Last Updated: September 3rd, 2013

Avast's Android offering has been a top-notch product since it was released, and the company has put in a lot of hard work to continuously make it better since then. Recently, it launched some Premium features for its Mobile Security app, which offer some incredible functionality for only two bucks a month ($15 if you pay for a full year). Before we get into our newest Mega Giveaway with avast!, let's take a closer look at some of the features unlocked in Mobile Security Premium.

  • Geo-fencing. Set a custom perimeter on the fly (great if you're out in public and plan on being in the same location for an extended period), which will cause an alarm to sound should your device somehow wander out of the protected area.
  • Password Check. If the lockscreen password is entered incorrectly three times, the device can be automatically marked as lost (which will trigger all the selected "lost" actions), and/or take a picture of the would-be perpetrator.
  • avast! Backup. Technically, Backup isn't part of avast! Mobile Security (it's a separate app), but it does offer additional features for Premium users. The free version of the app will back up your text messages, contacts, and photos, but the increased functionality added in the Premium version will also keep your apps, music files, videos, and game scores safely stored in your Avast account and Google Drive. That's good lookin' out.

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Nexus 4 8GB

  1. Himanshu Ranjan
  2. Tim Norris

Nexus 4 16GB Bundle

  1. Daniel Sharon
  2. Brendan McEachran

Nexus 7 16GB

  1. Rohit T Mathew

Nexus 10 16GB

  1. Tim Grzadzinski
  2. Travis Wolfenberger

Nexus 10 32GB

  1. Spyros Giannopulos
  2. Tom Rigodanzo

And that's just to name a few of the key features. Otherwise, you'll also get:

  • App Locking: Locks an unlimited number of apps.
  • Ad Detector: Detects ads and provides full details of their tracking systems.
  • Remote SMS: Remotely send SMS from the phone.
  • Remote Data Recovery: Remotely retrieve data from the phone.
  • Remote Identification: Take picture of the thief when he/she tries to unlock device (use front or back camera, with face recognition). Record audio, with voice recognition.


Of course, all the free features that made avast! so good in the first place are still intact: Anti-Theft (with root support), App Manager, Privacy Advisor, and of course, Virus Scanning. As already mentioned, the free version of Backup also keeps some of your most sensitive data stored safely in the cloud.

So, how do you get in on this premium action? It's easy, actually – just install Mobile Security and Backup, hit the "Go Premium" button and away you go. Head below to grab both apps.

Screenshot_2013-08-23-10-34-24 Screenshot_2013-08-23-10-36-46 Screenshot_2013-08-23-10-34-42


And now... it's giveaway time! Just like the last time, we have nine Nexus device (plus a few accessories) to hand out:

Getting your name in the hat is easy – just answer a simple question: What do you value most about your phone? This can be a tricky question, so here are some examples of good answers:

  • The device itself
  • Photos
  • Contacts
  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Text Messages
  • ...etc.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Like last time, if you fail to answer the question with a reasonable response, you will be disqualified. In other words, you will not get a free Nexus for saying "Ohh, give me one!!11" or "Pick me plz!!222." You've been warned!

This giveaway is international (excludes North Korea, Sudan, Iran, or anywhere else with a U.S. embargo).

The giveaway begins now and will run for one week, ending on August 31st at 12:00 AM (midnight) PST. Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Gorea Vlad

    gaming :)

  • Adam Purkis

    i still have an old desire HD, but even on an old phone, i love the developer community and the ability to stay up to date with custom ROMs and use features that stock ROMS on newer phones still dont have access to.

  • Marcus Crump

    I love the fact that I can have everything I need, be it directions, research, my documents, reminders, calculator, alarm, whatever, in the palm of my hand and ready when I need it.

  • NL

    Got a Galaxy Nexus:
    -google maps directions anytime, anywhere, no getting lost plus transit directions!
    -easy to root with many roms+kernels + unlocked so I can use it when I travel
    -lets me stay connected through sms, facebook, twitter, snapchat
    -lets me take notes easily in class with the gnotes app
    -photosphere camera + gplus auto backup
    -listen to my music anywhere with play music
    -fast ota updates with every release of android
    -stock google, fast and lightweight
    -google now + voice search lets me find pretty much anything anytime

  • Marius

    I want Google Nexus

  • Honna Daniel

    I am a student and i hope to get one of a nexus for my studies. It can also be used as a ebook reader while travelling to school and take interesting photos along the way.

