The new Nexus 7 is a sweet device, but it's not uncommon for a new product to have a few bugs. Such is the case with the NN7, which was exhibiting odd touchscreen behavior for some users. Google has confirmed that an Android 4.3 update with a fix for the touchscreen bug is going out now. Indeed, build number JSS15Q is starting to hit devices right now.


Some users in the Google products forum are reporting that the update does alleviate their touchscreen woes. The new Nexus 7 has also been reportedly suffering from some GPS issues, but there's no word on whether or not this update has anything to do with that issue. There might be other changes too, but we're not yet sure.

You can start obsessively tapping the update button in the system settings, but give it some time. As with all updates, the URL for the OTA file will probably be spotted by someone, which will allow you to manually update.

[Google Product Forums, XDA via DroidLife]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Andrew

    Hallelujah. Hopefully Google actually fixed it.

  • Matthew Fry

    Well, props to Google finding and fixing the problem quickly.

  • jonathan3579

    So has hardware issues been ruled out completely? This was something holding me back from even consideration...

    • fzammetti

      Even if the underlying cause is hardware, those types of problems can often be fixed with software that compensates for it. As long as it's not the type of hardware problem that progressively gets worse over time then this works fine. Remember, hard drives, which we've been using for decades, do this as a matter of course: sectors become bad over time, the data on them is moved and they are marked bad and so aren't used again. That situation is one where it DOES get progressively worse, but I'd bet a touchscreen issue doesn't. Either way, software can fix hardware sometimes, that's the point :)

      • Thomas

        Exactly, this could be similar to the radio interference with the Galaxy Nexus, it was a hardware problem but was solved by basically patching the software to ignore very frequent volume rocker presses.

  • DingieM

    How could this serious bug get out in the open in the first place????

    • Steve Freeman

      It doesn't happen on every single device. Just like all of the other issues owners are experiencing, like light bleed. It may have been a defect in the initial production run, that wasn't there when they were producing the QA models.

  • Marcinoo16

    ota update link?

    • Steve Freeman

      You're asking for a link? To the OTA update? As in, over the air?

      • mgamerz
      • TY

        With the link, the staged roll-out (which usually happens) can be circumvented through ADB sideload, without the need of unlock/root.

        • Steve Freeman

          I'm aware of that, but as they said, "JSS15Q is starting to hit devices right now". As in, just now. What makes you think, from that statement, that they've received the update, or that anyone has uploaded the update anywhere for download? I'm sure they'll post it when someone has it hosted.

          However, as to MY statement, I was commenting more on his very poor choice of wording, asking for the OTA update link, as opposed to a link to the update.

          • Andrew

            It's not a poor choice of wording: there's a difference between an OTA update link and an officially public update link. The OTA links have to be harvested from the system logs when someone receives the update. They generally have cryptic URLs as well. Contrast that to an official update link that a device manufacturer or carrier might post on their webpage for all to download.

      • Brandenlee

        It's like 3 days and I'm still not getting the OTA update

  • selonmoi

    Please post the link as soon as you get it, and readers, please be generous about sharing the link.

    Many people (myself included) are coming up on the end of their return windows and would like to see if this solves the problem before shipping their N7s back.

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Chad Bizeau

    Now for a GPS fix :(

  • Abraham

    I am just glad my Nexus is problem free.
    I have never experienced any GPS issues (Have tested it for about 1000 miles with GPS on) just to see if I could replicate it. The GPS always connected and stayed connected flawlessly.

    Regarding the touch input, I am still to receive the update. Even so, my touch input is almost non-existent. When typing every now and then I get some random key inputs, but this is fairly uncommon.

    I guess I just got lucky! Hopefully everyones problems are sorted out soon!

    • Abraham

      My touch input issues are almost non-existent*

      Sorry to double post, but I cant edit and my statement made no sense!

      • Andrea Rossi

        In fact you sounded way too happy for a sentence like "my touch input is almost non-existent". :D

    • selonmoi

      "When typing every now and then I get some random key inputs, but this is fairly uncommon."

      Problem free? It sounds like you're very much affected by the phantom touch problem. It seems like every Nexus 7 is, to a greater or lesser extent. If you're actually getting random inputs while typing sometimes, that's pretty bad.

      I suggest you install Yet Another MultiTouch Test from the Play Store and check for phantom touches when you do multi-touch gestures (for example, try placing to fingers on the screen, spin them around each other, bringing them closer together, and see if a third touch is indicated).

      From my observations, the problem seems to be related to static electricity. So try doing the same tests with you and your Nexus 7 sitting on a carpet or rug.

      I couldn't reproduce any problems at all until I sat down on my rug, and then I started seeing all kinds of crazy phantom touches. Plugging the device in will ground it, drain the static charge, and should clear up the problems.

      I do hope the update will fix this issue.

  • BKPhil

    One has to wonder whether an update to fix documented similar issues on the original N7 is forthcoming. One holds little hope, though.

  • Andrea Rossi

    Yeah, and tomorrow morning my new shining Nexus 7 is reaching my front-door! :D

  • Andrew

    Well, at first glance, it doesn't seem like the bug is fixed. I just flashed JSS15Q and I still can produce erratic results when running the YAMTT multitouch test app if I hold two fingers on the same horizontal axis. I'm disappointed.

  • Shane Bloomfield
  • Nik Martin

    No word yet if it fixes the other BIG issues, frequent random reboots, non-functioning bluetooth, and hanging at the boot splash screen.

  • Tim

    Got the update, but now there's a volume bug. When you use the volume rockers to change the volume (as opposed to in the setting) it wants to change the volume of the headset (which the tablet obviously doesn't have). Don't they test for these things before releasing updates?

  • Brandenlee

    I am not receiving the OTA update.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001386596236 Tha Watcher

    Who in the hell will be using GPS on a tablet!?