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Those of us who've managed to hang on to Verizon unlimited data after the tiered plans started showing up are not going to give it up lightly. We buy unsubsidized phones at ridiculous prices to stay secure in the knowledge that we can gobble as many gigabytes as we want for $30 a month. This does not please Verizon: unlimited data is not conducive to profits, and unsubsidized customers are more likely to bolt. So they're trying to bring grandfathered unlimited customers back into the fold with a "deal" for Verizon Edge, codenamed Verizon Max.

If you'll recall, Verizon Edge is Big Red's take on the quick-upgrade plans currently offered by T-Mobile (JUMP) and AT&T (Next). The gist is that you buy a new phone at full price with interest-free financing over 24 months, so a new $600 phone would cost $25 a month on top of your normal plan. Then you can trade in your phone after six months for a new model, assuming that you've paid at least 50% of the retail price (so most people would have to either pay 6 months worth of charges, or wait for at least a year to upgrade). Edge plans will be offered starting on Sunday, August 25th.

DL max

According to some leaked leaked information posted at Droid-Life, the Verizon Max plan is designed specifically to tempt unlimited data customers into Edge. They're offering a one-time upgrade with exclusive data tiers at significant discounts to what new and recurring customers pay. $30 a month will get you 6GB of data, and $50 a month will get you 8GB plus the right to use tethering for other devices. Sharing plans are not an option with Verizon Max: it can only be applied to one line at a time.

Compared to Verizon's regular data tiers it's a decent deal, assuming that you don't use too many voice minutes or text messages on the old policies. (The cheapest "Share Everything" plan is unlimited voice and text plus 500MB of shared data for $40 a month. 6GB of data is a whopping $80.) I can see how someone who really wants a new device at a cheap price might be tempted.

But those customers who are still on unlimited accounts are paying $30 a month for all-you-can-eat data, plus a minimum of $40 for the cheapest voice-only plan. So if an unlimited data customer wants to switch to Verizon Edge, at the bare minimum they're replacing limitless data with 6GB, making the cheapest available plan the same price. Tethering on the old unlimited plan is another $30 a month (it's free on the Share Everything plans), so the $50 8GB+tethering tier saves a bit of money, assuming that you never go over that limit and get another $10 charge.

That's $10 for every gigabyte. So if you're in the habit of using 10GB of data between your phone and your tethered tablet, it will cost you at least $70 a month, plus whatever you pay for voice and text. If you use 20GB, which is not unheard of, the price jumps to $170 a month plus voice and text, a $210 minimum. This is a "deal" that could go Faustian in a hurry.

I happen to be a grandfathered Verizon unlimited data customer, and to put it bluntly, they can have my plan when they tear it from my cold, dead hands. The $30 tethering option means that I've always got a super-fast LTE connection for any computer or tablet, and yes, I use much, much more than 8GB a month. If you make full use of your unlimited data, there's nothing here that should tempt you: you'll still be paying full-price for devices, you'll just have the option to trade up every once in a while. And that's something you could do just as easily by selling a 6-month-old phone on Craigslist and applying it to the cost of a new phone.

Edge, Next, Jump - whatever you call these trade-up plans, they're generally a bad deal. Giving up unlimited data might just be the worst one yet. Verizon unlimited customers, don't be fooled. If you've still got unlimited data and you're convinced that you don't need it, you'd probably be better off taking advantage of the lower prices in the standard subsidized model.

Eventually, Verizon will probably push unlimited customers to tiered data, one way or another. Don't do it any earlier than you have to.

Source: Droid-Life

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Nathaniel_Graham

    Nice try Verizon but I'm gonna keep miking this unlimited 4GLTE as long as I can.

    • antifud

      exactly. the day people are forced off grandfathered unlimited plans will be the last day me or any company/individuals I am associated with does business with verizon.

      • Jeff718

        I'm guessing that will happen when they offer VoLTE. There will be no more unlimited plans. Just a guess.

  • Derek B

    Screw that noise, I'm still grandfathered in for unlimited at $9.99 and I use about 17-20gb a month without even tethering. It's actually $29.99 but I get a $20 credit applied to it each month.

    • wolfkabal

      Mind if I ask what the $20 credit is from?

      • large

        I get about a $20 credit from work, so his work probably has an account with them.

      • Derek B

        I was locked in for $9.99/month and they screwed up at some point and started charging me $29.99 and could get it back down to $9.99. They now issue a credit of $20 to make up the difference each month and have been doing so for a couple of years now.

      • Nathaniel_Graham

        Most likely an employee discount.

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          no I got it too. They offered it a few years ago. I called and the rep signed me up. $80 discount on 4 lines :)

          • clockwork

            Really? They just signed you up on the spot? Any advice?

    • Aaron Manill

      all you had to do to get the $10/month rate was threaten to leave before 4G was on the market. My family has it on 5 lines aswell.

  • Cory_S

    I'm trying to figure out what to do for myself. I have two unlimited data lines....but my office is actually in a complete deadzone...so I am without data for the majority of the day (no calling, no wifi)

    T-Mobile gets great service here, and in my city...but We frequently visit family in a town that has next to no T-Mobile service. So...that leaves AT&T...and the thought of that just makes my skin crawl, not to mention limited data.

    • Dustin Maki

      Get a phone that has Wifi Calling on T-Mobile that way when your away you can turn that feature on and still make calls.

      • Jeff718

        He said no wifi. Now, why an 'office' has no wifi is just odd. What's up with that?

        • Dustin Maki

          And I said when he's away. He said we he is visiting family in a town that has next to no t-mobile service. I then SAID to get a phone that had Wifi calling again when hes AWAY. He also said he gets good T-Mobile service where he is.

        • Cory_S

          My office has WiFi, but it's on corporate lock down for company equipment only. T-Mobile gets great signal in the office though, it's Verizon thats the issue...and whats prompting my need to find something else.

    • ProductFRED

      T-Mobile wifi calling solves that. Pretty much all of their Android devices (except Nexus devices) work with it. Calls AND texts go over wifi.

      • Matthew Fry

        Yes. Even Internationally.

      • Cory_S

        That will soften the blow...but not really solve the issue. For one thing a lot of family I visit there don't have WiFi....for another anytime we left the house I would basically not have a phone.

        I think the only solution would be to have an AT&T MVNO backup SIM that I could activate when required. But that sounds like a major PITA

    • Odoyle

      I'm in exactly the same boat, Cory... I wrote this exact post on a verizon forum yesterday. No LTE downtown where I work, and I have a moral objection to ATT... but the fact that I have no 4G from Verizon for around 60hrs/week, makes it hard to justify staying with them, especially when they don't have an ETA on a fix. I'm switching back to TMo as soon as the right phone comes out.. as others said, I'm solving the trips to my family's in dead zones with Wi-Fi calling.

    • Raymond Berger

      Have you tried one of those verizon boxes which basically makes a little cell tower for you to use in the office? http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/store/accessory?&action=gotoFemtocellDetails&phoneId=1543&accessoryId=42208

      • Cory_S

        Briefly...but besides the fudemental issue I have with paying to extend Verizons network for them.... I can't plug personal devices into the corporate network.

  • Fredy Nativi

    The only reason I paid $700 for my S4 was so I could keep the unlimited data not giving it up for 6gb.

    • Josh Rahn

      I'm in the same boat!

    • taxi333

      same boat :D

      • Idon’t Know

        Same except in my cause I have an iPhone 5. ;-)

    • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

      Only reason i didn't pay $700 for an S4 is because I paid $700 for an S3 last year... gotta stretch it out as long as I can. I mean I totally want a new phone but I need to try and be patient and upgrade in 18 months or more, not 12. lol

      But I did the math and even if I bought a new phone every year for about $700 I would probably save money on the overages I would get for going over my 2 GB or whatever you get for $30 a month, every month.