  • Kevin Mirsky

    Gotta say I value the ability to connect to the internet wherever I am. Being able to get email, read an article, check the weather, being able to look something up and do so much more is fantastic.

  • André C

    I love Avast on m'y phone because great antivirus , antitheft réputation ....more fonctions for great utilities..Avast do m'y life better!!!Thanks Avast.

  • Mohamed Elouafi


  • Sunil Shah

    I love the graphics of my SONY mobile (including camera quality) ....though it is having less battery backup. But Its powerful processor balances it. and low battery has many options right now. So not worried about it. Just simply awesome.

  • Emily Hudson

    i use an iPhone 4S right now and I still love the touch screen and easy navigation.

  • Martin P.

    What I value the most is the possibility to access any information, anytime and anywhere. My smartphone is my personnal copy of the hitchhiker's guide of the galaxy. One that'll note only guide me to the Last Restaurant before the End of The World, but also give me the opening hours and throw customer's review in the mix.

    On that regards, the phone itself doesn't have that much value. The service provided (internet connectivity + access to data) is what I like the most, as long as the screen and the battery are big enough.

  • Kaminee Pandya
  • Howard Lin

    What do I value most in my cellular device? The thing that I find most important in my device is that it is reliable, performance, and easy to service. What I mean by the latter is that the phone can be easily tweeked and customized to my liking and use. I bought a Droid Razr Maxx 2 years ago after saving up $300, and it is a very, very reliable phone. It did all of my tasks easily and it always lasted me days. However, as I get older along with the phone, I realize that reliability isn't the most important thing anymore; its the performance and usability. Due to the low RAM and having Jelly Bean installed, the amount of times my Razr Maxx has crashed has been horrendous lately, and I really want to upgrade into something more capable. Due the locked bootloader and lack of support from Motorola, I began to realize that the Razr Maxx quickly became a poor choice later on. Now, I desire something bigger, such as a Nexus, with full Google support and much more capable hardware, and that is why I want to win this drawing:)

  • Brett

    My current phone (HTC One) is also my first Android device. We have not been together for very long but the relationship is one of need and love. You see not only do I need my phone to stay in touch with friends and family via the multitude of applications provided so easily and readily by my phone but I thoroughly enjoy the weight of it in my hand, the caress of the aluminium as it takes on the same temperature as me and the glorious colours from the ample screen. It helps me to relieve boredom while waiting in queues or as a passenger in a vehicle by giving me games to play, facts to look up. My phone is never far away from me and can answer any question I ask it, and in fact I can actually ask instead of typing.

    I also love the customisation available for this phone and Android in general. To me, all of the above is important and I value them all a great deal, but the one thing I value the most is I can express and share my experiences with others even when they are not there with me instantly. I do not have to wait until I get home to upload photos or make comments or send a quick note on how I feel my phone gives me the ability to do that straight away.

    Having the majority of my family living 1,500 - 3,000km away this is just a perfect way to make them feel like they are here enjoying life with me and my immediate family.

  • Rahul Krishna

    The most valuable to me is the smartphone itself. It is because it helps me in always being connected almost anywhere. Having the ability to make my work productive with an app for almost anything , to find something i want, stay up to date with my friends and family and much much more is something i couldn't even imagine staying without. This is what I love about a smart phone.

  • Sopla

    I value most the fact that my smartphone is always with me. No matter if I'm at home, on a walk, or at work, it's always near me. In my pocket, on my desk no matter where, what matters is that I can use it anytime.

  • Mohamad Ali Al-Ghazwi

    When i first got my galaxy nexus i valued the processing power, enjoying the gaming experience; as the specs of my phone became less and less high end i realized how unimportant the where relative to the experience i got from the phone and the two things i value most in it: internet connection for the many IM services that i use to keep in touch with far away friends untill i can see them again, and the camera, not to take pictures to hang on the wall or pin on the fridge like i used to, but to use as what i believe the camera has become for most smarphone users: a reliable way to make note of something, for example remembering a newly discovered food or brand just by taking a picture of it. I of course still take pictures to preserve memories and views, but instead of putting those in a photo album or in a frame, i'll simply show them off on my 4.7 inch screen.

