HTC fans who prefer Verizon (or who have no choice), your long wait is over. After months of rumors and teases, the HTC One flagship is finally available on Verizon, the last of the four major American carriers to get the phone. It turned up on the Verizon web store early this morning right on schedule for $199.99 on-contract, or $599.99 if you want it "free" and clear.


Verizon's One is identical to those on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, except for the obvious CDMA and LTE radio bands. But inside the Verizon version is running a newer build of Android: 4.2.2. The rest of the American variants (aside from the Google Play Edition, which is incompatible with Verizon anyway) are still on 4.1. Perhaps the Verizon customers who've been waiting four months for the phone to arrive will draw some comfort from that. According to an HTC executive, all American models should get an Android 4.3 update before the end of the year.

At the moment you can have Verizon's One in any color you want, so long as you want silver. (There's no 64GB version, either - it's 32GB or nothing.) Other carriers get it in black, and Sprint even gets it in red (which must have made the Verizon marketing people green with envy). On the plus side, it looks like Verizon didn't go overboard with the logos, putting only one on the back of the device. Those who prefer their purchases in person should be able to find the HTC One in Verizon retailers soon, if not immediately. If you want to save some cash, Wirefly has the Verizon One for $149.99 with free shipping.

Source: Verizon Web Store

Update: As spotted by commenter "mjr," you can use the promotional code FIFTYTMN when checking out on the Verizon web store to get the same $50 discount.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Ali Ataya

    Verizon's fast network doesn't mean fast phone releases

    • flosserelli

      And "fast network" is a relative term. When VZW launched LTE in my area a couple of years ago, it was blazing fast. Now its only marginally faster than 3G in many places.

  • mjr

    get $50 off and free shipping with coupon code FIFTYRMN on verizon's website. easier than going through wirefly

    • Ben

      I love you!!!

    • muffnman

      Works with off contract pricing?

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        It doesn't. Just got mine and did in store pick up.

      • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

        Damn that sucks! That was going to be my next question.

    • Jim

      Thanks MJR. Worked like a charm!

    • Ryan Fino

      Anyone know if it applies in store?

    • AC

      Wow thank you so much!!! I never would have found that if I didn't happen to stumble upon it in these comments! Awesome thanks again!

    • alex

      Does the coupon code work if I order it online and pick it up at the store?

    • tomn1ce
  • InvaderDJ

    Damn, I'm disappointed that it is only in silver. Especially since it is likely that Verizon will eventually get it in at least black probably right after early adopters are out of the return window.

    • Jameso

      Precisely this. Black Verizon will be out in 1-2mo guaranteed

  • Josh Phillips

    I would care if I hadn't switched to T-Mobile two weeks ago. Best decision ever...

  • Michael

    Well, I am sitting in front of Verizon 1 hour before opening...yes, perhaps the long wait is over.

    • alexcue

      Did that for my S III last year, was the only one there. I totally misjudged launch hype, haha. Any other enthusiasts out there with you?

    • nicotinic


  • cmdr430

    I really want this phone, the only thing holding me back are HTC'S financial troubles. Do you think they will be around in 2 yrs?

    Also,I have seen all the horror stories about their update process, have they really turned a corner and will offer the update support that Samsung does, and even what the new Motorola offers?

    • EH101

      I don't know how updates will play out but I'd expect the One to get at least 4.3 and I'd expect HTC to be alive at least until after the next 2 versions of Android come out, but that doesn't mean the One will be updated to whatever those turn out to be.

      And at least on Verizon, any updates past 4.3 will likely take a very long while due to carrier testing.

    • carlisimo

      They probably will be. Companies hang around for a bit after becoming unprofitable, and so far HTC's just been seeing its profit dwindle to zero, not actually go negative. If it gets worse they'll probably be bought by someone who wants a larger presence in the US market anyway.

    • Vidfreek

      The Problem I see for Verizon people now is that since Verizon has waited so long, the LG G2 is right around the corner and will probably be at the same price point in a month or so and its an all around better phone, better camera, faster processor, bigger battery. I would easily get this to replace my Galaxy S3 (which is certainly a fine phone) but I think the LG is worth waiting a little bit for now, I would have definitely got this if Verizon would have had it and now HTC is losing out on a HUGE customer base because it didnt show up in a decent amount of time and now there are equal or better phones out there now

      • nicotinic

        It's still LG... Never forget that.

        • Vidfreek

          Well I won't forget that because they make excellent hardware, I've owned plasma TVs, bluray players and plenty other hardware and have never had a problem and they've been making quality phones too

          • nicotinic

            Name their last successful phone. Do you currently own an LG phone? I'm not speaking on their TVs, monitors, washers or dryers.