  • twatts723

    Forget the tablet. I can burn up 20gb in a month just on my phone! Lol

  • Robert Alex Kibler

    Dangit. :( I really want a new phone, but there's no way I can afford full retail (nor do I want any of Verizon's phones), nor can I lose my unlimited. My home ISP has added a cap to my home internet, so I've been tethering average of 150GB/month to my computer so I don't go over my home cap.

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      you are the reason why Verizon is getting rid of unlimited data.

      • Robert Alex Kibler

        You're right, and I never used more than one or two GB before my home internet decided to cap it. I'm not going to limit my total internet usage because Verizon and Armstrong say so. If Armstrong wants to cap me, I'll just keep using verizon.

  • tomn1ce

    Vzw must be crazy, they want us to trade unlimited data for just 6GB to be able to enroll on the edge program....No thanks....Paying full price for a device is a lot cheaper then paying monthly overage fees or paying for the 20GB+ data plan....Vzw you can stick this plan up @$$....

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      Yes unlimited data until late June/early July 2014 then 2 GB a month for you. Enjoy.

      • Nathaniel_Graham

        Shut up

        • Nunyur_Biznezz

          make me.

      • Roger

        Stop being a killjoy. Even if you are right, which isn't guaranteed, you're just showing your jealousy.

        • Nunyur_Biznezz

          I'm not jealous. I've had a smartphone since Nov 2010. I've used maybe 12 GB of data TOTAL in that time. There is this magical new thing called Wi-Fi your phone can use.

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            Whoa, you've almost had a smartphone for 3 years, must make you some kind of expert.

          • tomn1ce

            Unfortunately I'm not around wifi the majority of the time. I don't go hopping onto every public wifi there is. The few times I'm around wifi is when I'm in my house and at my family house....

          • Justin W

            It's unfortunate that you don't actually use your smart phone to it's potential and instead just call and text on it. Even though I'm on WiFi 99% of the time (read: any time I'm not in a car), I still go through around 2GB per month.

          • techgui

            Here in NYC Ive gone over 2gb maybe once in the past 4 yrs. Theres wifi freakin everywhere

          • Robert Alex Kibler

            Yeah, WiFi is great when your parents pay for it and it's unlimited.

          • Evan Knofsky

            Not everyone has access to WiFi 24/7. I travel constantly for work and I use 20GB+ a month of data from music streaming while driving + watching movies at hotels.

          • Susan

            Your car doesn't have a radio?

          • weirdtop360

            I've used over 32gigs this month, and I am on wifi 45+ hours a week.(due to no data coverage from verizon at work)

            You apparently aren't using your phone nearly as much as many of us unlimited data customers, so why are you being such a negative Nancy to us?

  • Matthew Fry

    Sprint managed to get a large component of their SERO customers off by restricting the plan to non-data heavy phones. I don't know what Verizon is going to end up doing but it's not gonna be pretty. Just jump ship to T-Mobile if you can.

  • TJay229


    Im Grandfathered in to.. 56g last month. Love it

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      Yes it's people like you why unlimited data is going away. enjoy it for the next 10 months. After the it will be gone.

      • Nathaniel_Graham

        Oh shut up with that nonsense

        • Nunyur_Biznezz

          It's not nonsense.
          FACT: As of June 28th 2012 unlimited data customers were no longer allowed to extend their contracts.
          FACT: That means as of June 28th 2014 100% of unlimited data customers will be out of contract and month to month only.
          FACT: Once everyone on unlimited data is no longer on contract Verizon can end unlimited data at any time.
          Now please explain to me in what universe does Verizon have the ability to kill off unlimited data for good and chooses not to do so? Especially since they have been falling over backwards trying to get people to get rid of unlimited data on their own already?

          • Nathaniel_Graham

            FACT: You're an idiot

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            Oh ok you're right Verizon wants you to keep unlimited data. That's why

            A) In July 2011 they stopped offering it to new customers

            B) As of June 28th 2012 they stop allowing unlimited data customers from upgrading and extending contracts.

            C) You can only participate in the Edge program if you give up unlimited data.

            All clearly signs Verizon wants as many unlimited data customers as possible

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            FACT: Edge is a scam for fools.

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            A) has NOTHING to do with my post
            B) If one doesn't want to be on contract and doesn't have unlimited data and doesn't have $650 upfront for a phone then no it's not a scam

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            A. Just threw another fact out there.
            B. You are on contract, you still need to pay off the device, just a different contract, also paying the same rate that people who get subsidized phones while paying full price for said phone is just plain stupid.

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            Edge is only for those not under contract. Not that much different that what T-Mobile is doing that everyone praises. Verizon does it and it's bad thing. Go figure.

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            T-Mobile takes the cost of the phone out of the cost of the service. Verizon just piles the cost of the phone on top of their normal get a subsidized device rate plan.

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            The cost is the cost. the fact is Verizon's Edge plan is no differ that what T-Mobile is doing. If you can't afford Verizon go with someone else or get a better paying job. Enjoy T-Mobile's awful service.

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            The fact is T-Mobile has excellent service where I live.
            The fact is that you pay for your phone twice with Verizon's Edge, only to trade it in and never own it. So have fun paying for many phones, while owning zero.

          • ScottColbert

            Obvious douche is obvious.

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            He's trolling this article hard, looks like a Verizon rep.

          • John Reynolds

            Tmobiles' service is not awful. Where do you live that the service is bad? Verizon will lose a lot of customers when they kick everyone on unlimited data plans off of unlimited data plans. Tmobile is sitting around biting their nails with anticipation waiting for Verizon to make that mistake.

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            Where I live there isn't ANY t-mobile service for 50 miles. And I don't live in Alaska or Montana. That's how much T-Mobile sucks. the fact is T-Mobile hope to eventually have service to 200 million of course the USA is 315 million so basically T-Mobile is saying F U to over 1/3 of the country. And they wonder why they are 4th. Sorry can't convince me to go to T-Mobile if they won't take my money, FACT.

          • Wrong-Bozo

            FACT: When a 2 year term ends, you are still under a "Contract." Month - 2 - Month terms are still governed under a service agreement and a contract (the one you made with them). Verizon CANNOT alter its contract with you. Noone can unless they accept the penalty ie (breach of contract.)
            Verizon is no fool however, it can also find creative ways to "guide" you out of unlimited, by not extending unlimited data to the next level speed or throttling you. Unlimited data is not guaranteed with any speed, merely unlimited data so they cannot CAP/CUTOFF data.
            Though I am firmly in belief they will always let you keep unlimited data if nothing material changes... They will however get creative and find ways to lock us out. They do not profit from a lost customer, so they will always let us stick around.. The number of unlimited data users will only go down.... eventually we will al die out and then they win. Unless Verizon Wireless goes out of business first... o.O

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            FACT: data is NOT part of your contract. it is an add-on.

          • verizon- hate them but love em

            I actually agree with you and its funny i've been on the pro unlimited side the whole time. I think you need to explain it more detailed but i understand. How will the end it though? Will they give us a 2gb cap or what? And this would solve me sweating a $650 out of contract iphone lol. I myself use 40-80gb per month. I never experience network slowdowns and I only get 2-3 bars of service. That is also why (amongst other information i have) i agree with the others that verizon is phasing out unlimitied solely to increase profits, nickel and dime us to death. Their networks can handle the load. Where's all that money we pay in fees for "maintenance"? Instead of upgrading capacity or more towers, they buy other companies for a bigger monopoly so they can maintain their nickel and dime scheme without competition.

            Basically, June 28th is around the corner and ill be upset if they remove it. Unless i get a different job, I will be bored out of my mind because i cant use the companies internet for streaming or even web browsing.

