Last Updated: September 3rd, 2013

Avast's Android offering has been a top-notch product since it was released, and the company has put in a lot of hard work to continuously make it better since then. Recently, it launched some Premium features for its Mobile Security app, which offer some incredible functionality for only two bucks a month ($15 if you pay for a full year). Before we get into our newest Mega Giveaway with avast!, let's take a closer look at some of the features unlocked in Mobile Security Premium.

  • Geo-fencing. Set a custom perimeter on the fly (great if you're out in public and plan on being in the same location for an extended period), which will cause an alarm to sound should your device somehow wander out of the protected area.
  • Password Check. If the lockscreen password is entered incorrectly three times, the device can be automatically marked as lost (which will trigger all the selected "lost" actions), and/or take a picture of the would-be perpetrator.
  • avast! Backup. Technically, Backup isn't part of avast! Mobile Security (it's a separate app), but it does offer additional features for Premium users. The free version of the app will back up your text messages, contacts, and photos, but the increased functionality added in the Premium version will also keep your apps, music files, videos, and game scores safely stored in your Avast account and Google Drive. That's good lookin' out.

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Nexus 4 8GB

  1. Himanshu Ranjan
  2. Tim Norris

Nexus 4 16GB Bundle

  1. Daniel Sharon
  2. Brendan McEachran

Nexus 7 16GB

  1. Rohit T Mathew

Nexus 10 16GB

  1. Tim Grzadzinski
  2. Travis Wolfenberger

Nexus 10 32GB

  1. Spyros Giannopulos
  2. Tom Rigodanzo

And that's just to name a few of the key features. Otherwise, you'll also get:

  • App Locking: Locks an unlimited number of apps.
  • Ad Detector: Detects ads and provides full details of their tracking systems.
  • Remote SMS: Remotely send SMS from the phone.
  • Remote Data Recovery: Remotely retrieve data from the phone.
  • Remote Identification: Take picture of the thief when he/she tries to unlock device (use front or back camera, with face recognition). Record audio, with voice recognition.


Of course, all the free features that made avast! so good in the first place are still intact: Anti-Theft (with root support), App Manager, Privacy Advisor, and of course, Virus Scanning. As already mentioned, the free version of Backup also keeps some of your most sensitive data stored safely in the cloud.

So, how do you get in on this premium action? It's easy, actually – just install Mobile Security and Backup, hit the "Go Premium" button and away you go. Head below to grab both apps.

Screenshot_2013-08-23-10-34-24 Screenshot_2013-08-23-10-36-46 Screenshot_2013-08-23-10-34-42


And now... it's giveaway time! Just like the last time, we have nine Nexus device (plus a few accessories) to hand out:

Getting your name in the hat is easy – just answer a simple question: What do you value most about your phone? This can be a tricky question, so here are some examples of good answers:

  • The device itself
  • Photos
  • Contacts
  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Text Messages
  • ...etc.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Like last time, if you fail to answer the question with a reasonable response, you will be disqualified. In other words, you will not get a free Nexus for saying "Ohh, give me one!!11" or "Pick me plz!!222." You've been warned!

This giveaway is international (excludes North Korea, Sudan, Iran, or anywhere else with a U.S. embargo).

The giveaway begins now and will run for one week, ending on August 31st at 12:00 AM (midnight) PST. Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • parth nikam

    lets do this !

  • Joel Ozejo

    User experience. It's amazing when you discover everything that your
    device can do. Keeping your contacts, schedule, surfing the internet,
    taking photos, all of these things get together in a nice user
    experience. But it's very important that the phone must do all these
    things right.

    It's very annoying when you buy most of
    the cheapest android devices and then you realise that the phone starts
    freezing when you run facebook while you're surfing the web or when you
    read that your phone will not get updates. But if you want to find a
    nice user experience, you have to spend extra money in a more expensive

    Sometimes, i want to throw my galaxy mini through the window :p

  • Farook Bilakhia

    I Value Most About My Phone Is Text Messages Because They R Valueable Messages For Our Business From The Partners Wht 2 Do And Wht Not 2 Do And Wht Is Best For The Business Therefore I Value Them

  • Charis SanAgustin

    The phone itself since it was a gift for my college graduation by my grandfather (samsung galaxy y), that's why it's a real treasure to me. I also like the "Notes" I use it as my diary and everything that should be remembered :)

  • Joan Llano

    The pictures/vids. I recently lost my phone and with it, all my baby's pictures and vids. I felt really bad and stupid because I have not even thought of backing everything up before. Loosing the phone didn't matter much actually, it was the thought that I won't be able to see pictures and videos of him since birth EVER because of what happened that makes it VERY FRUSTRATING . Until now, I have not forgiven myself for it.

