That new Nexus 7 update slowly rolling out across the Google-sphere does more than patch the touchscreen issues. A Googler has confirmed that JSS15Q also fixes the GPS bug that users began reporting shortly after the device launched.

2013-08-22 16_25_37-Nexus 7 2013 GPS Searching Issue - Google Groups

The bug was causing the 2013 Nexus 7 to lose its GPS lock after prolonged use. Switching between multiple GPS-enabled apps (which is, you know, a lot of them) would accelerate the breakdown. The only fix was a reboot. That should be a thing of the past now with JSS15Q hitting devices.

When is it going to get to your device? No way to know. Probably not longer than a day or two, as long as you have a stock recovery. Otherwise, there will probably be a link to the OTA package at some point. Also note that some users are reporting errors with the update on rooted devices.

[Google Product Forums]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Ark

    That was actually pretty damn fast

    • Matthew Fry

      The Nexus 7 is a big deal for Google.

  • b_to_the_randon

    Awwwwwww yeah!

    Just loaded JSS15Q on my N7 and touch is perfect! Haven't tested GPS yet, but I'm blown away that they quickly nailed both of them. Glad they chimed in to announce it also fixed GPS. :D

  • GPSman


    • GPSsquirrel

      Of course YOU would be happy

      • firesoul453


    • Kevin Matthew

      NAY!!!!! I had NO screen issue with my 2012 nexus 7 until I installed this update, I have no idea what to do now...

  • Matt Alexander

    Great to hear that these issues weren't hardware related

  • Chad Bizeau

    Where is my OTA!

    • Jeff McKay

      I havent seen my OTA either.. did you load your with a sideloader yet ?

      • Chad Bizeau

        Yeah I sideloaded it. Been working fantastic ever since!

  • Ommar A

    i was about to exchange for my 4th replacement =s thank god!!!

  • gierso

    do you know ifjrw66y fixes wonkines on nexus 10 touch?

  • Loop Sandoval

    I wouldn't be so quick to call this fixed. Many have reported that JSS15Q did not fix the issues with thier nexus 7, in some cases some have claimed it made things worse!
    Go to this thread to see what I mean.

  • Michael Beaubien

    Well, got home and reset the tablet. It finished restoring and updating. I went outside to test and the GPS found 20 sats and fixed on 12. However, it lost a signal in less than 100 feet (walking) from my house. I went back to the same location where it acquired the signal. It was in search mode for 38 minutes before I just shut it off. So disappointed. I'm so frustrated with this thing. I'm just about ready to give up and go buy an iPad. I just want the darn thing to work.

  • AZ Compute

    Well it doesn't. I get a random reboot 5 minutes after turning on GPS and starting google Maps.

  • William Topping

    And I can confirm that it doesn't

  • Paul W

    GPS has NOT been fixed with JSS15Q. Still having problems with it going into fruitless fix search mode just like before. Very frustrating.

  • Azfar Hashmi

    Is GPS issue resolved?