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            Who knows when they'll end it or if you'll get 2 GB or 22 GB?

            As far as the network handling the load that's not true. Mobile data is very limited. The AWS helps but it's still not enough. Let me explain.

            On their 700 MHz network they have 10 MHz for download. So that means each cell tower sector( each tower has 3. the one you connect to depend on which way your facing.) That means the maximum amount of bandwidth that sector can handle is 75 Mbps. That's COMBINED among all users. And each sector can only handle 400 simultaneous users at once. So if you have just a dozen people all trying to stream Netflix in HD they are using basically 100% of the bandwidth of that tower sector.

            In order to guarantee all 400 could stream HD Netflix Verizon would have to have 320 MHz of spectrum. They will never have that. At best within 7 years they'll have maybe 1/3 of that. Even if they did they'd also have to have LTE-A enabled and devices that can do LTE-A, neither of which they have and are years away. And also that's only accounts for 400 users. What if you have 500, 1000, 2000 in an area that want to connect? Verizon would have to install micro towers on every street corner. How much is that going to cost and maintenance of millions of microtowers is going to be a pain and not cheap.

          • Fatty McButter Pants

            Not doubting anything you are saying, but what is the source of your information? Mainly the Jun 28th 2014 date. (I haven't followed this as closely as I should have since I am on a grandfathered unlimited data plan)

          • Cinco312

            On June 28th 2012 we introduced the share everything plan and that's when we stopped extending contracts to those with unlimited data and started to offer them different options.

          • Fatty McButter Pants

            Cinco312 since you say "we" does that mean you work for Verizon? ....and I know about the 2012 date,,,,,,I was asking specifically about the 2014 date that Nunyur_Biznezz stated as Fact.

          • Cinco312

            Yes, unfortunately I do for the past six years. We train the reps with new "opportunities" every two months with new ways to get customers off unlimited data. Believe it or not, not many utilize more than a few gigs per account. They just like the fact they have unlimited. Then after an account analysis we see how much they average. I only handle BGCO accounts and save them a lot of money switching to the SE plan.

          • Fatty McButter Pants

            Cool...so can you confirm as Fact that the unlimited plans will be going away for all customers in 2014?

          • john fragoulias

            So can you tell me what does Verizon do with those data abusers that use 300 GIGS a moth.

          • Cinco312

            Throttle their speeds down significantly. I never came across that big of an abuser but in severe circumstances we limit it to 200kbps (1x speeds)

          • chyea

            it was ruled in court that verizon cannot throttle 4g speeds

          • Keith Thompson

            Its not about the amount of gig, its about the ability to tether.

          • mechapathy

            Verizon offers 2-year contracts as the longest term. So, two years after June 28, 2012 is June 28, 2014. At that point, every unlimited customer, except the lucky few who convinced a rep to let them keep their unlimited data shortly after June 28, 2012, will be month-to-month. So not 100% of unlimited customers, but 99.9% or so.

          • Keith Thompson

            "FACT: Once everyone on unlimited data is no longer on contract Verizon can end unlimited data at any time."

            This is not fact, its speculation.

      • taxi333
        • Nunyur_Biznezz

          Where is the "keep it FOREVER" part in there? Don't believe me. In 10 months I'll be proven right.

          • taxi333

            Good point. I can only say that my contract ended a long time ago, I upgraded to the S4 (full retail price, totally worth it :D) and I kept my unlimited data :)

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            Yes you are keeping it for NOW. As of June 28th 2014 there will be ZERO unlimited data customers under contract. Once you are no longer under contract you can't complain when Verizon changes a feature. So no unlimited data customers at the point will have a legit ( as in legal )gripe because they are not under contract. So it's safer for Verizon to wait until late June 2014 to kill off unlimited data. They are hoping most go off of it on their own before then. That's why they are offering you 3X the data I get for $30 a month to get off unlimited data.

          • Semlie

            You are incorrect because of your assumption. Many people do an alternate upgrade in order to keep unlimited data i.e. transfer upgrade of phone with unlimited data to another line (on same family plan) and then upgrade the recipient phone for a subsidized price and put the new phone on the originating device that has unlimited. When you do this, the original line with unlimited data gets its contract extended (and does NOT lose unlimited). Considering people have been doing this all the time (read any forum online) up to the present month, you have people with contracts with unlimited data ending in 08/2015. And until Verizon stops allowing this to happen, you will have people with unlimited data under contract for two years from that date.

            In any case, I don't agree with your opinion/theory to begin with.

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            WRONG. If person A has unlimited data and wants to use person B's upgrade they can. However its B's contract that gets extended not A's. A is still month to month. Verizon has made it very clear you can not upgrade or extend your contract and keep unlimited data. Don't believe me go to the Verizon Wireless messageboard.
            As far as not believing in my theory, well come back in about 10 months and we'll see.

          • bill_lee2

            Semlie is right and Nunyur_Biznezz is wrong. If you transfer your upgrade to another line on your family plan and upgrade, the original line receives a contract extension. If it has unlimited data, it will keep unlimited data. End of story. Been done by tons of people, including me.

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            Nope you are wrong. You obviously haven't gone to the VZW website. Trust I DO know what I'm talking about. You can't extend you contract and keep unlimited data. That's why people are using others upgrades in the first place. If you can extend your contract and keep unlimited data what's the point of using someone else's upgrade, use your own. The only reason one would extend their contract is because they upgraded and you can't upgrade and keep unlimited data. FACT. Doesn't matter, in 9 months you're losing it for good anyway.

          • bill_lee2

            There are screenshots on the internet of people with unlimited data with contracts extended to 2015, moron.

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            first last week-end there was bug in the system that allowed for that. That has been fixed. Anyone else will lose it. FACT. instead of acting like a 6 year old and calling me names come back in 9 month IF I'm wrong and call me out. Perhaps you missed the big news item a couple of weeks ago where the Verizon CEO flat out stated unlimited is gone and never coming back.

            "Verizon CEO says there's no going back to unlimited data"


          • Big Mike

            I just did an alternate up grade for a s4 my unlimited contract ends june 2015

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            Sorry you are wrong. Your contract might end in 2015 but your unlimited data won't. Data is a FEATURE. No where in your contract does it state you get unlimited data for the length of that contract.

            here's the customer agreement

            Can Verizon Wireless Change This Agreement or My Service?

            We may change prices or any other term of your Service or this agreement at any time,but we'll provide notice first, including written notice if you have Postpay Service. If you use your Service after the change takes effect, that means you're accepting the change. If you're a Postpay customer and a change to your Plan or this agreement has a material adverse effect on you, you can cancel the line of Service that has been affected within 60 days of receiving the notice with no early termination fee if we fail to negate the change after you notify us of your objection to it.

          • bill_lee2

            So now you are saying that in 9 months (a random time period) that Verizon is going to go cancel Unlimited Data on every line that is still under contract?

            If they did that, we could immediately cancel those lines and keep the phones. Would be interesting since I just got a Note 3 that will be 9 months old at that time and probably worth $500-$600 on the open market. But I'm sure you are right!

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            Except for the very few that accidentally got their contracts extended a couple of weeks ago ALL unlimited data customers will be out of contract June 28th 2014. June 28th 2012 was when Verizon stop letting unlimited data customers upgrade phones and extend their contracts. So the last day someone with unlimited data could have extended their contract was June 27th 2012. contracts are for 2 years. Do the math. Verizon's CEO has unequivocally says unlimited data is gone and not coming back. He does not want it. So why would he continue to let people keep it? Especially they add more ways to move people off of it. want to get a discount upgrade? Lose unlimited data. Want to move to Share Everything? Lose unlimited data, want to use the Edge program? Lose unlimited data. Those in that case they do offer to give you 6 GB for $30 instead of 2 lie everyone else. Which I feel I very generous since regular customers pay $50 for 5 GB. Hell 6 GB would last me a year.