  • aj34

    I value that I can always call my family ASAP when needed

  • Omry Jacobson

    that the phone just works and does not shut down when i need it

  • Gracie Josephine

    I value my data the most. My data is the most personal part of me. It falling into the wrong hands is what I am afraid of. My photos, documents and chats with family members is what I would like to keep private. Geo-fencing is something that would be if good use to me.

  • Nimmi Day

    I love my mobile and it is mose value more me

  • Ragini Rajput

    My mobile itself, Photos and Emails, apps

  • Trisha Mane

    My games are most value for me. They keep boring away from me .

  • Mahmoud Ahmed

    Mobile applications are most value for me because its express about my personality

  • Piotr Daniun

    I like a lot of things about my phone, but my favourite must be the glass on the back, i just love it.

  • Abhinav Suri

    I have a Xolo Q700, which I love for its battery life. It's an Indian brand and runs on stock 4.2.1. Always wanted a Nexus 4 but it was way out of my budget. This is the closest I could get to the stock experience for a $150. Even under heavy usage, it gets me through a day and a half. Battery life is important to me, as otherwise, I would have to limit my usage to make sure it gets me through the day. Oh, and I think you guys should seriously review one.

  • Umar Bilakhia

    I Value Most About My Phone Is A Camera Because I Love 2 Take Photos Of Each And Everything And The Camera Of My Phone Is 2 Good.

  • Ivan P

    What I love about my phone is the design and feel of the device as well as the camera and most importantly..ANDROID (HTC ONE X)

  • Steven Espinosa

    I value the ease of interaction with friends and family as well as information that my phone provides me on the go. I'd never connect with anyone or anything ever were it not for my phone simply because I'm never in one place long enough to effectively communicate by means of traditional computing compounded by walking everywhere while living in suburbia. That it also plays games, video, and more is simply a cherry on top of the sunday that is access to information and people my phone provides me almost instantly.

  • Anton Pivovarov

    The most important thing is, of course, the device itself.

    And the second most important is that you can't sync with google account, for example SMS, MMS, call logs, etc.

  • Ahmet

    Simply, the design quality.

  • Liezel Yalong Cabazal

    the camera =) because with camera i can capture memories =) "time fades memories stay" ^^,

  • Éric

    I love everything about a phone but the number one feature would getting good reception. I hate getting into a dead spot and the person beside has good reception.

  • Sushant Takkekar

    I value most About My Phone is Apps With its Data and Videos and Images Too....

  • Hanif Bilakhia

    I Love Most About My Phone Is The Name Of The Company Because It Has A Lot Of Respect Thats It.

  • http://marcelsamyn.com/ Marcel Samyn

    My current phone is a "dumb-phone", but I have an iPod Touch as well, and I must say that the instant and continuous connectivity is what I value most in it (and when I'm offline I read a lot—that's probably what I do most on it). Even though I don't have 3G, I get WiFi access in a lot of places and, yeah, I'm an internet freak :p

    When I get a real smartphone I know it can only get better.

  • Naresh Nekkanti

    The thing I value the most about my phone is its ability to help me foster my relationships with people around the world. This indirectly refers to the content such as contact information, pictures, videos etc as it is this content which helps me build and retain relationship. I don't just consider hardware or software as the phone but its the entire set of hardware, software, content and network which are inseparable to deliver value.

  • autone

    I value the fact that it really is a mobile PC replacement for me. I have PDF viewers, office suite editors and emails all in my S4.