    (Sorry if i already posted this... i was having some trouble doing it

  • Spanky

    Has to be the ability to access to information whenever and where ever required. I'm hardly plugged in 24/7, but when you need to know something, it's damn handy to an instant portal to just about everything in your pocket.

  • Marko


  • Marko

    Internet on go!

  • Makro


  • kayode

    I love my security, I a world of. Many cyber threats and also hacking. I want a secure and trustworth anti virus. I makes me feel safe if I have one

  • Ilias

    my data because you can't back up app data easily

  • Mica Pata

    I have an iPhone 4. I guess what I really like about it is that it gives me something to personalize. Something that belongs to me alone. Sure, it was a hand-me-down, and both my parents and my brother have iPhone 4s's, but my iPhone 4 is special. It carries many memories, pictures, and thoughts. I guess I'm only joining this contest/giveaway because I've never won anything before! Good luck to all. :)

  • Cansandra
  • Amy Tran

    I got a Galaxy Y and Avast Mobile Security and it doesn't take many memories so that's great and I can use my mobile safely and without any lags !

  • Akash Kothawale

    I have Iberry Auxus Nuclea N1. Its battery life is amazing. However, Nexus has a class of itself.

  • Silvyana Setiono

    I own a samsung galaxy young cdma SCH-I509 it's smartphone with gingerbread os. although it's 2 years old but it's still rocking! the camera has 3 mpx but it has great quality, and i love it so much. i always take picture my baby with my phone and it's awesome!

  • fixxel

    My Galaxy Nexus connects me when I'm mobile.
    I thought snapshots with a smartphone are bad. Now I take nearly everyday many snapshots of beautiful or funny things.
    I can connect with friends no matter where they are or what they do.
    Though I hate the battery-time, though I hate performance (sometimes) I love my Nexus.

  • Mariam Ahmed

    The main thing I love about my phone is that it connects to a whole world of information any time I want.

  • Gewsi

    All the photos I take, all the information I store,
    All the apps, and all the games I'm trying to score.
    Whether I'm online to check when my bus is going to leave,
    Or sleeping off hard days to finally breathe,
    I find it peaceful, or as one might say,
    The most useful thing I have, that's why I scream "Hey!
    People of this kind world, listen to me carefully!
    You're blessed with the little things, like phones, thankfully!
    Don't waste your time on wars between this or the other side,
    Think of what you can do to live with smile and pride!"
    And that is what my heart tells me sweetly:
    Without my little Huawei I could feel rather incompletely.
    So, my friends abroad, as I said in the very first lines
    The things that matter most are those I store on SD cards.

  • Jandy Aditya Pratisto

    I have Galaxy Y. It's cheap and it's really outdated... But things that important for me to protect is, The memories of high school. You know from messages to photo or my secrets with my gf (oops). It's really important for me. It's really valuable.

  • Ken Sherman

    Although the question of what I value most of my phone can be tricky, if
    I had to choose it would be it's functionalities. Specifically, the use
    of apps in my opinion. Features such as video, photos, texting, and
    voice commands are great (especially voice commands)! If there is
    something that can make my life far easier then that it is a PLUS for
    me. Apps can pretty much do everything you want from a phone and then some! It can be like a package of software rolled into 1!
    With Android aka Google Play, I am extremely grateful that I can get
    pretty much any app I want with MY choice of phone(s) without having to
    be exclusive to Apple's App Store. Thank you Android!

  • Paul Mendes

    What I value most about my phone is its ability to run CM10! and other roms like MIUI. I am a flashaholic and the most important part of my phone is having to change its rom every other day.

  • Flo Tsu

    My phone is the Galaxy Nexus.
    I value most to be able to simplify daily life things on the go: looking up where I can do urgent errands (yellow pages, Google Maps), using Google Maps how to get there, looking up what I could do still on the day if I have free time (Yelp, Qype, evently, and others).
    The other big part is always having a camera with you, which is awesome. :)

  • Mariam Ahmed

    The thing I value most when I buy a new smartphone is the device itself: that is ensemble of all its features!