          • bill_lee2

            Didn't you see the screenshot? That one was extended WITHOUT using the Verizon bug. As we've tried to get through your thick skull, contacts on unlimited lines can be extended on family plans. If they drop our unlimited data mid contract then we will get to opt out and keep the phone for free.

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            Would you just use logic? If the CEO says unlimited data is going away forever and not coming back how do you conclude he's going to let millions of unlimited data users keep it forever? I'm not sure which part I need to color in crayon for you to get this. By the way data is a FEATURE and not even part of your contract anyway. No where in your contract is it stated you get unlimited data forever or even for the entire 2 years of your contract. See you in 9 months when I'm proven right.

          • vee

            How do you think he's going to cancel millions of customers unlimited and risk losing all that money if they all go somewhere else? There's a reason it's still around. Btw my contract on unlimited data don't end until April 2015. I was on family plan in someone else's name. Upgraded on the line that was not unlimited. Transfered the phone to my unlimited line. Then got the phone put in my name with unlimited data because that was the plan my phone was on April 2013. So your facts are wrong.

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            A) Millions of people already got their unlimited cancelled because they rather upgrade and get a discount than to keep unlimited. Did they leave? nope. Verizon's churn is smaller than the other carriers.
            B) You seem to think that the majority of Verizon customer have unlimited data when it's well under 20%.
            C) When unlimited data is gone caps will go up because Verizon won't have to worry about holding back resources to cover the unlimited data people.
            D) where are these people going to go? 1/3 of these people live in areas not service by T-Mobile or Sprint. Even in areas that are service is spotty for many. Unlimited data is useless if the coverage stinks.

          • bill_lee2
          • God

            you're not to bright. it has already been stated that there was mistake earlier this month and Verizon accidently let unlimited data users upgrade. that issue has been fixed. Once again come back in July 2014 IF I'm wrong until then ZIP it. Anyone that thinks Verizon will let people keep unlimited data forever when the CEO himself it's dead in the water is not too bright.

          • bill_lee2

            Sorry but family plan transfer upgrades have nothing to do with the Verizon unlimited bug. If you have a family plan you keep your unlimited data as long as you have another line without it, or add a line. Perhaps you should read the previous posts.

          • Brizzle

            As a former Verizon Wireless employee, I would tell my customers this all the time: The easiest way to think about it is...who's line, during the transaction of purchasing the phone at a discounted rate, will the phone initially be on? If you answer is the one with unlimited data, then you will lose the unlimited data. If it is another line, then you have the option of transferring the phone, after the transaction, over to the line with the unlimited data and reactivating the old phone on the other line. The issue with doing it this way is that store employees and customer service will have a hard time figuring out if your phone is under a warranty of any sort because it gets activated on the line that you moved it to as a "CPE - or customer provided equipment". This is not a big deal if you purchase an apple product and have their applecare with it, but becomes an issue for any other phone in which you have purchased verizon's warranty.

          • bill_lee2

            Here is the proof that you can have the contract extended on a line with Unlimited Data. In this case, my wife's upgrade was transferred to another line and the upgrade performed. She retained unlimited data on her Galaxy Note 2 and her contract expiration is now 10/2015.


          • Brizzle

            Speaking as a former Verizon Wireless employee, Nunyur_Biznezz is correct. Nunyur, you are speaking of basically renewing a contract on an alternate line (one without unlimited data) and then just moving the device to the unlimited data line. You will retain the unlimited data, but the contract on the unlimited data line will NOT be renewed. You CANNOT renew a contract on an unlimited data line without losing the unlimited data, it is impossible.

          • Dad

            You are right. Doing this now

          • Trent

            Well dummy. Looks like I.still have my unlimited data. Thank you kindly lol

          • dctravis

            I just signed another 2 years earlier this year... I still have unlimited data. Why are you arguing aboht this when you dont even have unlimited data. Its like when people pay for the slowest isp service and then complain that 100mbps users are using too much bandwith. Maybe they shouldnt havr offered the service in the first place. And sure there is the argument that it was meant for 3g only, but breaking up the data leads to more profit... fact.

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            I'm arguing because the IQ lacking dolts that keep disagreeing with me over a FACT. Anyway enjoy your unlimited data for the next 6 months.

          • Allmye_Biznezz

            Soooo it's 7 months later. Still have unlimited data.
            *Queue inserting foot in mouth*

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            "Verizon Prepaid is Finally Getting 4G LTE, Likely on July 17"
            How do you think Verizon will free up enough bandwidth to do that? Stay tuned.

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            the "you will be allowed to keep your unlimited data as long as you pay full retail price for your new phone" sounds a lot like keep it FOREVER

      • Wilhelm Vain

        So you're for mental caps. That's all that is "I have unlimited data, but I only use 10GB*/month. It's people that use more than 10GB* that are the problem."

        In that case you should feel perfectly happy with a 10GB* plan. You don't actually need, nor want, unlimited data. If you set a limit on unlimited than it is only unlimited in it's name alone.

        *replace with the amount that you find satisfactory.

        • Nunyur_Biznezz

          The amount hat is satisfactory is the one where the network doesn't come crashing down. Mobile data doesn't work by magic. It's a shared and limited resource. 95 million customers with unlimited data using 50 GB a month would NOT be good for ANYONE. You want your 4G speeds to be closer to dial-up, IF you can even use it?

          • Andres Schmois

            You are incorrect in basically everything. Wireless technology is actually cheaper than setting up ISPs. For one thing, THERE ARE NO CABLES, so there's no need to pay for land usage except for the antenna. Another thing that's wrong with your statement is that LTE is NOT 4G, real 4G is about 1gbps up and down and it exists but it's not useful yet because we're using phones that can't really do 1gbps, that's why the call it 4G LTE, which is actually a dumbed down version of 4G. After all of this, can you explain how ISPs are able to handle unlimited data for big portions of the world for simply max ~80 bucks a month? The answer is because it doesn't matter. The limits are set just to charge more and get more money.

          • techgui

            anyway you spin using 20GB or more over a cellular connection is excessive and those power users are causing us all to suffer.

          • Andres Schmois

            Did you not read anything I just said? The limits aren't there to help us, they can easily handle the bandwidth, just like the rest of the ISPs handle the bandwidth. They just put this different meaning to mobile internet as if it was more expensive, when in fact, it isn't.

          • techgui

            They cant handle the bandwidth, thats the problem. Anyone who thinks they can wasnt around in NYC when ATT had iphone exclusivity.

          • Andres Schmois

            That was how many years ago? Do you have any idea how much these things expanded? And do you have any idea how bigger Verzion is compared to ATT? Just because one company can't handle it, doesn't mean that all of them can't. And taking into account how much we are being charged, I think building a better infrastructure isn't an issue. The issue is that people want money and since there's not many options, they can do whatever the hell they want to do.

          • john fragoulias

            Have you noticed how much slower the 4G LTE speeds have gotten since Verizon expanded it's network and took on the iPhone, when they initially started the 4G LTE service, I used to get over 30 Gigs download and over 20 Gigs upload speeds, now I would be lucky to get 15-5, explain that please.

          • Andres Schmois

            I'm sorry I'm not understanding this. 30 gigs download?????????? In what world do we live in that there is even that much speed? You're comparing bandwidth to speed which is like comparing apples to smartphones.

          • BF

            VERIZON HAS CONSTANTLY INCREASED THEIR FEES ETC BUT FAILED TO MAINTAIN THEIR SYSTEM THEREBY OVER SELLING THERE PRODUCT !!I EASY FOR AMERICANS TO UNDERSTAND , NO SO MUCH TO SOCIALISTS..Got your bomma phone do you ??? I cannot go a day without having at least 40 Verizon commercials crammed down my throat, so let's face it IT SI NOT THE CONSUMER ,,IT IS THE GREED OF THE SELLER !!