  • Naresh Nekkanti

    Its the device itself I value the most in my phone. It is the device which contains all my data and makes my life a bit more simple:)

  • Mariam Ahmed




    Emails &

  • Naresh Nekkanti

    The thing I value the most about my phone is its ability to keep me connected with my loved ones. It may be in the form of text messages, calls, video chats, apps etc but the primary motive behind all this is to remain connected:) I love my phone because it makes me love my life a lot more by empowering me:)

  • Mariam Ahmed

    Its the device itself I value the most in my phone. It is the device which contains all my data and makes my life a bit more simple & easy

  • Zarina Bilakhia

    I Love Most About My Phone Is The Phone Itself Because First The Brand And Than The Mobile Which Contains Looks,Features And A Royalty To The Owner

  • Mariam Ahmed

    Its the device itself I value the most in my phone. It is the device which contains all my data and makes my life a bit more simple

  • Mariam Ahmed

    Its the device itself I value the most in my phone. It is the device which contains all my data and makes my life a bit more easy

  • Mariam Ahmed

    My device ( Mobile ) , apps , photos .

  • redips77

    Wow! I hope to win this giveaway! Avast is installed in every device I have, even the oven! :-D

  • Guest


  • Nk Gandhi

    I handle all my office work from my phone so email and ability to scan documents from phone is most important.

  • Sparktweek

    I value my entire smartphone, in that it can do so much for me, that I couldn't do otherwise. I have the internet and information at my finger tips, quick access to my family via phone/text/video, an up-to-date map of any place in the world, and it allows me to provide internet access to my home without having to use dial-up anymore.

  • SJ Prettyman

    What I value most about my phone is that I can track my friends' location, stalk them on FB, and find out everything about their life...without actually having to talk to them.

  • Rahul Gandhi

    My phone is like my best friend so i value the ability to socialize with the help of my phone on facebook and chat through my phone on whatsapp.

  • Edward Eatman

    Pure android experience with each nexus product. no bloatware.

  • Mariam Ahmed

    My device ( Mobile ) , apps , photos .contactes I can track my friends' location

  • Mariam Ahmed

    What I value most about my phone is that I can track my friends' location, stalk them on FB, and find out everything about their life..

  • Mariam Ahmed

    My phone is like my best friend so i value the ability to socialize with the help of my phone on face book and chat through my phone on whats app.

  • peppe

    I have a Jiayu g2+, a great smartphone for the price.. stable, fast and cheap. It is dualcore, has a camera of 8 megapixel (good only with a good light, at night instead it's not very good), 1Gb of ram and it's very usefull to have a dualsim smartphone.. But I would like to try a device like a Nexus, perfect devices.. ;)

  • MH Chua

    I value my samsung phone itself as it was a gift from my hubby.

  • Malhar Ujawane

    I have Galaxy Grand i9802
    I love the customizing ability on an android device. Fast, responsive and amazing. And also there are superawesome games and apps for Android phones!

  • Jeffrey Yong

    I value most about my phone is the ability to communicate via social network.

  • Mariam Ahmed

    the ability to communicate via social network.

  • Mariam Ahmed

    I value my device and the privacy the most.
    The ability to customize it as I want and with what I want.
    In short, I want my phone to be my phone !

  • Amir

    Back in early days of Windows Phone, I'm so tempted to buy touch screen phone. As desperate as it could be, I've used my credit card to buy HTC HD2 eventhough during that time I just been hired for 2 months only. The phone itself cost me RM2199 ($600) and I've made 6 months installment.

    It was a very big mistake! WP is not up to my expectation.

    ...Until I met, XDA Tytung.

    Numerous of flashing and tweaking... until now, I'm absolutely in LOVE with my HTC HD2

    As of now, I'm rocking on 4.1.2 and I feel great!

    Even if I won this competition, and get 16GB White 4 Nexus + Bumper + Orb + Nexus 7 + Nexus 10 or even Nexus 5, I won't trade it with my HTC HD2.

    Simply because...

    I will never ever trade THE KING. Never!


  • Jeremy Griffin

    I would say the device itself and how it runs and operates

  • Julie

    the fact that it would be fast and easy to send text quickly. my phone can't be that fragile because i can be clumsy sometimes

  • Mariam Ahmed

    the device itself and how it runs and operates

  • feral penn

    I value customization in my devices the ability to set up the widgets and streams that are valuable to me and provide access to all my music is what drives me to android and Google now's clever little moments of hey check this out, have me addicted to jelly bean.

