I personally like the idea of a smartphone that docks into a tablet. The ASUS PadFone 2 strives for the joy of both form factors without the hassle of maintaining two separately. Those who happen to own the device have seen a steady stream of updates roll out as the months have gone by. While the latest update may not jump the device past version 4.1, it does usher in a slew of bug fixes and other general improvements.


While most of the changes take place behind the scenes, there are a few user-facing improvements to share. The keyboard's vocabulary database has been expanded and the camera's automatic white balance has been optimized.

What's new:

  • Applied the Android security patch provided by Google
  • Improved the camera’s firmware and optimized the AWB (automatic white balance) function
  • Improved the input keyboard’s interface and upgraded the vocabulary database
  • Improved the performance and stability of the applications
  • New BuddyBuzz and FloatingApp version
  • Fixed bugs from users’ feedback

The entire update is 766MB large. It's distributed as .zip files and divided up according to device SKU. Just check under "Firmware" and search for the correct version before updating.

Source: Asus

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • TylerChappell

    It's always so easy to forget that the PadFones exist. I wonder why that is.