  • Nigel

    What I value most is the portable connectivity... as long as I have my phone I can get online

  • STALKER_88

    Well i have a Xperia SP. love it,love the light effects. i use my phone mostly for entertainment. music/movies on the go,gaming etc. also its my primary way of accessing Facebook. but its no nexus. i could use some more processing power and ram

  • Chris Hutchinson

    i value the connection to the internet, i may be a little addicted to the internet but aren't we all. ;)

  • Mariam Ahmed

    i would say most important are my contacts as they allow me to connect with people on the whatsapp, call, text and for other apps.. defenitely contacts

  • Mark Kohls

    I love the fact that my phone has replaced my laptop for 90% of non work computer use.

  • Shehban Patel

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Y and though it is almost 2 years old, I still love it. It has stored all my music, data and videos that I want to enjoy at anytime and played them admirably. It was never considered a powerhouse but it is my first smartphone and I still love it despite it struggling to compensate for all the heavy apps coming out nowadays. It can still do all the important things for which I bought it such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.
    It might be old but it is mine and that's what matters in the end. ;)

  • Abdel Rahman Rottab

    I always viewed my phone to be nothing but outdated laggy junk, until the day I lost. That day not only my phone was lost but part of my daily life.
    From waking up to its loud annoying alarm to falling asleep while reading in bed. I have found that I have spent quarter of my day using this laggy outdated junk. Browsing and checking my facebook while eating breakfast in the morning, listening to music in the bus to school, taking notes on it from classes, texting my friends to hang out after school, capturing random pictures of my day, and reading endless hours of ebooks before bed till I fall asleep.
    Now that I look back, I find that I valued every thing about it. Miss you you piece of junk :(

  • Guest

    I hope to win >----<

  • Malwen

    I would love to win a Google Nexus for my wonderful Mum

  • Rainbow Dash

    Uhh nice question!
    Hmm, the most thing I like in my phone is that actually is very easy and comfy, even if it's old and somehow people don't really like him. It's that I just don't really like that much touchpad so I prefer using the keyboard instead of the touch u.u
    (I've got a Motorola Milestone 2)
    Also, it's a gift from my father, who is really far from me now...

  • Viren Sakariya

    I use my Mobile for Smart Applications like Cloud use and for others Internet, and Contacts..

  • Jonathan Baker

    I love the camera and dropbox integration with my phone. I've had two different phones die on me and if it weren't for the automatic backup of my photos to my dropbox, I would have lost a lot of great photos of my family.

  • Jaffer Al-Ghazwi

    Photos and Videos

  • Mariam Ahmed

    The device itself because it has all my contacts and my private information.

  • thakrisp

    my device is most important because everything is backed up and i can always get everything easier than i could my device.

  • Grant

    I love that when my phone is with me, I can be connected with everything I need to be connected with.

  • Wasim Chauhan

    I Value Most About My Phone Is Photos Because The Photos R Of My Girlfriend And My Friends And The Photos Of That Place We Travel As Well Which R Priceless 2 Me The Memories 2 Remember For A Long Time.Therefore I Value Most About My Phone Is Photos

  • Shafiq Umar

    full metal body, Zero gap construction, & tapered edges that offer a slim but satisfying grip, my HTC One is phone design that doesn’t compromise, Capturing a moment takes more than one image, That’s why my HTC One includes the HTC UltraPixel Camera, Press the shutter & my HTC One automatically captures up to 20 photos and a 3-second video—a picture that’s alive, my HTC One BoomSound Dual frontal stereo speakers powered by built-in amplifiers deliver bigger sound with less distortion and more detail, my HTC One is ready to help me channel surf, With Sense TV, all it takes is a few simple steps and you’ll be able to select TV channels, access program guides, adjust audio & more with my HTC One, Find my favorite shows, & it will notify me when they’re on, Take control of my TV experience with my phone.