  • Naresh Hospet

    No, you are not just a Phone
    But a friend ignored all along who –
    Sings to me in sweet tone when I am sad
    Plays with me like a kid when I am bored
    Throws a ray of light when darkness strike
    Guides me in the land of unknown and peril
    Screams when I take the wrong turn, throws me into right trail
    Captures the moment my heart desires to cherish later
    Wakes me up, yells to me about the bad weather
    Counts the calories I burn while I train
    Notes my ideas, keeps an eye on my expenses
    Stores all that I need, so I worry not remembering
    Pays my bills, shops my list - all when I sit on the lazy couch
    Brings up the theatre to my bed and bathtub
    Reminds me to call my parents, wish my wife, and thank my friend

    No, you are not just a Phone
    But a friend, scarce of ego, who –
    Carries my voice but adds no words of your own
    Cares not the colour of my skin even while I judge yours
    Fights not with me for the mask of religion I wear
    Falters never to take the thrashing in hours of my rage
    Makes sure I am heard a midst billion voices across nations
    Mocks never my ignorance but opens the world of knowledge
    Does so much yet asks to be fed once a day and I fuss that

    No, you can’t be just a Phone
    Not just a slice of metal or a slab of glass
    But my voice, vision, expression and unheard opinion
    No No!! You can’t be just a lifeless Phone
    But my only friend standing by me even when I am all alone!!
    But my only friend standing by me even when I am all alone!!

    And you my friend asking me what do I like the most of him? – It’s the unbelievable whole
    of him :)
    (I meant to say I value the device itself for the list of things it can do for me and for my life)

  • Mariam Ahmed

    I value the phone most for its ability to keep me connected to my partner, even though we're on different continents in different time zones.

  • Chaitya Shah

    Well Samsung Galaxy was my first Android phone and what i value most is the photo memories which i had with my friends & family,memories of birthdays,marriages etc.
    Was able to connect my all friends across the globe so never felt alone in bad or good times as one or another friend would be available to talk.
    It really helped while travelling alone as can find places,restaurants in new cities and at night listen to songs which really help to end the day.

  • Ibrahim Bilakhia

    I Value Most About My Phone Is Contacts Because It Has My Girlfriend Number,My Parents Number,My Relatives And The Last The Friends Number.I Cant Remember Everyone Numbers Therefore I Value Most About My Phone Is Contacts Which Is Important In My Daily Life

  • ckoaks

    Get directions, taking pictures, online video, being able to get online from anywhere are the features that i most use on my smartphone and find most useful.

  • Peter Goeree

    Great giveaway. Would love to win a Nexus 7 or 10

  • Dobromir Dobrev

    It works, and that's it. Battery life is good and there is not much to like beyond that.

  • Valerij

    I value the hardware and build quality the most.

  • Mariam Ahmed

    I love the ability to download directly from Google or install from recovery any ROM that is available from other developers like Cyanogen or Paranoid. The freedom itself. I feel that the phone is really mine.

  • SStewart654

    I value my music is always with me.

  • Xiao Man

    I value my phone for the device itself.

  • Marta Vieira

    Personalization possibilities :)

  • Mariam Ahmed

    I value my phone for the device itself.

    I value the hardware and build quality the most.

  • A.A

    Calling or texting others I guess. I do like having the internet in palm though!

  • Mariam Ahmed

    I value the hardware and build quality the most.connecting the internet

  • Mariam Ahmed

    My device ( Mobile ) , apps , photos .

  • Sumaiya Bilakhia

    I Love Most About My Phone Is The Photos Because The Photos R Of My 2 Kids Both R Different From Each Other When They Go 2 School I Miss Them And Then I Go 2 My Mobile And See The Photos Of My Kid It Takes Away Sadness From My Face And Bring Happiness On My Face My Love ♥.Therefore I Love Most About My Phone Is The Photos.

  • http://ankushg.com/ Ankush Gupta

    I hope I win!