            Sorry, but I'm an LG phone hater.

          • Vidfreek

            Their last successful phone? Probably the Nexus 4, nothing is crazy successful like Samsung, but the Nexus 4 is a great phone, my friend has one of those

          • nicotinic

            Okay let's see how they do going forward. They have a monster on the way. I've not seen many LG Android devices in the wild.

          • nicotinic

            Okay let's see how they do going forward. They have a monster on the way. I've not seen many LG Android devices in the wild.

          • nicotinic

            I don't know that the Nexus 4 was all that successful outside of the Android enthusiasts circles. However...I'll give you that. Let's see what they can do going forward. They have a real monster in the pipe.

    • Mantas

      The CEO of HTC hinted that all US variants of HTC One should get 4.3 by the end of september. That sounds almost too good to be true.

      Also, HOX already reveived 4.2.2

      And you shouldn't worry about the financial troubles, the situation is not that bad.

  • tom

    Verizon just doesn't care about the HTC One. Only in silver! Really!

  • MaxShadow

    Where are the black ones?

  • EH101

    I'm sure the reason for the long wait was Verizon punishing HTC for not letting them put a logo on the front of the phone somewhere. At this point, HTC needs Verizon far more than Verizon needs HTC so I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually the case. Just one more theoretical reason to dislike Verizon.

  • alex

    Does the coupon code work if i order it online and pick up in store?

    • nicotinic

      It should since you're just choosing to pick it up in the store rather than having it delivered to your home. AFTER having ordered it online.

  • medeevmd

    could anyone please upload the system dump ?

  • truesun

    Verizon's own Spanish language arm Viva Movil by J Lo has HTC ONE for $99 online and in store. Half price!

    • Stiggy

      God damn I forgot about that stupid Viva Movil. I guess they figure no one on that carrier jumps on phones asap so they might as well price it competitively.

      • nicotinic

        The crazy then is that Verizon "IS" the carrier.

    • nicotinic

      ¬°Ay, caramba!

    • nicotinic

      Okay, I just went through the ordering steps to see what was up. The issue is that the Viva Movil HTC One already has the promotional code of FIFTYRMN applied.

      The big difference is that Verizon doesn't pre-apply the coupon/discount code for you on their regular website. On Viva Movil they do.

      I saw the code in the item's description at check out. Sneaky Verizon.

  • Eric Hibbs

    BEFORE YOU GO TO THE STORE... I just came home from my VZW store empty handed. NINETY minutes on the phone with tier 2 supervisor before my rep told me there is a KNOWN ISSUE!!! Verizon can't get their servers to recognize the One for activation! GRRRR!!!

    Verizon, you've made a catastrophe into a complete disaster.

    • best one…

      I got mine today at my local vzw and it works flawlessly.

      • Eric Hibbs

        I finally got mine too. Took THREE trips to get it!!! The phone is awesome, Verizon is not my favorite right now.

  • Stiggy

    With Verizon you have to buy a good phone when you can, not when you want because they are so far and few between. It's like stopping at a lonely gas station because there isn't another one for another 300 miles.

  • tomn1ce

    If it helps anyone Viva Movil has it for $99 on contract ofcourse....https://shop.getviva.com/category/devices?categoriesSel=Phones

    • nicotinic

      Repeat for clarity:
      Okay, I just went through the ordering steps to see what was up. It already has the promotional code of FIFTYRMN applied.

      The big difference is that Verizon doesn't pre-apply the coupon/discount code for you on their regular website. On Viva Movil the do.

      I say the code in the item's description at check out. Sneaky Verizon.

  • Benji Maxwell

    Just got this on Verizon Wireless with in store pick up.

    Used two coupons. The FIFTYMN brought the ONE down to 149 then I used VERIZON30 and it took it down to 139. But with Activation fee, total was 169. Oh well not a bad deal for being able to pick it up 8-23

  • JustDumb

    Sorry all, I'm on a rant here. So disappointed that I didn't jump ship sooner. Loyalty means nothing to Verizon, and I just found that out. I spend 3k a year with them and they wouldn't give me a stupid flip phone for free for my mom when I was going to get 2 of the HTC One. No options??? I loyally waited for 5 months to get a 32g Silver ONLY? Let's see... Sprint has the exact same phone where you get 2 for price of 1 or AT&T will gladly take my 8 years of loyalty for less money and more options. Big Red wouldn't give me a $99 phone for free so they can lose the 3k a year plus the $400 for the 2 new phones. Idiots. Guess I was the idiot for staying. Sorry for the rant, but I waited all this time thinking they would have options at least. Should have known when I woke up and the HTC One wasn't even on the first page of their site. Just the Motorala loyalty. Ugh