  • magicuser

    I love the sharing option and auto back up options

  • Mohammad Rafiq

    My Sony
    Xperia Z engineered full HD
    smartphone, Super clear, super black The OptiContrast panel brings me clearer images when on
    and a seamless black look when off, Feel like I am there with a razor sharp & super bright
    display, my Sony Xperia
    Z comes
    with 13.1MP cameras are built with the same expertise and components as leading
    Sony cameras, to bring me ultra-sharp photos and videos, wherever and whenever, The slim
    body, with its reflective glass surface, looks and feels slick, but my Sony Xperia Z is
    crafted to be water-resistant, dust-resistant & tough enough to handle
    whatever life has planned, One touch to entertainment, discover the easy &
    fast way to wirelessly share music, photos, videos or anything that’s on my Sony Xperia Z screen, One-touch mirroring with NFC
    technology lets me easily see all the
    content on my phone, on my TV.

  • Montana Mobley

    I have a Glaxay Nexus and I like that I am able to keep up with the most current version of Android.

  • Mariam Ahmed

    my device is most important because everything is backed up and i can always get everything easier

  • Stanisław


  • at00

    I can take photos and see them anytime.

  • Sami Qureshi

    My mobile
    goes beyond smart & fulfills my needs by thinking as I think & acting
    as I act. Tell it to wake up! Even better, I can tell my Galaxy S4 to
    turn off the alarm for a few minutes & let myself sleep a bit more, Answer
    my phone (or reject a call), turn my music up (or down) & even tell the camera when
    to shoot, With Galaxy S4 now
    it’s even easier to keep track of friends & loved ones, it even knows when
    I want to talk, I need to sit without any worries & my mobile do all the work. Thanks android
    OS made possible.

  • Hsien Loong Hwang

    I certainly doesn't use much of the communication function such as for call or sms in the first place. I end up using my phone mostly to organize my life from personal finance to tracking the tv shows that I watch. Without my phone I can imagine myself in total chaos. I'm currently using a Galaxy Nexus and it suit me well for the current being.

  • Mauritz Jagiello

    What I value the most is that I never have to be bored when I'm waiting for something. I can watch a podcast, check Twitter or play a game.

  • mrvaio

    in my opinion, i prefer my device most, about its appearance, speed and durability

  • Ashwani Kumar

    My Mobile phone is more important and value for me . I can live single day without my mobile .

  • Kevd

    I value the ease of connectivity with loved ones.

  • Acaa Aca

    What I value the most is that I can watch movies while browsing just like a normal laptop.

  • Rudy Inoa

    I used to have an iPhone 3Gs, i was happy. Then it got very very slow and i moved to Android. My first Android was a Motorola Atrix 2, i was happier than before. I could do multiple things at once, check all my emails and be updated with todays world. I fell in love inmediatly with android. Then i sold my Atrix 2 and bought a Xperia Play used from ebay.

    This was a terrible mistake... I received a faulty phone and i couldnt return it. I couldnt take pictures, the screen wasnt working allright and i had to change the battery.

    Now i realized what is the most valuable thing on my phone: productivity.

    With my Android, i had a big screen, i could watch movies, play games, check email, make presentations for school and show it trhu HDMI, i could stream music, check my bank accounts and do almost anything you can do with a normal PC. Just in a smaller size.

    Thats it.

  • Komal Chola

    Games are weak point of me and have value for me

  • Matthew Jones

    I use my phone for virtually everything, but the I think the most valuable aspects are the many different productivity apps available. My entire life is in my Google Calendar and the integration with Now is really great. I have my to do lists in Any.Do (I miss Astrid!). I have really important longer form notes and things that I use on a daily basis in Evernote.

    I wouldn't necessarily be lost without it, just extremely disorganized.

  • Varun Murugan

    My office documents , files are more value 4 me . I always worry about my files safety

  • Vipin Seth

    Internet connectivity value most .

  • ArianS

    I just love it because Google made it. It's just like the Apple iOS line.

  • ArianS

    Because the Nexus line is so pure Android, the experience is better. The updates give you the feeling like you are the first person to receive it. Everybody else around me has either a HTC, Samsung or Apple phone. I just loved it when I had my first Android, my Nexus One, and I was like: 'Did you receive the OTA yesterday' and they would respond like:'Which update?' Then months later they come to me and say:"Hey, I got this update last night" And then I say:"Haha, I got this update a long time ago". Also, when a new security breach is out for Android, these guys are the first ones to receive the fixes. Finally, the pricing on these devices just finishes it off.

  • Ricardo Ronda

    The device itself looks amazing! I don't have a Google Nexus, but everywhere I go, I see someone using this amazing device! I'm really crazy to have one because with it I would do my work and of course, play a lot of games!