  • Sarah Hunt

    I find my phone invaluable to keep me connected when I'm out and about. I often get lost so it's a sat nav for those occasions. As I am also deaf, being able to contact my family and friends through text is one of the most important things, I can feel sociable without having to worry about whether I will hear them. Finally my phone serves as a great reminder for when i need to take my medication. Without it I would easily forget to take it!!!

  • Beth Titus

    I love the fact that it's fast and reliable.Camera is awesome!! Love My iPhone

  • billdig

    Nexus great value

  • smashingplanets

    I value always having a camera to take pics and share instantly.

  • David Lopez

    Mine is a VZW Gnex, I love the ability to customize it any way I want! and now with avast mobie sec, and CM 10.2 with SELinux feel like a champ!

  • Gab Glo

    My black-brick can of Xperia U has given me much headache over the last year. But in time I managed to set her up to work like I want her to. The best thing i value the most about her is great flexibility of Android platform that allows me numerous functions: remote controlling my notebook, cloud storage, WiFi tethering and even some actions needed in my studies on university. But the phone itself is not very powerful, so one of those Nexus phones would come great. :)

  • Heru Widiyanto

    What do you value most about your phone? I valued my phone because all of my daughter photos are stored in SD card, from newborn baby until now 3 years old, so its a treasure for me :)

  • belloto

    thank you for all :)

  • Paula Carballo

    What I value more about my phone is the gps... I tend to get lost, what can I say.. haha...
    I really hope I win!! thank you!

  • Lawrence Anderson

    I have the Galaxy Note II.

    While some may turn their noses up at such a large phone or the fact that it has a stylus, it acts as a cybernetic extension of me. I'm almost 40, so remembering dates, names, and places doesn't come as easy as it did 10 or 15 years ago. My phone serves as a web-connected personal assistant. It keeps my contacts, dates, and information readily available, and backs them up to the web. It finds locations for me and gets me there efficiently. It provides information on-the-go that would normally take me to a computer. It manages my memories of events in the gallery. It connects me to my family and their schedules and activities so I always know where everyone is, what they are up to, and how to get in touch with them.

    It's an extension of my mind that has taken over functions that have slowed and become difficult as age set in. Without my Note II, I'd feel lobotomized.

  • Rosa Abbes

    the phone definitely very important in our life , msg information

  • SSNJ

    The device itself...

  • Radite Pramudito

    Available in packs unlocked and supports GSM/HSPA+ so it can operate at more than 200 network providers worldwide. User simply insert the SIM card that supports and is ready to use the phone.

  • Donnell Peters

    What do you value most about your phone?

    hmmm. well besides the fact that i am walking around with a powerful computing device in my back pocket......Considering that a mere 30 years ago if you told people things like that would be possible on search a scale, you might of been laughed out of the room, Its very surreal when you really think about how far the technology has progress from that time, What it enables us to do now.

    I can stay in my little room here and bring up a wealth of information on this "little" screen.

    I can press a button and talk in real-time to a friend on the next side of the world making me feel like they are right next to me.

    So you ask me "What do you value most about your phone?"


  • Mohammed Hussain Bilakhia

    I Love Most About My Phone Is The Text Messages Because The Messages R From GirlFriend ♥ And The Wonderful And Helpful Friends Which R Important 2 Me.Therefore Text Messages Is The Most I Love About My Phone

  • Adam Maxwell

    I love the godlike control over your phone rooting it can give you. Installing aftermarket roms, overclocking the processor, getting rid of bloatware, giving you the option of installing Avast! so it's still present even if someone wipes the phone - it lets you customize and tweak the phone to be truly yours.

  • Daniel Brownlow

    "Portability". The fact that such a small easily accessible device grants access to the world.

  • Mariam Ahmed

    I value always having a camera to take pics and share instantly.

  • Baxter DeBerry

    I value the openness of android.., being allowed to root (depending on the device) then flashing new roms and what not to that said device

  • Nichole

    Quick access to everything all the time. I love having the world at my fingertips wherever I go.

  • andrew

    I value my social life so without my phone I feel so alone.