            Have we EVER seen a situation where a monopoly is good for America ? Nope ! And when YOU blame the consumer for the greed of the corp YOU are just proving to the lobbyists, politicians and other crooks just how stupid the American consumer is. What swill.
            the USA is so low on the worldwide list for services such as internet speed and cost, educaketion, cell cost and coverage etc that we are laughing stock of the world. WE HAVE LOST OUR EDGE to the " patriot Act" ..Was I the only person who heard every government agency state that they had ALL THE INFORMATION THEY COULD EVER NEED TO UNCOVER and PREVENT 9/11 yet they let it happen over interdepartmental rivalry. Now you stand and permit corp America to steal and spy at will AND want to pay them MORE for doing so !

            And yes, wireless IS far less expensive than wired services..about 1/10th cost at present..
            I gotta get off here you people make me sick --go work for verizon if you love them so much I'm sure you can assist them in removing MY paid in full unlimited. I have over paid for 15 years to prevent overcharges and to have all the capability I needed if and when the time came and NOW YOU think you are the smartest kid in the class because you sold out. Well I PAY FOR MY USE, I PAID FOR ALL MY PHONES, I PAY FOR 800 minutes /mpo ( use about 200 prime time) and WAS FORCED BY VERIZON TO USE DATA BECAUSE I HAD A PDA AND DI DNOT ----I DID NOT NOR USE DATA BUT THEY FORCED US TO USE IT IF WE HAD A PDA --DATA OR NOT !!! AND YOU IDIOTS BLAME THE CONSUMER !!!!!!!!??? My God you sicken me. Now who's to blame again !?!?!?! Who is forcing all those data sucking crapware on us that we cannot remove ?? who is reducing our usable memory by making the crapware non removable?? Oh, I remember now VERIZON ,your buddy!!

          • TS

            You have no idea what you're talking about regarding bandwidth and whether or not a wireless carrier can support the network utilization of today and tomorrow. Finite spectrum + Growing wireless usage = Problem. Carriers can't free up old network technologies (WCDMA, iDEN, etc) that hog freq. spectrum until they remove everyone from it. That takes time. So they have to hope that the spectrum they have set aside for 4G LTE is sufficient to support the population centered around a given cell tower. More people tying up the spectrum for longer periods of time (e.g., high data users), means less spectrum available for others to use. Spectrum is a finite resource that can't be fixed by adding more fiber when the pipe becomes too congested (as in the case of a landline ISP). It's a problem of scale.

          • obadiahorthodox

            It is a freaking radio signal. Is there any congestion on the radio waves when a million people use their radios at once to receive the transmission? NO. It is the greed of the corporations limiting you to 10 gigs a month and charging you out the ass for RADIO WAVES. It is the fault of Capitalism. Nationalize the ISPs and Phone companies and see if unlimited access is feasible.

          • Andre Ruano

            But it was Verizon, AT&T's fault for offering unlimited data in the first place. Unlimited means unlimited, bottomless, fathomless without restrictions or controls.

          • john fragoulias

            Yes unlimited for your mobile device, not to use it as a tethering service to substitute your home internet.

          • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

            This assumes those using that much data are tethering. I tear through 8-10GB+ a month and don't tether at all.

          • redwings19

            Not for people living in rural areas that want to use netflix or watch streaming videos online. Some movies are close to 1GB alone. We can't get cable or anything else fast enough to do those things out in the country.

          • mechapathy

            No cables? What are you talking about? Most of Verizon's network uses wired backhaul. In fact, most wireless providers use wired backhaul. Microwave backhaul is not in widespread usage yet.

          • Andres Schmois

            I meant the difference between ISPs and wireless network. There's no cables coming OUT of the building. Of course backhaul needs cable but so does regular ISPs, I was just pointing out the difference.

          • Matthew Gardner

            That person is actually completely right and you're just arguing bullshit semantics.

          • Andres Schmois

            You're right, I was adding injury to offence because of all the other bullshit he's saying. The actual point is actually correct. It is almost the same amount of effort to handle wireless connection than to handle regular cabled connection. On one hand, cabling can be expensive, and on the other hand for wireless, handling the disconnects and connects can be expensive as well. Either way, they have no right not offering an unlimited plan when ISPs do all the time. And don't come to me with the limiting of ISPs bullshit because almost all of them, if not all, don't enforce that limit, and for good reason.

          • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

            Well, to be fair, a lot of ISPs are now having caps. But that being said, $80 for 250-300 GB is a better deal than what carriers are offering.

          • Andres Schmois

            I took this into account. I said that these things are rarely enforced and so technically they are still unlimited.

          • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

            They (unfortunately) enforce it with me. Somehow I went over 550 GB the last billing cycle... lol

          • Andres Schmois

            I'm not entirely sure why it isn't enforced if they have these limits, it may be some legal matter (I'm not a lawyer) or it just may be a way to scare people into not going over, either way you are right reaching 300GB is actually quite hard to do in a month even with torrenting, netflix, and all the other things. But 550 GB, that's quite a bit.

          • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

            I really have no idea where it all came from.

          • aron figueroa

            I did 1TB last month limit is supposed to be 250 been doing 500GB - 700GB for the past 6 months for over a year. LOL

          • Boris

            "There are no cables"
            Except the thousands of miles of fiber optic cable linking every LTE connected tower.

          • bf

            I understand now..So Verizon overcharges all it's customers and advertises unlimited data for years and years without upgrading their system and it's the cutomers fault that Verizon's service sucks or can't keep up with the demand . You don't even place any blame on Verizon for loading up on crapware that sucks up data !! believe me if they were truly that desperate STOP THE CRAPWARE BACKGROUND BS !!!!! ?!?!? Got it..You Any relation the Bush ?? He too wanted illegals to supply a cheap workforce for his buddies and we now have 10% unemployment and YOU want to apply the same tactics to yet another greedy monopoly , good plan .. Next is 10% reduction in YOUR 2 gb plan.....I PRAY THEY DO THAT SO YOU CAN DINE ON YOUR OWN ILLITERATE STATEMENT.
            Now that Lte towers are 1/10th the cost of 3g towers , verizon should have every INCH of earth covered their greed has removed unlimited , refused to increase coverage and people LIKE YOU WHO CASHED IN THEIR UNLIMITED for a little discount on a new gotta have phone which you apparently DO NOT USE AS DESIGNED as 2 gb is enough for you, now complain about WE who chose to pay $500-$700 for our phones in order to maintain our unlimited , but are now the reason that YOU no longer have unlimited and are just plain jealous over your own greed. TOO BAD ..
            TODAY I WILL USE 100 Gbs just to piss you off and not even watch whatever movies i que up to play for 24 hours ! HA, unlimited until they tear it form my cold dead hands( you know, like your 2 gbs that you have to LEARN TO LIVE WITH ! in your cold dead useless cell phone hands --really 2 gbs a mo and YOU jump on-board with corp America- GREED , GREED >GREED stupidity of the American consumer)

        • josh h

          Its unlimited for a reason, I signed up for the plan so I could do that, don't degrade people for using 50, 70, or 100 gigs a month, its why the plan exists

      • Unlimited

        So what do you think unlimited data is. 10gb? if im paying for unlimited that means i will will use it all month long and not worry about paying an overage charge. When we were paying 30 for unlimited data on the old 3g when mobile internet was trash they weren't complaining.

      • Charles M

        I agree. You only impress yourselves bragging on that kind of usage.

      • response

        Data is not real that's not "why" it is no longer unlimited it's because they figured oh hey we could make bank if we could somehow monitor the amount of time ect spent on the net. Now they roll in $$ and people are caused to suffer in an already very sad economy. So USE IT AND PISS THEM OFF!!!

