make the service more sustainable in the long run. Running a cloud-synced RSS reader is neither cheap nor easy, a truth we've also seen drilled home by the folks behind The Old Reader.

Anyone interested in signing up for Feedly Pro can head over to the company's sign-up page, but those who aren't interested in handing over money need not fret. The free app is still available in the Play Store, with basic features for casual users intact.

Source: Feedly

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • nxym

    search shouldn't be a premium feature :'(

    • Trina S

      I look at it like this: if you want to search a feed, use a search engine. The Feedly people are busting their buns to provide a good product and make money to do more development. While I think $5 is a bit steep, I also want a reliable rss application. I personally don't need and of the extra features available right now, but I like the product and want to support them and see what they come up with.
      I think a lot of people got spoiled that Google Reader was free and expect others to be free as well. But they aren't Google, and they can't do it free, they just don't have that power. So, suck it up and either pay or use the free version, or find another program that fits your needs better. But whining that you think certain features should be free isn't doing anyone any good.

      • Eric Jones

        and even Google stopped doing it for free...

    • A

      Very true. That's why I jumped ship to inoreader.

      • jmart75

        Thanks for suggesting InoReader. I set it up and did a search on some feeds, ones I just put in, and it found things just like I wanted it to. Much more like Google Reader than Feedly and it's free! I'm glad I read the comments on here.

  • Wazzifer

    What a joke, I may pay for real premium features, not this garbage.

    • CoffeeGeeker

      What a joke - not paying for a service you use!

      I'd have no problems paying Feedly $3/mo/$30 a year right now for the free service, since I use it every day. The pro features aren't that much to sing about, but what you and so many people lose sight of is that these services cost money. Google made their money back from your GR usage through targeted ads and the like. Feedly doesn't have that luxury of immersion Google had. They're an independent business and offering what is a valuable service.

      So what a joke are those who expect everything on the internet to be free.

      PS. I bought one of the $99 lifetime memberships.

      • Wazzifer

        Cool story bro, are you done now? You wasted $100 on something others offer for free.

      • firesoul453

        $45 a year is just extremely expensive for what your getting and right now there isn't even a decent place to contact them unless your paying a subscription.

        Its just dumb.

      • Mei

        I have the 'free' version installed but found myself not even using it.

    • Tyler Humphreys

      The features are a bit weak at this point, but I think the idea is more to support a service you use. I would imagine they will add more features later, and hopefully some of those features will roll out to all users at some point.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Genjinaro Genjinaro

    If they could fix the Widget now, that'd be great. It's been broken for a good while now.

    • rich_bown

      Couldn't agree more, coming sometime in July, coming sometime in august, and I expect the same for september.

  • wooon

    Just give me a real "mark-read" as the article shows up on my screen and I would pay. Right now it just marks the one on the top of the screen as I am scrolling. I don't want to install side scripts, either...

    • David Thoren

      I just hit the "All" link (and I use the Title Only view) and then as I click through them, they get marked as read.

  • Sqube

    I'm a little salty about having to pay $5/month for one-click Pocket integration, which is the only feature that I'm really lacking.

  • g1132980

    Just use theoldreader. You get https, pocket integration and a search for free. Plus the best rss reader android app: gReader supports it.

  • rich_bown

    Don't trust a company with a paid subscription who can't update a widget on time(twice) , nor reply to emails or tweets about it.


    Greader is good enough for me and does the reader half so much better than feedly. And it's just a upfront $5 app. Sure it uses feedly cloud for the syncing, but they could also easily use drive or dropbox's APIs. I appreciate feedly for openly letting the cloud be used but $5 a month for a reader is not worth it.

  • Taco Monster

    It seems like a lot of people are conflating the app with the backend service. You're paying for the latter (and I'm happy to do so) . If you need a good front end with a great widget, use Press. Feedly's app is non-native with poor design principles.

  • Armus

    What does this thing do and why do I care?

  • C0080900V

    It's sad that RSS services are becoming a privilege to use after the death of Google's GReader.

  • alfreduran

    OMG...no thanx!

  • firesoul453

    So over priced. If they don't ever offer a $99 lifetime plan again then they get no money from me (unless it goes down to somehting like $20 a year or something)