  • jake dacuya

    A good phone can be the best phone when packed with the best apps. Aside from the phone itself, I value the apps that is in it. An ordinary photo can turn into an extraordinary one with the help of a photo editor. Posting to multi-social media sites all at ones makes sharing faster. Remotely control your laptop from your phone or tablet makes life easier. And most of all, mobile security & antivirus makes your phone or tablet secured from any threats.

    So when I say the best phone, it's gotta be Nexus paired with Avast!

  • Mariam Ahmed

    The fact that such a small easily accessible device grants access to the world.

    I value my social life so without my phone I feel so alone.

  • Mithun

    I like the SAMOLED screen of my Galaxy S 3 mini. The smart stay feature is very helpful too.

  • Mariam Ahmed

    I value my social life so without my phone I feel so alone.

  • Warf White

    Its totally simple. The thing i value most about my phone is the Android operating system. I think that says it all... Android and Avast!: All good things start with an A it seems ;-)

  • Mariam Ahmed

    The thing i value most about my phone is the Android operating system

    • Warf White

      Great Minds think alike... I said that exact same thing! :-)

      • Mariam Ahmed

        Thanks ;)

        • Your Friend

          Mariam - Just wanted to let you know that multiple comments from the same account will still be counted as just one entry for the contest. In simple words, One Entry Per Account. SO please stop spamming

          • Mariam Ahmed

            say it to yourself

  • Vitaly Matsevich

    Currently I use Samsung Galaxy Captivate.
    It's pretty old and doesn't even have front camera.
    But it looks OK and what values most, it is phone, I can call from it ) and also it has alarm clock, so this device is definitely useful for me, yeah.

  • nexus4lover

    i love my nexus 4 because it's a nexus, i can fix it, if something goes wrong <3 adb/fastboot and factory images.

    and the device itself allows me to stay connected to the people that matter, when it matters, that's my use case and what i value about the device.

  • Ákos Tóth

    It will be useful on my device. Thanks for this article.

  • Marco

    What I value most is lightness. No useless functions, no useless heaviness, less battery consumption, more speed for what you need to do.

  • freakism

    Got an GS3LTE. Most valued uses are browsing, music and GPS for public transit.

  • Stoyko0

    I have a Galaxy s2, its an old one i know but it still beats most mid-range phones nowadays so i love it <3

  • Joseph Shivak


  • Ujwal Jayendran

    Nexus + Avast = Match made in heaven = Total Value for Money

  • Vikram Bhandari

    My phone helps me keep in contact with friends and family! its also nice to have mobile-based apps for services like Twitter and Facebook so you can stay connected while on the

  • Amirul

    Definitely the device itself, backup all important data in other device and clouds, use avast for caution & I'm good to go!

  • http://gensanblog.com/ Erwin Bantilan

    I love AVAST!

  • Roshi

    the voice is the most valuable! It really feels different when I heard music from other phones
    My Xperia is the best when it's about voice ^___^

  • Sanam Mishra

    My Device its self and applications

  • Mariam Ahmed

    I value my device and the privacy the most. the voice.Quick access to everything all the time

  • Sanjay Mishra

    I want secure internet browsing and secure internet browsing value for me

  • ardei

    Q: What do you value most about your phone?
    A: The phone itself has some value but I guess the most important are the contacts and of course the photos.

  • Anonymous
  • Mariam Ahmed

    The thing I value most when I buy a new smartphone is the device itself: that is ensemble of all its features!

  • Kamya Gour

    All apps must be run on my mobile . This feature is value for me

  • Nitin Vashisht

    Mobile's Speed , fast response time I more value

  • Debeloid

    I value the most about my ZTE Skate the fact it is undestructable. It felt on the ground tens of times, and still works perfect. Also, i always have newest android version, thanks to modaco comunity.

  • Sanjay Puri

    Mobile's battery longgggg battery life is more vale for me than other

  • Dumitru Ganganu

    Great gadgets Nexus !

  • Timinger Carmen

    What I like at my phone?I like the alarm.

