The Moto X has been making headlines as of late for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the astoundingly versatile Motomaker. Motomaker lets you to customize your phone to a degree that we've never seen before, allowing for a staggering total of 504 unique color combinations. Don't gasp in amazement at that number just yet, though. It looks like Motorola is preparing Motomaker to include the wooden backs we saw last month at the phone's unveiling. A quick peek at the code of the Motomaker webpage reveals that, though hidden to the common viewer (perhaps part of the checkout process), wooden Moto X backs are waiting patiently to make their debut and, further, that they will cost an additional $50.


Ignore the "in stock" part for now. We're still waiting for something a bit more official like, you know, the website to actually have them. While the $50 price tag may seem off-putting, for a phone [partly] made of real wood, chopped down from a real forest by a real Android-loving lumberjack for your calling, texting, and gaming pleasure, $50 is a very fair price. While there is certainly nothing set in stone (or wood, for that matter) in this code, this is probably a strong indicator of things to come. Hopefully we'll have some concrete pricing and availability soon.

Source: Motorola via Droid-life

Brad Ganley
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  • Joshua

    I wonder what kind of replacement policy they'll have on that. I can't imagine that wood would survive more than a couple falls without cracking and splintering. Of course, you could use a case, but then why pay $50 for the back in the first place?

    • Hans Pedersen

      No phone is replaced in warranty if it's damaged from a drop, and durability is very random. My original Galaxy S survived dozens of drops on concrete and asphalt, my GS4 I had to buy a new screen for after a couple of months after one drop because it landed pretty in a pretty unfortunate way. Ebony is a really strong and easily worked type of wood, that's why it is used for things like sculptures and instruments.

      Though, it is pretty heavy and dense. Dense wood actually blocks radio almost as good as metal because it contains so much water. I hope they've figured out how to maintain a good signal despite of that.

      • Joshua

        Those are good points, but I do have to point out that few things made of ebony have to contend with meter or more drops onto things like asphalt and concrete. I'm not saying this sarcastically, either. I know ebony is a good wood. I just don't know if it's up to the task.

        Of course, one could see this as the same kind of evolution as cars have had. Modern crashes cause more damage to the car in order to dissipate energy and protect the people. A wood back may break, but the internals then won't.

        • Hans Pedersen

          Ebony has really, really small fibres, unlike wood types like pine. It doesn't splinter easily. It works fine on guns, I think it will be safe to use on a phone. :)

          • paxmos

            Why would you drop your phone so many times?

          • Hans Pedersen

            Why not?

          • paxmos


          • Hans Pedersen

            I is what I is.

    • michael interbartolo

      that is why they sell a clear case so you can protect your phone while still showing off the style

  • nebula

    It's not like, that wood grows on trees.

  • hp420

    "While the $50 price tag may seem off-putting, for a phone [partly] made of real wood, chopped down from a real forest by a real Android-loving lumberjack for your calling, texting, and gaming pleasure, $50 is a very fair price."

    That would only seem fair if you were taking into account that each one needed to be hand-crafted. I can all but guarantee this isn't the case. They probably have one or two pallets of each type, and that is FAR more than enough for the veneers for every single phone that is getting a wood back, from start to end of production (and at $50 each, I seriously doubt more than 1/2 pallet of each type of wood is necessary since only people who like to burn money will buy one). The veneer is very thin (under 1/16") and doesn't exactly take a lot of material to make it. Not to mention they can mass produce dozens of them from one thin strip then cut them down to make individual backs.....

    $25 is far more than should be charged. If they can't do it for the same price you're paying for the phone then it shouldn't be done. This phone just gets worse and worse every time more news comes.

    • tylerbrainerd

      Why is $50 only fair if it's hand crafted?

      It's a wood back on a phone. As far as I know, that's entirely unique and pretty dang cool. And it's hard to argue that it's unfair of a price when literally no one else does it.

      "If they can't do it for the same price you're paying for the phone then it shouldn't be done. This phone just gets worse and worse every time more news comes."

      What an absurd and stupid comment. It's bonus and more expensive, and I think it's pretty cool and worth extra money.

      • hp420

        "Why is $50 only fair if it's hand crafted?"

        Because I could make one in my garage that would look just as nice for $4 worth of material. Granted, I'm decent with woodworking....but I really don't think the product justifies $50. Especially since the wood they are using is not exactly anything too extravagant. No rare wood here.

        I get it.....supply and demand, but I still think $50 is way too steep.

        I should mention I have seen people already making DIY wood backs on XDA. None were a perfect finish like I'm sure these are, but it's very possible to make one yourself, and quite easy to do.

        • bmaz

          Its very simple go purchase another phone and create your own woodbback panel for it.

          • hp420

            I'm actually thinking about doing it for my nexus 4 since the back is broken

        • tylerbrainerd

          Then quite frankly, stop complaining. I build custom guitar pedals in my garage. Doesn't mean I complain that companies sell them for more money then I could make it for.

        • 4chanpolspy

          If you can make wood backs for phones at $4 a pop that are nicer than what motorolla is offering do it and sell them for $40. Otherwise, shut it.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Well, if wood backs were common and there was a lot of demand for manufacturing, and established suppliers, etc, I'd agree with you. But it's likely something they have to custom-make, with no existing suppliers having a worked out process for making and distributing them. This makes it a lot more expensive - making covers out of wood is quite a bit different from making them out of plastic or metal.

      Plus, yeah - a premium on a unique product is acceptable. Then again - it's Motorola - they charge $20 for a belt clip.

  • Grimmjow

    Web page teardown

  • Ben Enos

    Honestly, if you don't like the price of the wood back... Don't buy it. If you don't like the color choices, don't get them. So many people are slamming this phone for silly reasons. There's companies out there who will electroplate your phone in gold if you have the money and want it done. Nobody is making anyone buy this phone. They're trying to offer consumers more choices and I find it refreshing. Personally I don't want one, but it's nice to see a major company trying something like this. Maybe other companies will follow suit. Having more options is always better for the consumer in the end.

    • paxmos

      Nobday is making anyone buy this phone, true, but this is outright silly...that's all. I guess this phone would be the station wagon of the phones with wood sides, well in this case back!!!

      • Slighter

        Actually Nobday wouldn't shut up about it, dude needs to get laid.

        • paxmos

          Hey, watch your spelling!!!

      • Guest


    • paxmos

      I paid a visit to my local ATT store and played with MotoX, and I tell you Ben, there is nothing, zilch, nada, zero special about this phone. It is light weight, close to stock Android, that's about it, everything else is last year's technology.... and now I love my Nexus 4 even more...Funny thing, a couple of online retailers want close to $800 for it, will see how much it'll cost in a couple of months!!!.....I even love my Sony Xperia T more now...do you think the wood is treated?

      • Ben Enos

        . Treated? I agree, there's not much about this phone that interests me, but I think it's nice to see a company offer more choices as far as thier product goes. If it was cheaper or had better specs I might be interested. But I'm sure some people will be happy with the phone and that's all that counts I guess. I would be happy if other manufacturers took this idea and used it in thier devices too. Especially the storage. Maybe give ppl choices in cameras or battery size, or screen size, etc. Time will tell I guess.

  • t

    Looks neat to me

  • Ark

    It looks god damn beautiful, and most case manufacturers that make them in wood charge at least this much, most charge more.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

    "Hopefully we'll have some concrete pricing and availability soon."

    Lord, there's even going to be a concrete option? Motorola, you crazy.

  • raaj

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