  • Kasim Sarvaiya

    I Value Most About My Phone Is The Videos Because The Videos I Have Is Funny And Loveable.Therefore Whenever I M Sad,Angry Or Nervous I See The Videos To Make My Mood Change And Make Me Happy For Me Its An Asset.Therefore I Value Most About My Phone Is The Videos.

  • mjnitz02

    While there are a lot of things I value, I'm gonna have to say the media and news capabilities of the device. A combination of pocket casts, google music and GReader Pro let me listen to music/podcasts all day during work and allow me to keep up with all of the latest android blogs. Texting is also pretty useful, but with MightyText, I seem to find myself texting from my desktop PC more than my phone lately! And based on my usage, I think my battery would agree with me that media and news browsing seem to be my favorite things to do!

  • Mariam Ahmed

    Internet connectivity value most .

  • Sinan Yargeldi

    I value my Phone for it's endless possibilities. It guides me to every spot I want, it keeps me up-to-date with the latest Facebook-Posts and the newest events and proceedings all around the world. It helps me to make moments to memories with his great camera, making beautiful pictures in all conditions and everytime. When it's boring, it entertains me with cool videos and delightful games. When in a fiery debate, it supports me with important information. It helps me in so many situations and only wants some electrons ;)

  • Blizard

    Hope to win!

  • Dean

    The answer your going to get from me is the device itself. Honestly, it can do so much now than what phones could do in the 90's. My phone, a Nokia N97. I know, terrible right? has all the photos I've taken over the past 2 years. I read through text messages sometimes and I either laugh or cry.

    My phone is very valuable. I wouldn't dream of losing it, and I wouldn't want it stolen! Gosh...Imagine all of them stupid selfies I took...OMG.

  • Judit Z.

    What I value about my phone the most? Internet connectivity, and all the things the internet makes possible. Browsing, most importantly. 99% of the services I'm using are available through a browser - no unnecessary app installs needed. Information, photo uploads, messaging, anything I could possibly want. I'd say it's pretty glorious!

  • Ed Wilson

    I really enjoy the developer community of my Nexus 4.

  • Afzal Dayatar

    I Value Most About My Phone Is Contacts Because It Contains Number Of Many Business Partner,Parents,Wife And Mischief Friends As Well Which Is Important In My Life.2 Remember This Number I Need Contacts 2 Save It.Therefore I Love Most About My Phone Is Contacts.

  • Šimon Slávik

    Well i have Nokia X3-02 and seriously nothing, it has old OS capable for nothing, maybe little Android will help but....

  • ogaitz

    I value the device itself since i can do what i do on the computer on the go.

  • Fareed Gupte

    my mobile safety is value for me . I want to secure my mobile from theft

  • Fahim Jodhatar

    I Value Most About My Phone Is Phone Itself Because It Has Lots Of Features Which Is Truly Unbelieveable In This Modern Time And With A Harder Life It Helps Me Out And Give Time 2 My Family Which Is Important And Thankful For The Phone Which Is Helping Me In Needy And Bad Times.Therefore I Love And Value About My Phone Is Phone Itself.

  • Shree Bhagat

    I value my mobile security software. I use Avast because It is free and full loaded with features even in free version

  • Nivedita Mukharji

    I love listen songs , Chat , facebook, Twiter . I always on facebook with friends and apps like facebook , Twitter is my fav. and value .

  • Sadik Bilakhia

    I Value Most About My Phone Is Photos Because It Has My Son Photos,My Daughter Photos And My Loving Mom Photos Which R My Happiness In My Life.I Cant Live Without Them If I Miss Them I See Photos Of Them Which Make Me Smile And Happy Therefore Value About My Phone Is Photos ♥

  • Deepesh Shastri

    Of-course My mobile is value for me

  • Nishant Mishra

    I value most about my phone . My phone's Camera .

  • Sabrina

    My camera

  • Yogesh Pandit

    I value Data backup apps . My data is important for me and it is value fro me .