  • Umar Agwan

    I Value Most About My Phone Is The Videos Because The Videos In My Phone Is Comedy,Dangerous And Loved One As Well Therefore Whenever I M Free,Sad Or Happy I See Them.Therefore I Value Most About My Phone Is The Videos Because Its An Asset For Me

  • Mariam Ahmed

    connect with my friends, check my e-mails, stay up to date with news blogs, and always stay connected to social networks. I frequently end up myself in Twitter & Facebook, and also Whats App. I am also glad that I can make Skype calls through my phone. A full mobile communication experience!

  • Amandeep Sandhu

    I value most about my mobile phone .

  • Mariam Ahmed

    The device itself of course,with good sharing and connectivity features.Real cool apps to hang up with and it should be protected with AVAST security.

  • Khushbu Kharbanda

    The my beautiful device mobile itself is very much value for me

  • Drishti Aarya

    My answer is Photos , text massages , E-Mails .

  • Kavita Choudhari

    My device because with it all is all and without it nothing

  • Ricardo Lopes

    The device itself - Very beautiful design.

    Photos - To take photos with your friends.

    Contacts - Good Space to save them.

    Videos - Huge resolution make some funny videos.

    Emails - Easy access to your e-mails.

    Text Messages - Easy to write your favorite quotes to your loved one.


    Good Luck 2 everyone.

  • Isha Nahi

    Social apps is important for me , It connect is with whole world . I like social apps

  • Andrew Jay

    What do you value most about your phone?

    That's easy, it's what it allows me to do. A modern smart phone allows me to live in the future, and that's awesome.

  • Akmal Aizat Anuar

    my phone has been my buddy ever since last year..
    it keep me happy but sometimes makes me sad.
    if i have a problem with anybody especially with my girlfriend,
    there it will always be with me every time.
    it has capture many unforgettable moments in my life.
    i never need a digital camera or music player anymore because it has all that i need.

  • Mariam Ahmed

    My device because with it all is all and without it nothing

  • Obeida Shamoun

    What I value most about my galaxy S2 is the fact that till this day it can still compete with many of the phones released this year, although it's a 2 year old device. Case and point, I can run very demanding games on my phone, although its hardware is supposedly "outdated"

  • marba01

    the access to the internet

  • Ahmed Ali

    The class, sleeekness, the coolness of the metal body, the smooth glass screen_HTC One

  • Vlad Gogo

    The device itself. I love my phone.

  • Mariam Ahmed

    I'd say I value most the device itself, that is, its specs. A fast enough processing speed, ability to keep up with latest internet standards and memory size, internal and expandable. This enables me quick access to large files I regularly deal with and stay connected online as I'm almost always downloading or researching something.

  • Pawel

    It helps me pick up girls, when i cant
    handle it, i'm pulling out my stunning smartphone- and every girl is mine :) ;p

  • Patrick Taylor

    Real value is not the specs or the cost of the phone it's protecting the data, keeping the treasured pictures safe, where I never expected i'd even use a camera, recommends good restaurants, compliments my Computer easily, easier to carry around than Laptop is
    Would be first Nexus i'd own, currently have a Windows phone 8, Nokia Lumia 920

  • Russell Foo

    I value being able to track my runs with my phone.

  • Jeffric So Pisueña

    I value everything, from my phone to its contents :-)

  • Mariam Ahmed

    It's the content all the pictures of my family on holiday

  • brokeAzn

    what i value the most is the ability to contact the people in many different ways. when i cant get a signal in my school, i use the wifi calling feature, and other apps that would connect me through wifi to allow me to message others.

  • gman

    The photos.

  • Gewsi

    All the notes I take, all the photos I do...
    No one would value more the games I've been playing, too.

    Whether I'm online to check when my bus is gonna leave,
    Or sleeping off hard days to finally breathe,
    I find it peaceful, or as one might say,
    The most useful thing I have, that's why I scream "Hey!
    People of this kind world, listen to me carefully!
    You're blessed with little things, like phones, thankfully!
    Don't waste your time on wars between this or other side,
    Think of what you can do, to live with smile and pride!"
    And that is what my heart tells me sweetly:
    Without my little Huawei I could feel rather incompletely.

    So, my friends abroad, as I said in the very first lines
    The things that matter most are those I store on SD cards.

  • Ivaylo Kolev

    Thanks for all the love guys!
    Best of luck to all!I have the Google Nexus S.Just Nexus!