      • TJay229

        You replied to me a year ago about my "unlimited data"


        I still have it.
        $30.00 and i now pull in over 100GB some months. It's a wonderful thing to enjoy and have at my disposal. My only regret is that you didn't hold your breath when you wished for me to lose it in 10 months.

        One less hater gone.

    • Casey Kline

      LOL i did a personal best last month, 100 gigs. But i only do that once a year just to do it.

  • Ken

    I agree....not getting rid of my unlimited...I used 20-30gb of data/month. Don't need cable or DSL which, if I switched to tiered data plan; I would have to get costing an additional $60-$70/month and a two-year contract for that too. No thanks. I just love these carriers and their need for greed. Whatever happened to "customer first" in this country. They simply don't care as long as people keep on using them. We need a completely NEW "type" of cellular, wireless or communications system to compete and/or knock all of these carriers off their perch.

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      People like you are the people that ruin it for everyone. Enjoy your 20-30 GB a month for the next 10 months

      • Nathaniel_Graham

        Once again, shut up

        • Nunyur_Biznezz

          So mature. Shouldn't you be playing at recess?

          • Nathaniel_Graham

            And shouldn't you be shutting up?

          • Nunyur_Biznezz


          • Michael Pahl

            nunyur_Biznezz is just jealous - pay her no attention.

      • big mik

        Dude I no u think you no what u r talking about, but verizon cant break the contract. Its a two sided contract which u have to resign at every purchase. I just enter into a new contract in June with unlimited data. If Verizon don't honor that until june 2015 they can buy each one of my 5 phones back at full price, plus 350.00 pre line early termination fee.

    • techgui

      "dont need cable or dsl"
      thats the kicker right there. Mobile internet is not a replacement for cable/isp. Did ppl really think they werent going to get their money one way or another

  • NuLLnVoiD

    I managed to buy a new phone on contract but stay grandfathered in to unlimited for me and my wife. We are on one of the older family plans from about 3 - 4 years ago. I would have had to go to a tiered plan by my son is old enough to be responsible with a phone so I got him a flip phone for emergencies. BTW, he learned how to text me within just a few minutes. Bringing his new phone, which was only $35, into the plan allowed me to keep the unlimited plans on the 2 smartphones. Either way, I get to keep it for another 2 years without having to pay off contract pricing.

  • Nunyur_Biznezz

    Don't do it? Ok here's the deal, on June 28th 2014 all unlimited data customers will be off contract. Verizon will then be free to get rid of unlimited data for good. Will Verizon have another deal like this in 10 months? I doubt it. So your choice is to enjoy unlimited data for 10 months then get put on a 2 GB plan or take this deal now.

    • taxi333
    • DanSan

      and if that day comes, that month along with sending in my final on contract payment i will quickly follow it by sending them a phone number port request courtesy of tmobile.

      or just keep one line on your account that u dont care about, in my case its my moms phone and just do all the upgrades on her line. thats how i got my S4

    • Michael Pahl

      dude buy a new phone outright, and keep unlimited for eternity.

    • Wolf Nordlund

      I'm not entirely sure where you are getting June 28th of 2014. Because I signed another unlimited contract, that expires in September of 2014. The Verizon employee worked it out for me, I don't know how, but he said it was possible. My contract is proof, so I suggest you get your facts straight.

  • Scott

    That Verizon logo is very accurate.

  • KingRando

    How in the hell are you guys using 56gb a month? I probably don't even use that between my cell and home internet and I download shows all the time.

  • Derrik Brozovich

    JUMP! from T-Mobile is $2 more of you have handset protection, or $10 for a new protection and JUMP! plan. You do not sacrifice your plan or data (which is never capped; it seriously is unlimited) . Unlimited everything (talk, text and data) and the jump plan will run you $80 total.

  • Greyhame

    As someone whose name is Max, this time the name really attachment really bothers me.

  • Adam Truelove

    There is one thing, and one thing only, that will keep me with Verizon. A Nexus phone.

    Also, an extra $20 for mobile hotspot?!?!?! Hahahahahahah!!!! They are just ripping people off.

    • remister

      You mean the Galaxy Nexus, SIIIIKE

  • Jadephyre

    Why is everything related to mobile networks and Internet so bloody expensive in the states ?

    • CoreRooted

      Because people here have let it get that way. The carrier's say "We need more money to give you want you want!" and people just open their wallets.

      • Jadephyre

        Yeah, I guess so... it's probably the same with CDMA, which was primarily chosen because it was new and stuff (at the time at least)

  • Steve Freeman

    What happened to the whole it being illegal for them to charge for tethering?

  • dirtyfingers

    the sad thing is there will probably be people that sign up for this

  • dhalamar

    Weird, I upgraded from my old LG Spectrum just yesterday to a Samsung Galaxy S III... paying the 50 bucks with the 2 year contract and kept my unlimited data. Hell, the woman working even told me what I had to do to KEEP the data plan the way it is (I was trading my upgrade for my daughter's to get my new one and had to have hers on me)... I've gone to 3 different phones counting this one and have kept the unlimited data the whole time.

    • Scott

      Were you at a corporate store or a 3rd party retailer? We need the details on exactly how this was done.

      • dhalamar

        I just called them and they said they're a corporate store. Aside from that I can't give you any details about it.

        I walked in knowing my daughter's upgrade had already passed and mine wasn't due until December. They ran it through and she specifically told me "If you want to keep your Unlimited Data I'm going to need her phone." so I went back to the house, got her phone, went back, filled out paperwork, paid and left with my S III.

        • dhalamar

          They're a VERY small, fairly boring store. I live in a city with a population of 11,000ish.

          When I called to ask them if they were corporate or 3rd party and mentioned that I still have my unlimited, he said there are "ways around losing it and they probably did it to help ya out" but didn't go into any detail about it. heh

          • Scott

            What's the store's number? I'd like to ask them about it myself. They can do the upgrade over the phone I think.

          • dhalamar

            I can't remember the guy's name (I'm terrible with them lol) but I'd honestly be a little better about giving the number in a PM of some kind. I don't want to potentially make them sit there on the phone answering people from all over the place by putting it on here. hehe

          • Scott

            PM sent on FB

          • dhalamar

            I'll reply whenever I get it. For whatever reason I haven't gotten it yet.

          • Scott

            It send it went to the "others" folder. Whatever the hell that means.

          • Scott

            Do you know who you spoke with?

        • Robert Alex Kibler

          Oh, so you technically used your daughter's upgrade and then transferred "her" phone over to your line. I'll probably be doing this ifever the get the Moto X.

          • dhalamar

            Hers and my number is all part of a family plan, and she's got a feature phone... and we've both got the same numbers we've had for years now.

            That's about all the information I can actually give due to my overall ignorance of the subject.

            I know how to use the devices I get, but the business part of it... yeah... complete and total ignorance. lol

  • Justin W

    "Best Offer To Date" - Yeah, after you killed Unlimited Data.

    • http://mrmcpowned.com mrmcpowned

      Well, considering Verizon doesn't offer Unlimited Data anymore, it is still the "best offer to date."

      • Justin W

        When I hear "to date" I hear "we've offered up until this point".

  • Mark

    The day unlimited data is done is the day that I leave Verizon. I use 50-70 GB a month because I can and will continue to do so for as long as possible.

    As for the nunyer_buzness character, he is the same guy who runs around the Verizon community forum preaching against all those who love and actually make use of unlimited data so it's best just to ignore him for the troll that he is

  • tekmonkey

    My fiancee is on Verizon and has the grandfathered Unlimited plan. She averages less than a Gig a month, the most she has used the past year was 1.4GB in a month. While unlimited is great, she wants to get a new phone but doesn't want to spend $500-600. Given how little data she uses, looks like her best option would be to get a new plan and subsidized phone. Thoughts?