  • rg

    I value my photos the most

  • Arbaaz Agwan

    I Love About My Phone Is A Camera Because It Snaps Nice Quality Picture 2 Look Real And I Love Taking Pictures Because Its My Passion Therefore I Love My Phone Camera Because I Value It ♥

  • jdomann

    I value being able to communicate with anyone through multiple means. I can call them, text them, IM them, and now voice chat with them. It makes life a lot easier having people at less than arm's length in (indirect) communication.

  • Palak Sophi

    I value battery life . My mobile have long battery life . Yes, it have less features but I am OK with it

  • Dean

    How will you be notified if you win? Email?

  • Sumit Vardhman

    I value my mobile Samsung GT-N7000 . It is my first smartphone . It value more for for me

  • Sohail Agwan

    I Value Most About My Phone Is The Brand Apple ♥ The Best Fruit Of Mine Is Apple And The Mobile Brand Which I Love Is Also Apple Thats Love ♥

  • Mohit Sen

    I value my phone's capability of run many apps . I enjoy many apps ( free) . Some paid apps

  • Nick Mariano

    I value the contacts, notes, calendar entries, and the pictures of my Phone, its like a pocket size extension of my memory.

  • Sumit Naini

    my phone Speed is value . run heavy games , apps very easy , mostly no hang

  • http://hassan.tk/ HASSAN AHMED

    The device itself because every thing is in the cloud ..

  • Sanni

    I value most about my phone that it takes all these wonderful memories for me, wherever I go.

  • Somaya Chipli

    Games value for me . I play daily games . I never bore with play games . It give me smile , relaxation.

  • Kriti Somya

    I value my phone low cost with high end features

  • Gurpreet Dhami

    I value password . My bank login password and user name , and other password .

  • Kiff

    Being connected, all the time...

  • Paramjot Kaur

    more value The device itself .

  • Normunds

    I have the galaxy s3 i9300.
    I guess i value the most the phone itsel.
    Galaxy s3 is super fast,smooth and comfortable . Also size is great , in my opinion best size for Smartphone.Also s3 runs all games very good , so yeah i love my phone

  • Geet Parihar

    My phone's Stylus value me . I love drawing & stylus help me to drawing good picture .

  • Disha Motwani

    I value Photos, Videos, Text Messages . Photo and videos are memory for all time

  • fgyn

    I value my photos on my phone.

  • Mohini Jha

    I value most Android Operating System . Android is awesome Operating System . Superb

  • Surjit Singh

    I value 2G, 3G , Wifi , features

  • Abhjeet Aapte


  • Parveen Sharma

    Photos , Videos , Text SMS , Videos SMS , Voice SMS, Emails , Apps, Camera , front carema , Big Screen I value most .

  • Sanjay Kumar

    My Device It self , Free Avast Security . I mention Avast not for win only for becoz It is Dam good app . So many features for free , Complete security for free . I also value Camera .

  • Fredrik Mellbin

    All my stored text messages. Can't live without the SMS discount codes for my local supermarket.

  • Alan Paone

    My phone gave me back my time. I used to sit at a computer refreshing my facebook, email accounts, etc while I was supposed to be using the damn thing to do work. Taking the 'check' out of checking email/facebook and just letting my phone buzz at me when I had something new completely eliminated a major source of distraction for me, or at least made it clear to me and everyone around me that I was being distracted. separating out my work and play made me better at both. Now I'm pretty sure I would go crazy (and probably die) without some kind of smart device with push notifications, I'd certainly be a lot less productive and more antisocial, all together.

  • Herman F

    I've heard it said the best camera is the one you have on you when you need it (assuming you only have the one). In most cases for me that's the one on my phone - it's usually handy when the kids are doing something crazy and spontaneous, and I love having the ability to capture decent quality stills & video right when I need to

  • Steph BKN

    I have an iphone which I love. I love how its great to capture moments with the kids (i never carry a camera just use my phone) and its an easy to use mode of entertainment with my 3 yr old and plays my 1yr olds fav tunes :)

  • David A. Saborio S

    Battery, camera, but the thing I most like is: Android OS and avast! Mobile Security + Avast AntiTheft!

  • HDC

    The most I value about my phone is my photos!

  • D C

    What I value about my phone is my videos.

