According to the aptly-named New Cell Phones Blog, photos of the "4.3-inch or 4.5-inch" Droid 5 have surfaced, which would confirm that Moto has another QWERTY slide-out keyboard in the works. The photos come to New Cell Phones courtesy of Weibo and show off a wireless charging coil. Other rumored features evidently include NFC and a resistance to both water and dust.

Motorola-DROID-5-001 Motorola-DROID-5-verizon

Nothing else is known about these photos, their veracity, or Motorola's plans for a Droid 5, but we'll certainly keep you updated when and if more details emerge.

Source: Weibo (1, 2) via New Cell Phones

Liam Spradlin
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  • cabbiebot

    wtf is on the bottom bezel

    • Sam Hollis

      Looks like a Verizon logo and some text for internal references.

      • cabbiebot

        That's what I was afraid of. Keep logos off the bezel!

  • Tim Barreto

    Looks dirty

  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com/ Silver Fang

    Two months ago, I would've been jumping up and down. But after a week of using a Galaxy S4... Well... *shrugs*

  • http://mrmcpowned.com mrmcpowned

    Hmm, looks like another Verizon "IN YOUR FACE LOOK AT ME FUCK YOU" phone.

  • Solust

    It doesn't look too different from the Photon Q, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Changing the "+=" key to ".com" is something I don't like, even if I don't use the key that often. I'd have to reserve judgement for some official specs on this one I think, but the wireless charging might be a plus. If it happens to have the same chip used in the X then it would definitely be interesting.

  • Jeremiah Rice

    That looks exactly like a Droid RAZR M with a keyboard.

    • Ivan Myring

      The screen looks bigger.

  • dirtyfingers

    I thought we were finally done with phones with a slide out keyboard

  • TylerChappell

    LOL @ People that think they still "need" qwerty phones.
    QWERTY + Motorola = guaranteed ugly every time.

    • GraveUypo

      lol @ people who put looks over functionality.
      i'd take a slider version of any phone over the regular one if i had the option.

  • shadowdude777

    What is wrong with the idiots around here complaining that there are still QWERTY sliders on the market? It's a bad thing that Android provides choice and variety? How would all of you non-Nexus owners like it if you could ONLY have a Nexus 4, and there were no other choices, a la iPhone? Just shut up and stop making a big deal about the fact that people might like different things than you.

    • ScottColbert

      Want a T9 version, too? lol

      • master94

        What would be awful about that? Android is all about choice. Thats why its awesome

      • Frekko

        already in market. Samsung Golden

    • Asphyx

      Me personally I prefer a slide out Qwerty and every phone I have bought had one!

      • Paul

        Wife's been stuck on a captivate glide w/ AT&T for too long. I considered downgrading to T-Mobile because they have a slightly better QWERTY phone, but now I'll be moving her to the Droid 5 w/ Verizon.

    • ins0mn1a

      seriously, it's like listening to the ghost of the late steve jobs: your phone's only interface is to be a sleek rectangle touchscreen and nothing more, and there are to be no other options!

    • http://papped.webatu.com papped

      Phones without any form factor differences = pointless...

    • Paul

      EXACTLY! Android was about CHOICE. iPhone is "this is what you get" and Android was "Want expandable storage? Want a QWERTY slide out keyboard? Want a D-Pad? Want a removable battery? Want a Stylus? etc." it offered choice. But with all these new Android phones coming out, it feels like we're moving toward less choice, just like iPhone. Built in battery, no D-Pad, no QWERTY, no storage expansion, etc. I'm glad to see Motorola still willing to make a good QWERTY phone, and I for one will happily move my wife over to Verizon, I'll stay with my Note 2 on AT&T for now since it's work provided, but I'll put my money in via my wife to show my support for choice.

    • Freak4Dell

      The sad thing is, it's actually coming to a point where we don't really have choice. Pretty much every new phone these days is a giant slab. This thing is the first new QWERTY in a long time.

  • Ishaan Rajiv

    Dat keyboard.

  • Arther

    With smarthones prices and current trends the next keyboard should launch with the bare minimum specs of 5" Screen at 1080p and Quad Core with 2gb ram and 32 GB storage price in the $699 range with a pur Android Varient. Such as 4.3 or 5.0

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      Not everyone wants a 5"or larger screen.