    • Scott

      If she has no use for it, do it unless you want the unlimited data for yourself.

  • Ben Enos

    I'm still on AT&T unlimited plan that's grandfathered. I love it, it's the only reason I stay w them. They try so hard, so very hard, lol to get me to change plans but there's no way in hell I'm giving it up unless they rip it from my dead fist. Some months I use 60+bg of lte see ice. It's awesome. Anyone on any carrier who would give up an unlimited data plan is a fool. I honestly wouldn't even give my plan up if they gave me a brand new flagship phone every year for free. It just wouldn't be worth paying for all that data compared to getting it on my plan. Certainly not worth giving up unlimited plan just to be able to upgrade early.

  • shag

    Verizon is legally bound to offering their customers unlimited data when Google bid the minimum amount necessary to set this stipulation. Verizon is illegally exploiting their control of the "C" block of bandwidth, and the FCC is turning their heads, obviously from payouts. All monopolies are eventually shut down, so Verizon better enjoy their time in top. They will fall and hopefully the next guy will legally manage the best bandwidth block and stop nickel and diming their customers. It's the freaking law they agreed to, so there shouldn't be any complaints. We're being screwed and most sheep don't even know it.

  • Daemonocracy

    I am on the nationwide grandfathered unlimited plan as well, but I thought the unlimited plans were throttled to 3G only? Can I get LTE if were to buy the Lumia 928 outright? I figured the lure of this deal was the LTE.

  • Deltaechoe

    Look out guys, Verizon seems to be terming people on unlimited plans for even the smallest perceived breach in their ToS. I just got terminated for streaming too much music on my unlimited plan and then hit with 150 dollars of overages after they changed me to a 1 GB plan without notifying me. I'm on Sprint now as of yesterday and while the coverage isn't what I'm used to at least I don't have to worry about data BS for awhile.

  • Aaron Manill

    6GB at $30 versuses my unlimited at $10, yea i said $10 dollars, i threatened them i was gonna leave when the Droid X came out and they gave all my lines (5 of them) a promotional rate of $10/line for unlimited data, with an expiration date of 2044, good luck getting me off this plan Verizon :)

    • bobbutts

      "Savings" of $1,200 annually.. I'm a bit jealous. I "only" have 2 unlimited lines at $30/mo each, which vs. $10/mo is costing me an extra $480 per year.

  • Corpoartionsareppl

    The first internet service provider and cell phone internet provider to offer truly unlimited data will be the leader amongst its competitors. I would switch over so fast to the first company that will offer it... if they do.

    • Brandon Jiang

      .... I'm pretty sure Sprint and T-mobile have been offering that for quite a while now

      • Anthony Johns

        The problem is that their service sucks. I would switch to T-Mobile in a heartbeat, but I could not get 3G service where I live and I couldn't even get voice service where my parents live if I switched.

  • Asphyx

    Anyone who JUMPS on this deserves everything they get! LOL
    But please send me their address I have a few Nigerian Princes I want to put in touch with them!

  • Patrick Dough

    I would consider this if I could get subsidized pricing instead of Edge.

    Still have a year on my contract, but my Rezound has a broken microusb port and the battery lasts around 2 hours. Seems my best bet under $200 is a Droid Razr M, but since the battery cannot be replaced, I am not sure how much life it has left.

  • jeffhanson1

    I left Verizon one year ago and never looked back. I'm in San Diego and on T-Mobile non-contract $30 5g 4g/unlimited text/100 minute talk plan (10 cents per minute thereafter). I'm using an unlocked Google phone. I just called T-Mobile to port my Verizon number over. Leave the Verizon suckers to the corporate types.

  • Richie

    Well, when if Verizon every PUSHES me to a limited data plan and takes away my unlimited data, they will lose me as a customer. Is that what they want? Who knows.

  • MarcosV

    I was wondering: is there a legal reason why a carrier like Verizon could not simply cancel unlimited data plans? If they can, I wonder what the break even point would be --- how many unlimited data plan users must switch before Verizon would just kill off the rest?

    • duckmanbill

      If we're month-to-month, they could cut us off any time. It would be a bad publicity move though,

  • HK11584

    I think if Verizon should offer all the grandfathered unlimited plans a free $600+ phone and 3 months credit on their bill. LOL

  • Shawl

    You're a chump. I have unlimited data as well, but I don't go around abusing it. I just like having it in my back pocket. Get a real internet connection you bum. I run a website and constantly have to monitor online discussions and I've never once abused my unlimited data. Star Trek huh? You don't have any kind of integrity. Go watch Star Wars where lamers like you are at home.

    • duckmanbill

      How is using what you paid for abuse? They sold it to us as unlimited. We signed on the dotted line. We get to use as much data as we need.

  • Kenny Michael Powers

    As an OTR trucker I stream Netflix a ton with my Droid RAZR MAXX HD, about 50gb or so per month so I would go completely broke paying overages if I gave up my Unlimited plan. I bought my phone October 12, 2011 and it still is going strong! I am thinking about a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but $700 is not chump change! :)

    • why

      Why are you watching Netflix while driving a truck?!! Get spotify please so you don't kill someone!

  • GGman

    LTE is not CDMA, if you have 4G LTE then you will be fine until LTE is obsolete. It says it in its name, VoLTE. If im wrong correct me but I think those with 3g phones are the ones who are screwed, not the 4gLTE people.

  • Blue

    The day they tell me I have to give up unlimited is the day I leave Verizon.

  • Hermie13

    If you're using 10+ GBs a month on an unlimited plan, then I agree it makes no sense to switch.

    But what about those people that are using around 4-6 GBs? Yes, yes, I know many will cry foul as to why someone would have unlimited and not go crazy with it, but some people just simply can't use 10 GBs of data. Some people aren't on their phones enough to use that much data. Not everyone can stream music/videos all day at work.

    If you're a verizon unlimited customer using about 4 GBs (max)...then does it make sense to switch? (note, I'm not an unlimited customer, but know people that are and they don't come close to using 10 GBs).

    • ellafino

      I think the question is should those who currently have an unlimited data plan give it up for the opportunity to upgrade their phone at a subsidized price. The answer is obviously No for most people.

  • Scure you!!!!

    yea well they are f me over and I didn't even use over 4 gigbites and my bill isv 264.34...My average bill ran 131.34 for unlimited data!!! but when I first started.. I was quoted 98.00 a month after signing the contract...Then i was told I was paying for a gigibite data plan.... Screw these thieves !!!!!!

  • Marshall

    I have a very old unlimited data plan I pay
    $60 a month for. This was originally on an air card for a lap top then went to
    various other data only devices. I have asked to have a hot spot or
    tablet connected and was told only 3G devices are compatible. I got
    a 3G MiFi 2200 and was told it would not work on the system. Is this all
    BS to get me to give up my unlimited plan?

  • Chuckc

    Isn't tethering $20/mo under the current unlimited plan? At least that's what I pay, and I turn it on only when needed sometimes for just one day (assuming the prorated data covers my usage).

  • Phil B

    Hey guys, I have the iPhone 5 and just went in to Verizon today to upgrade to the 5s and they told me that I lose my unlimited data even if I buy the phone outright. So if this is true you're basically stuck with whatever device you have, and if you EVER change your phone for any reason you lose unlimited data. I'm wondering if he was BSing to try to get me to that Edge plan of if he was telling the truth??

