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Pandora's Android client gets a small update today. The first new feature is something that everyone can use: a sleep timer. In the main station view, tap the Menu icon to find the new "Sleep timer" entry. Tap it, then choose between 15, 30, or 60 minutes. After the set time Pandora will cut off, letting you drift into the arms of Morpheus without killing your battery.

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The developers have also added support for the NissanConnect system, which allows the app to be controlled with the dash-mounted touchscreen or media buttons on some late-model Nissan vehicles. The 2013 Altima, Titan, Xterra, Frontier, Sentra, and the 2014 Altima and Versa with the optional NissanConnect packages should be able to control playback through the Apps menu. There's no need for a separate app on your phone, just connect via Bluetooth and go. Of course, Pandora already works with all A2DP Bluetooth compatible stereos for basic pause, play, and forward buttons.

Noticeably absent from this update: notification controls. Come on, Pandora, get on the trolley.

Fall asleep to the sounds of your favorite stations with our new Sleep Timer feature.

- Find the Sleep Timer in your options drawer in the top right screen corner and select from 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

- Drift off knowing we'll play just the right amount of music for you.

Easily control your music using Nissan's touch screen or steering wheel controls in select Nissan vehicles that now support Pandora through the NissanConnect App.

- For more information please visit NissanUSA.com/connect.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • arathkone

    Sleep timer should be in *every* music app by default. I just don't get why so many ignore something so useful!

  • John Smith

    I actually no longer use the Pandora app due to the 40hr limit... did a search just now and am *shocked* to discover that the 40 hour limit will be abolished come September !


    • Alberto

      is only $36 a year,support your developer. You waste $36 on other stuff you don't even need

      • John Smith

        I listen to the adverts, therefore, I am supporting the company. Don't be so quick to judge...

  • Larry

    Neat feature, but not enough to lure me from my "red version" APK...

  • spydie

    I hate pandora. I play it in my garage while working on cars and it has some sort of timer already on it so after an hour or so it shuts off and asks you if you are still listening, requiring me to drop everything and attend to the "radio." PITA Even Tune-in Radio Pro drops out for no reason. Only iHeart Radio plays all day.

    • Eli Staroverov

      Do a Google search. There are modded Pandora APKs that fix that along with 40 hour limit and add unlimited skips.

  • Evan Jenkins

    In my opinion, Pandora will never have notification controls. Think about it, when do you get the most ads flung at you? When you go into the app to skip the next song/play/pause etc. If they let you pause by the notification, they would lose a lot of ad time which isn't enough as it is apparently, because they continue to struggle to make profit. I'm not saying I like it, but the ability to implement the controls has been around since JB if not earlier and every single other music app that is well known has them even Spotify.

    • squiddy20

      Except, if you have their widget on one of your homescreens, you can upvote, downvote, play/pause, or skip a song, all without going back into the app.

  • squiddy20

    And still no way to move a specific song to a different station or lockscreen controls. Seriously, they have controls on the widget, why not the lockscreen?

    Also, anyone else find it absolutely horrible that, in order to fully quit the application, you have to navigate away from the currently playing song to your list of stations, THEN select the dropdown menu and hit "Quit"? Why is this not in the slideout menu or somewhere else that is more easily accessible?

  • Slighter

    The sleep timer is for their benefit as they have to pay for songs continuing to be played. I'm told this every time I fall asleep while it plays on roku.

  • mra

    I installed Pandora's most recent up date, but still don't see the Chrome cast Icon popping up ANYWHERE on screen and I would love to stream music through my tv speakers...can anyone help solve this mystery please????