    • rstat1

      Sure if wasting battery life is among your favorite things to do.

  • Yam Borodetsky

    Eew, slide keyboard. Yes yes choice, I don't say this 'thing' shouldn't exist at all, I just say I am disgusted by it and surprised people are primitive enough to use these things in 2013.

  • brainimpact

    QWERTY slide keyboard devices look horrible with branding on their front, thy are primarily for landscape use, having all that branding in portrait makes it look scruffy.
    Just brand the back ffs

    • atlouiedog

      I have a Photon Q from Sprint. It has the Motorola on the top front and the M logo on the back. That's it. Sprint didn't feel the need to put their name on it an it's so much more tasteful than anything Verizon does.

    • Asphyx

      Yeah cause how a phone looks is SO much more important than what it can do and what features it has right?

      • brainimpact

        yes it isto non-geeks why do you think iphone sold in the early days even missing generic features dumbphones had and no 3rd party apps

        • Asphxy

          They bought it because any Idiot could operate it!
          Anyone buying a phone for looks over functions probably doesn't need a smartphone at all!
          They aren't smart enough to use half the features the phone is capable of anyway.

  • Brian

    I don't use one, but my wife has a droid 4. She would own all of us in a typing speed contest. The predictive stuff only works if you express yourself like a third grader. I use Swype, and I am constantly having to correct it's guesses.

    • rstat1

      The stock keyboard never has problem predicting what I want to say. Perhaps Swype is just crap.

  • aet

    Well then, looks like I'll be holding off on the moto x.

  • Lamm

    Qwerty keyboards are great for typing AND playing games on emulators... But after all the problems I had with damaged flat cables on my Motorola Milestone, I think I'll pass.

    • atlouiedog

      I've never enjoyed using the physical buttons on emulators, but I do slide it out and hold it by the keyboard portion for many landscape games and when watching video. It keeps my hand well out of the way of the screen.

  • Angmancy

    Typing a lot of text on my Nexus 4 makes me miss the keyboard of my old Xperia Pro. Only the keyboard thought!

  • acey_zero

    Man, I miss my qwerty so much, but no way am I switching to Verizon for this.

  • Asphyx

    Is it safe to assume this is a vestige of the PRE-MERGER development units and merely the last model in the Droid line?

  • Chris Ellorris

    And I just upgraded to the HTC One after waiting months to see if there'd be a new Droid this year. Whelp.

    • shojus

      Whelp! You are a dumbass! LOL

    • Prouddad

      How could you be so dumb to choose arguably one of the best phones ever made lol!!! Haha

    • EH101


  • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

    all Moto phones look like they come straight out of the 90's

  • Hitch’s Apprentice

    I hope it's the real thing..... If it is, this will be my next phone. I've had the Droid 2, and now the Droid 4. I'd like the larger, Sharper screen, and I'd hope it would have more memory. I've always loved the slide-out keyboard.... Wouldn't go any other way.

  • Ivan Myring

    Who is willing to bet that this uses X8?

  • Martin Cohen

    I'll get it as soon as it is available.

  • Paul

    Finally a new QWERTY Android phone. My wife refuses to use any phone that doesn't have a physical keyboard. I've tried letting her play with a Note 2 to see if the extra real estate helps, I've tried Stock, Swiftkey, Swype, and a few others, she can't stand virtual keyboards. She's been stuck on a Captivate Glide with AT&T. I was considering Droid 4 but it's getting dated. If this Droid 5 comes out I may just move her to Verizon.

  • Adam Truelove

    Wow, that Verizon logo looks GOOOOOD. Am I right people?!?!

  • Shmuel Protter

    The third photo floating around is of a Chines character android screen running Android 4.0.3. The droid 4 updated runs 4.1.2. They keyboard layout of the new phone appears to be an exact match for my droid 4. The screen seems different proportion though. Could be some creative photoshop/gimp work. I want a droid 5, I will upgrade, but I'm not yet convinced this is true.

    I would also LOVE it if users could control run frequency of installed apps to conserve ram.