  • Greg

    Upgraded to the 5s and a rep let me keep it, screw you Verizon I'll use 50 gig all I want

  • John Constantine

    I am not happy with the fact that Verizon continues to pull unlimited data from its customers even with the other companies adding unlimited Data plans! I am a Verizon FIOS customer as well. I pay Verizon a lot of money every month for their services. I think at least FIOS customers should be given the opportunity to have unlimited data! especially since they included live TV viewing in their Mobile App. They are providing a service that customers can't utilize as it should be or if they due they will certainly pay major overage charges. Shame on you Verizon!

  • Georgiaboy

    I will first in line to sign the lawsuit so I say bring it on verizon

  • wesblake

    What I don't understand is why the phones are 600 in the first place. Ask yourself why you can pick up a more powerful, larger screen laptop or tablet any day for half the price? One might say size, but a tablet as the same components, the extra space is taken by a larger battery and screen. It cant be 2-300 more for the data/phone portion. I think somewhere along the line someone's paying roughly $200 for all these high end smartpones and we're just getting raped because the majority is willing.

  • will

    They just took my plan and changed me to the 2GB. Saying it was a breach in the system. Im about to go off tomorrow. They gonna fix this.

  • marty

    $700/24 months=$29+ so it seems like verizon increases the price of phones to get back the difference on grandfathered data plans. Thats if you get the free upgrade.

  • Steve

    I used 226gb on my unlimited plan last month...Not gonna' happen.

    • ellafino

      226gb? What are you doing with your phone to have such high data usage. I don't even come close to that with my cable internet and that is with 3 persons in the house and every device connected.

  • Quint

    I normally use between 4 and 6 GB per month... I have used 8 a few times per year. But the prospect of me going to TIERED data without a discounted phone is scary. It is an insult to my intelligence. I'd consider MAX with a non Edge upgrade.

  • Jhi Renee

    They got me, unfortunately... I kept the same phone but added a tablet to my plan to replace my other phone line.... and by time I realized my whole plan had changed... they supposedly couldn't "undo" the change and I lost my unlimited data for a tablet that I barely use... :(

  • rj

    NEWSFLASH......just tried to add a phone in place of an old one with Verizon, and yes im one of the old ones that have unlimited data, and i could not replace it, doing so would force me to change my plan, i do not think this is legal, and at the moment i would like to find out if this is the fact. very unfair, and poor for a company :O(

  • rj

    yes the phone was new, and i had it in my hand not ordered from Verizon. i own the phone and still could not add it, or replace an existing phone with it.

  • dctravis

    I honestly got lucky that i havent lost my unlimited data. I traded up from the original moto droid to the galaxy nexus . Galaxh nexus accidentily went through a wash cycle in my camo pants (hard to feel it in the pocket when I grabbed em). Ended up opening a new line for my sister who already had a ohone and merger into my account. So I got a 200 dollar note 2 and transfered it to my account. Then that got cracked about 4 months ago and use my tech protect warranty to get the galaxy s4. Up until a month or two ago I had no idea that if I had done a regular upgrade I would have lost it. Just in the month of october I used 32GB of data because I transfered from a shipyard in maine the the submarine base in groton. Theres no way in hell im settling for 6 or even 8GB a month. Debating about adding the 30 bucks a month to tether my tablet... also as soon as I lose my data, ill move carriers. Im sick of not getting the premium phones on verizon ( im looking at you sony xperia z ultra.) .

  • phibert

    Wow! Just found out about this bondogal. Our family has had a large plan and I'm the only one with an antique droid. everyone else's upgrade to iPhones or Samsung so I'm the last one with a unlimited contract. we used up an entire month of gigabytes with two tablets running of one hot spot in 48 hours. babysitting kids electronically just got very expensive. And Verizon can pull the contract from my fingers of my cold dead body.

  • Cothirteen

    I hop everyone on here knows about Swappa. Don't pay retail just to keep your unlimited plans!! http://www.swappa.com

  • curt

    i use over 100gb a month on unlimited 4g.

  • guest

    How in the world did you keep you Verizon unlimited plan ? I bought a new device and Verizon told me they could not turn it on unless I ungraded , I had the Unlimited 3g Verizon device and they said when 4 G came available that they could not turn on my new 4 G LTE device with my current Unlimited plan, They Tricked me into a plan and I said I was not sure of this, She told me that I could get a 20 gigabyte plan for 79.99 a month, So I said I hardly ever use more than that amount, So lets try it. Well when she went to put that order thru she comes back and tells me. " My Computer won't let me Put that In for you sir " I said well why not , " I am not sure" So I said forget it I'll keep my unlimited plan for now, Guess what happened next, She said Sorry Sir after I tried to put in your new account I cannot go back to the unlimited plan for you., I was Pissed off and I can't even think that a Company As Big as Verizon is has to trick people like I get Screwed, I live in an area where this is no good internet yet, But its on its way and as soon as I can I will leave Verizon happily, Why can other Carries like U-verse,Comcast,Charter,Dsl, Not charge for for gigs but Verizon and AT&T and Sprint, do It makes no Sense, You want customers let them have unlimited you will HAVE them all. after all isn't fiber suppose to carry many many node without trouble ? I dunno but I am going to leave this after I get another supplier because I got bonned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • verizonishomo

      trick is...you need to HAVE a 4g phone in order to do that. Thats how they get away with it. 4g is a new service and your data contract was with 3g. sorry to hear they raped you. file charges

  • guest


    • troy

      IS YOUR CAPS LOCK BROKEN? MINE IS TOO. Your obsessive use of caps lock shows your level of IQ. Look, most towers can handle large amounts of data and even if users "abuse" anything you can throttle them. They have a cap because Verizon loves to make money. In addition, your suggestion to buy cable TV is pretty ignorant. Most people are moving away from cable TV to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. The truth of the matter is throttling data is better than cutting people off completely.

  • shuteme

    I average been 110-150 gb a month.... am I pig or what?

  • shuteme

    I average been 110-150 gb a month.... am I pig or what?


    What so bad about T-Mobile jump? It includes insurance and I your on the old jump plan?
    Upgrade even 6 months? If not you pay off your phone? You bill becomes 25 dollars a month cheaper on and already value plan.

  • Radyor

    Just for trying to trick us I'm going to school tonight and letting 4 others tether with my 3rd party app and we're gonna watch Netflix on our laptops.

  • Taker

    The best way to Tether is using foxfi or pdanet apps. Screw big red and the 30$ a month to tether to my phone. Both apps are a one time fee to use and you can share your data plan from your phone. I average over 100 gb a month on my data. But i can run 2 laptops a desktop a gaming system and a tablet of my phones data plan.

  • Popo Signs

    Verizon sucks.. Every way I look at it.. Verizon needs to die. Or.. Offer unlimited.

  • jane smith

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  • vman07311

    i have unlimited data on my jailbroken iphone and have the app pdanet on it. i use 80 gigs a month , i am never trading up. suck on that verizon

  • me

    You are wrong it is $15 for every gig you go over. And its EASY to do!!!! No streaming or YouTube!!

  • me

    I can't believe data is now restricted and you have to pay. It doesn't cost them more they just want more. I had always had unlimited data with metro metro works great where I lived I would watch full movies surf everything all the time no problem for 70 a month i always thought these data people were crazy. Until I moved a state away and metro doesn't cover in my area and I'm now on Verizon I love the fact that I have coverage but hate the data plans. I never realized how much I used!!! I got a tablet too and can't even use the damn thing because it takes up too much "data". WTH! I'm on a 15gig plan and halfway threw the first month I used it all then went over. Streaming music while driving takes data mapping directions and even some games and apps on the phone run data . I literally have to turn my data off unless I'm in WiFi to keep from drowning in charge . Plus your data doesn't restart until the date they say. Like my bill is due on the 10th, I pay it but my data still won't come back until the 15t . And if there is unused data I don't get to keep that noooo it goes away. Money hungry is what they ar . Data is a SCAM!!!! Keep your old data forever plans!!!!