  • mike bodack

    I love my Android device. The ability to surf the web is amazing. Just think we were unable to do that some 7, 8 years ago. But now we can. I also love the ability to send and receive e-mails without having to be at a computer terminal. We take our phones for granted though. We rely so heavily on our phones and a way to demonstrate this example is by challenging anyone to leave their phone off or at home for 1 day. If you thought quitting smoking was difficult, try to not touch your phone for a full day ????

  • Daniel Streit

    My 3 years old Galaxy S is my unvaluable, always available, link to my friends and family. Reminder of tasks i otherwise would compeltely forget. The best way warning friends im ariving late.. when finally out, a keeper of the best moments.
    Aaand after all, it always shows a way to get home, no matter how drunk my friends and me are :D

  • Vezq

    One for me

  • Andrew Swanson

    I have the AT&T LG Optimus G (E970) and the thing I love most is the build of the device itself. The glass backplate is wonderful to hold and the etched design underneath is beautiful to look at. The weight, heft, etc, is perfect for me!

  • kahna

    I value most my device itself . It is my world

  • Sangkima Chawngthu

    The thing that i value most about my Galaxy Nexus is the overall
    Android Experience it has provided me since the time i bought it. I've
    spent significant time just tinkering with pretty much anything possible, at times things will go completely wrong and i have to Google all day to find a solution or fix which i recall was actually pretty fun. Watching and following forums and blogs about all the progresses in Android development and be a part of it makes me feel like I'm special and helped me gain so much knowledge.
    I'm really glad that i had a chance to fully experience Android through
    my Galaxy Nexus and i hope that my journey continues with a new and
    improved version Nexus.

  • kim

    MY apps, Contacs , office Emails , games value most

  • Ranjit

    My mobile security value most for me , I trust only in Avast Security. Free + Features

  • Richa Sharma

    I value mobile's battery life .

  • Ajay

    My device it self

  • Jm Valino

    I value my antivirus most, im a heavy downloader a
    nd always scanning for viruses.

  • Kusum Rani

    My Phone , Applications , Data , contacts , Photos , videos are most value

  • tooru

    What do you value most about your phone?
    I think a device itself value the most.
    Actually the experience that the device gave me is the most precious because I'm embedded software engineer and if I've heard about device's spec, probably I can guess its performance or how useful it is.
    But sometimes (?) it doesn't work because human's behaviour isn't always logical. So I need to have experience to learn/confirm how it's feels like.

  • Mohammad Shabbir Ahmed

    Nexus 4 is best.

  • ajm531

    the camera is what i vaule most. I am not a professional photographer nor will i ever be so i dont want to spend alot of money on a professional camera and i dont want to carry around 2 devices. But with that said, the cameras on phones are more than good enough to share pics with my family and show off a bit with things like photosphere. I love to share pics and my family and friends enjoy them for the most part.

  • Noel Rojas

    There are many things I value from my Smartphone. I have a Galaxy Nexus, and it has been my best phone ever! I appreciate to be able to stay in touch with my family and friends, but also I love all the possibilities that my phone offers me to organize my Schedule, to have all my files at hand through Google Drive, to receive my e-mails, and so on. My phone has helped me to be up-to-date every time, and to be a more efficient professional. I feel very lucky to have a Galaxy Nexus!

  • Cherie B.

    I love the ability to keep in touch on the go, particularly text messages. Though I have to say, having a built-in GPS whenever I don't know where I'm going is priceless too. It's hard to imagine the days before mobile phones and all the convenience they've brought to our lives. :)

  • gershom

    i love having the option to be completely in touch; for work with family and the world at large...but that means I can shut it all out too and just play a game or read a book...my device gives me that freedom...Nexus 4 + Nexus 10

  • Medina Mario

    what I value most is the camera and the screen. that is the most value for me :D

  • Emily Hudson

    .I use Avast on my PC but I've never owned an Android before. I definitely plan to switch next time I get a new phone but my iPhone is only two years old. I don't have a landline so the thing I value most about my phone is being able to keep in touch with my mum who refuses to text or email! After that I most appreciate having a camera, music and internet access wherever I go.

  • Udit Kumar

    I have a samsung galaxy fit ( i know i really need an upgrade) well I mostly have cloud back up of all the data (pics , messages, videos , music , chats, contacts etc) I would say the most important feature of my phone would be
    1) Battery Back up , and
    2) calling / connectivity services